Ascension: The Lightness of Being


What a wonderful way to begin 2015! The fact that this subject has come up to be written about and discussed is a great indication that humanity and this planet is indeed ascending! To compare how far we’ve come, consider for a moment the year 1970 and imagine us writing or reading about this subject then. I never even heard the word ascension being spoken, outside of hearing it in church about the ascension of Jesus.

Mother Earth has been preparing herself for ascension for eons of time and there have always been groups of people on this planet who have helped the planet and humanity move forward in its evolution. The difference is that now many people are helping — and the shift that is happening is exponential.

An analogy I like to use when describing ascension is that of a lock for ships. The lock transports a ship from one level of elevation to another. You begin by entering the lock (your spiritual path) and over lifetimes, you move through different elevations of the lock and gradually evolve to higher and higher locks. Ascension is when you are at a very high level lock (there are higher ones still!) and you are able to see all of the locks you have traveled. Because you have experienced so much as you traveled through them, you are now able to see with compassion and a loving heart all those who are still moving through the lower locks. At each level of the lock system, there are those who become teachers and leaders for those in the locks below them…uplifting them and inspiring them to keep going. The people at the ascension level of the lock can see and travel to all of the other locks and will sometimes become world teachers that inspire and uplift millions.

Right now, more people than ever are at the ascension level of the locks, and it is true what they say about many hands making light work. Thousands of Crystal Children, souls who have reached their ascension in a previous incarnation, have helped immensely with this process, and the number of souls waking up at this point in time is amazing!

When it comes to our own personal ascension, the phrase that comes to mind is “The Lightness of Being.” When we embody our own light (the light of our soul) and are able to connect with the light of the universe, our spiritual senses awaken. Our spiritual senses offer us a heightened awareness to what is happening around us and in us. We move from judgment to non-judgment, from living in the fog to seeing above the fog, from having a closed heart to having an opened heart…a heart that hears what lies beneath the surface. We see the truth of what is happening instead of what others would like us to see or hear. Our response to an event then comes from a place of inner knowing instead of outer reaction.

To become beings of light, we must first become conscious of and release the density. It means having a willingness to look at the shadow aspect of ourselves and to unlock the closet doors that hide our skeletons. It means taking full responsibility for every aspect of our life and reclaiming our power to create a life aligned with our soul purpose and what we have come here to do to help Mother Earth and humanity ascend.

Those who have traveled the path to ascension know that it is not a path for the weak hearted. To have the willingness to overcome inner fears and doubts (the inner demons) and keep moving toward more light and more consciousness requires a deep commitment to your spiritual journey. It takes a strong faith to believe in the light even while walking through the valleys or experiencing a dark night of the soul. But the strength acquired during these times of turmoil makes the light of ascension shine even brighter.

I’m looking forward to the time when no one will be talking about ascension, because it will be our new reality. Meanwhile, I give gratitude to all of the beings helping all those traveling through the locks. Happy Ascending!


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