Ascension & Why Your Protection Practices Don’t Seem To Cut It Anymore


Collectively, we have experienced immense spiritual progress over the last several years. Many of us have engaged in diligent spiritual practices, received many attunements and countless healings over the past few years. And each time we receive a healing or attunement, we peel away layers of karmic sludge and reignite our psychic senses, naturally becoming more sensitive on all levels — mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Recently, I was performing a healing on a beautiful lightworker, healer and psychic medium. She had been suffering from headaches and nervous tension. When I tuned into spirit, her guides explained that she is highly sensitive to others’ thoughts, and she can literally read minds. This is a profound blessing when it comes to her healing work, but it felt like more of a curse when she was picking up on the worried thoughts of everyone around her. The angels and masters blessed her with a new layer of protection during the healing. They wove what appeared to be a citrine crystalline grid into her energy field for cleansing and protection. Her guides explained that as we uncover more of our psychic gifts, we will require more precise and personalized protective barriers that shield and sustain our unique energy system.

Here are some suggestions for yourself:

  • Connect with Master El Morya — El Morya is a Master of the Blue Flame who attunes us to the Will of the Divine. He works with Archangel Michael, and offers us meticulous energy cleansing as well as absolute protection. What’s so amazing about working with a master such as El Morya is that he has lived in the physical world and knows its challenges. He was able to master the keen ability to cleanse and shield himself while incarnate, and he can help you do the same. You can attune to his frequencies and receive his empowerment directly through our YouTube attunement on our channel Energyworks444. Or, simply call upon him to cleanse you and place a protective shield within and all around you.
  • Write a new Soul Contract — You have the ability to change the course of your life at any time using the power of your intention. Documenting your intention in writing serves to deeply ground and seal these new energies into your life. Simply write your intention as far as protection and place it in a sacred space. I have a file folder for my sacred contracts, but you can have a special box or sleeve for them, whatever makes you feel they are being held in the highest regard. If you would like a sample soul contract for protection, download the free pdf file at
  • Try new practices — Hundreds if not thousands of different protection practices are available, so try something new, and be creative. Notice that different environments may require different types of protective energies. Just be sure that no matter what type of protection practices you use that you always clearly set your intention for your practice. Clearly state what you would like this protective energy to do for you, including what you allow into your energy field and what is kept out. Please note that it is just as important to focus on what you want to bring into your life as what you want to leave out. Be sure to stay open to all the good this beautiful planet has to offer!
  • Focus on the love and the light — If you stay plugged into mass media, the world can be a terrifying place. What we choose to focus on persists in our lives. Make a conscious choice to keep your awareness on all the good you see in yourself and others throughout the day and more of these positive energies will pour into your life.
  • Be consistent — We interact with energy all day, every day. Practicing protection and setting the intention for your day are essential morning practices. Connect these practices to a basic element in your morning routine, (i.e. getting dressed, brushing your teeth, or during your commute), that way it becomes second nature to you.

Energyworks, through the sisters Frannie and Nadine, will offer a protection class in February. For more information, visit them on Facebook or subscribe at

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