What is Ascension and how do I open to it?


Merriam-Webster dictionary defines ascension as “the act of rising or ascending; especially: the act of moving to a higher or more powerful position.” Related words include: boost, hike, increase, raise; blastoff, elevation, hoist, levitation, liftoff, raising, takeoff; heave, thrust, upheaval, uplifting, upraising, upsurge, upsweep, upswing, upthrust, uptrend, upturn, and upwelling.

In modern terms of Spiritual communities, “ascension” is used quite frequently. Yet, if you ask someone their definition, you may come across many answers and ideas on the subject. “The act of moving to a higher or more powerful position” is spot on.

Ascension can be looked at as a process of moving to a higher frequency, such as the fifth-dimensional level. That would make the idea of ascension different for each individual, since everyone is at their own unique level, or place of growth on their path. We are finally moving out of what I call “lower octave 3D.”

When I asked Aurora of “Team Earth” her idea of ascension, she said she saw a ladder, something like Jacob’s Ladder, into the heavens, climbing up to a higher place.

“This is where I can access freedom of thinking, believing and being,” she said. “I can shake off the 3D heaviness I sometimes get bogged down in. I can get out of the matchbox (very small place) I feel I have been put in. It is where I can find my true, authentic self, and can re-connect with my light body.

“When I am in this heightened state, of flying high, I can see myself in “the big picture” — who I am in past, present and future! This is the place I can sometimes feel I transcend the time-space continuum.”

We discussed this further and found that we both feel we have come in from the future at some point in time! The Galactic Team has confirmed this with us, noting that some of the lightworkers saw that Gaia needed us and we came to help move her out of the darkness that had gotten such a hold on her. You may want to ask yourself if you have come in from the future!

I also feel “ascension” is about opening our hearts to such a grand expanse that we are indeed able to transcend our lower octave 3D state, in a way we may have never done or felt before!

This is one of the reasons the Crystalline Stellar Skulls have come to be with us again at this time. They assist in pulling us out of these lower states of consciousness and emotions, to move up and fly again to great heights.

I refer to the dimensions as having octaves, from 1 to 12, to explain the different levels on which people are functioning — or the steps on the ladder, as you move up. We haven’t always been in this lower octave 3D state. We spun down into lower octave 3D the last time Earth was flipped on her axis, around 10,500 years ago when the second moon was pulled into Earth and exploded. We had never been this low before!

Three different civilizations existed on Earth in different dimensions at the time of the flip. Many of the people of Atlantis, the one you may be most familiar with, were in lower octave 5D, with the more advanced beings in lower 6D. With fifth- and sixth-dimensional bodies and awareness, the 6D beings could live a thousand years if they chose to do so.

The Sumerian civilization was started by the Annunaki from Nibiru, and they were in 4D. It’s where Noah and the Ark came from, in the Middle East as we know it now.

Uriger was actually the oldest civilization, and it was not as scientific as Atlantis. These people were much more right-brained, and they had several great cities in a sub-tropical area known now as Mongolia and upper regions of China. They functioned in a 5D reality, and were able to keep the Annunaki away for thousands of years, as the Annunaki were looking for gold, power and control.

We have been in this lower octave 3D state here on Earth ever since, as we lost our ability to truly know who we are and realize our greatness, losing our direct access to Source and all that is. As we are now finally rising, or “ascending” out of these lower realms, we can actually breathe, expand and become our magnificent selves once again!

It is a process, since we now need to shed some of our experiences we have had in this polarity reality of 3D. They are held in our cells, and sometimes buried deep. The Crystalline Stellar Skulls can help us with this, as well!


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