What does it mean to Ascend?


Many people have shared that humanity is going through an ascension process. What does this mean for you and your life? According to the vibrational beings who channel wisdom through me, this ascension process is a form of expansion for your consciousness — an energetic push from your Soul to wake up and admit you are more than the life you are living here on Earth.

Wake up and become consciously aware of the part of you that dwells outside your physical body, the part of you known as your Soul. You are being guided to expand your ability to consciously connect to the Source of your being and to use your Soul’s wisdom to create your life on Earth.

In the past, you have not been trained to acknowledge or use this part of your mind. You have been taught and encouraged to support an understanding that only select people have a connection to the Universal Source of God. As your ability to connect to the wisdom of your Soul grows and expands, you are waking up and challenging this man-made truth.

Today, many of you do understand there is a higher intelligence controlling the Universe, and you are connected to this vibration through your Soul. You are opening up to the understanding that there are other beings around you, beings without a body who can communicate with you as you are learning how to communicate with them. These pure vibrational beings are known as angels and ascended masters.

You are becoming more aware of the many levels and layers of your being. You are growing in your awareness of how your thoughts and beliefs affect your physical body. You are able to consciously access more of the wisdom that is flowing to you from your Soul. You are expanding your ability to collect and assess wisdom through many means other then the five primary senses you were taught.

You are becoming more sensitive to the things that are happening within the world, because you are now vibrating on a higher energetic level — and this is in part due to the evolution and expansion of Earth. As Earth evolves and shifts into a higher level of energetic vibration, humankind and the living beings on this planet are affected. You are affected because everything in the Universe is made up of energetic vibrations.

As you become more sensitive to the energetic vibrational shifts within the planet, you are also becoming more sensitive to the energetic shifts taking place within your life. Your way of viewing life is changing. As your view of life changes, you are becoming more aware that you have the power to create your life. This power is the ability to choose how you think and react to the situations that take place in your life. Make your own choices about the actions you want to take to move your life in a direction of your choosing.

This is a wonderful time to be alive. You have more say in what you will do to earn a living. You can decide who you will love, where you will live, how you will spend your free time. You are waking up to the fact that you are part of the Universal Source of God, you have a Soul and you are learning how to expand your conscious connection to your Soul’s wisdom.

The purpose for this ascension and expansion of consciousness to your Soul Wisdom is to help you create a more harmonious world. Live in harmony with other people and with the many other forms of life on planet Earth. As you learn to acknowledge and honor the Earth as a being, which also is evolving and ascending, you will make choices more in alignment with your Soul’s purpose for you and the life you are living today.

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Maggie Chula
Maggie Chula is a Spiritual Counselor, Energy Healer and Trance Channel for the Archangels and Ascended Masters. Her passion is to help you connect to the wisdom of your soul and learn how to dialogue with your Angelic Council of Light. Learn more about Maggie and how you can contact her by going to www.MaggieChula.com.


  1. Hi Maggie,

    My name is Kim. I am a reiki master as well as a massage therapist and craniosacral therapist. The other day I received a reading and was told that I am in the process of ascending. That all the body aches and pains I have been experiencing over the past few years is due to the fact that my body is being prepared to ascend. I was told that I am one of the few “chosen ones” that will ascend so I can help more people. I wanted to know if this is common for people like me…people going through this process. The pain I have is sometimes overwhelming.

    I don’t understand what this all means and feel a little frightened (as well as excited) by it all. Many strange things have been happening to me for the past 10 years and as I look back I can see the journey I’ve been on. To be honest, I am quite humbled by it all and when I think about it I am moved to tears.

    I just want to understand more about what I need to do to help the process yet I feel at a loss. Is there anything you can suggest for me to read or study or do? I’ve been told to meditate more, but I find this very difficult. I cannot seem to get my mind to settle.

    Any suggestions you may have would be welcomed.

    Have a wonderful day and thank you in advance for any advice.




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