The Ascension: The Goal of Life


Most of us, especially the older souls who read magazines like The Edge, have been incarnating on this earth for tens of thousands of years. We have done it all. It is time to think about graduating. There is only one way out, that is going through the ritual of the Ascension.

In the old days, the Cosmic Law demanded that an individual balance 100 percent of their karma in order to ascend. When you are ascended, you raise your frequency to such a high level of consciousness that you are one with your higher self, your I AM Presence. So few individuals made it to that level of permanency that the Lords of Karma changed the rules so that you could ascend after just balancing 51 percent of your accrued karma and balance the rest through service from higher levels, without having to come down to these dense levels of ignorance and suffering.

The Ascended Masters are working together to raise their friends in embodiment into the ascension, as well. At night we can ask to be taken to their retreats in the heaven world so we can learn what steps we have to take to fulfill our missions and balance our karma. It is the destiny of this planet to one day ascend, and it will take every one of us to do our part in raising consciousness and vibration.

Once you are ascended, you have no false ego. You will be known for the Divine quality that you represent. Kuan Yin is known as the Goddess of Mercy, Saint Germain as the Master of Freedom, El Morya represents the Will of God. One Master that is important to know is Serapis Bey. He has a retreat congruent with the pyramid at Luxor Egypt. It is here that the soul goes at inner levels and goes through the ascension process.

So life is never boring; it is always expanding. Now you might be the center of a family or business or group of friends. Some people are the center of a state or country. There are Masters who are the main focus for a whole planet, a solar system, a galaxy…a universe. Once we are one with our I AM Presence, we are God.

Another requirement for the ascension is balancing the three-fold flame in the heart. There is a three-plumed flame in the secret chamber of our hearts that has three colors and qualities. There is the pink or love nature, the yellow or wisdom aspect and the blue or power energy. We must balance these three qualities of feeling, thinking and acting. Too much love with not enough understanding or action and we don’t bring that love into expression. Lots of blue or power without the love and we can allow our will to run over other people. Try to balance these three aspects in your life.

One tool the Masters reveal is the use of the spoken word with which to create. Even the Bible says that God created with the Word. Jesus is referred to as the incarnate Word. So when you say the word I AM, which is the name of God revealed to Moses in the burning bush, you are throttling the power of the universe. So if you need funds, don’t say “I am poor.” Say “I AM the abundant supply that I require.” If you are feeling under the weather, don’t say, “I am sick.” Say “I AM the full health and vitality of the Light!” Try saying out loud, “I AM my God Victorious Ascending in the Light!” Keep saying it until you actually feel your molecules vibrating faster. And one day you might just find that it is true.

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Warren King
Warren King, a healer and author, always tries to get to the root cause of problems. He has seen over 10,000 patients over the last 25 years. He has many tools, such as Auricular Medicine, herbs, homeopathy, diet, nutritional products, Oriental Medicine and acupuncture and QNRT (Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy), for emotional trauma. He is the author of Love Your Organs, Love Yourself, and the new novel The Soul’s Journey. Check out and learn about the new Warren King Healing Community.


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