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In the spring, everything begins to awaken. As a people, we are in the spring of a new awakening of humanity on planet Earth. For some time I have searched for a way to define what it is I do and what my shows offer. Since I became director of New Earth Theater — “a global vehicle offering entertainment that supports an awakened humanity and a world of unity” — I have gained more clarity.

In discovering a way to describe New Earth Theater, I also have defined what I offer. My one-woman musical, “A Cabaret of Consciousness,” is the first show New Earth Theater will be offering, along with two of my new shows, “Gina’s Alchemy” and a show for children called “Green it UP!” These shows are representative of “awakened entertainment.”

With a background in theater and years in the music business — along with a simultaneous path of human potential, alternative healing, metaphysics and human consciousness — I sensed a need to offer information that has typically been presented by authors, motivational speakers, keynote presenters and workshops, only in entertainment form. This was how my Cabaret was born.

Now that I am in a position to create more shows and support other performers and writers who are doing similar work, it is important to define “awakened entertainment” and describe the benefits it holds for the audience, performers and the world as a whole.

Entertainment has influenced our lives in a big way, from the storytelling bards of yesterday to the music and movies of today. Before mass media, bards were one of the few ways information was passed from village to village, and even then people had a very limited view of their world. In the ’40s with the advent of film and radio, entertainment was used as propaganda to get the U.S. involved in WWII. The Beatles and music of the ’60s mobilized a whole generation.

Today violence and old-paradigm concepts exist in much of our entertainment, including propaganda videos on YouTube and in the news. These are being used to keep people separated from each other and to create fear and hostility among all of us. Our entertainment and media has a huge effect on how things play out on planet Earth, because it defines who we are, what we wear and how we think!

But what if we disengage and use it for a greater purpose, to promote an awakened and sovereign world?

Many are now on a path to create more well-being in our lives and are very aware of what we bring into our world. Thankfully, we have options like Spiritual Cinema, Gaiam TV, the Positive Music Association and New Thought Music, to name a few. We are seeing some major films and music recordings that are very awakened and are giving us information as to what is really going on in our world.

There are choices. We just need more awakened entertainment — and we need more of us making new choices.

So take time to be consciousness of everything you bring into your life. Choose what you desire. Start being aware of the lyrics you are singing to that song that is stuck in your head. Be aware of the stories that are the basis for the books, plays, films and music in which you engage.

Many of you have heard of mind movies, short videos that are a vision board of the life of your dreams. Why not expand this concept to everything you put in your view. Imagine the effect it can have.

Most of our movies and TV shows are old stories redone. Awakened entertainment consists of new stories that stretch our imagination beyond what is known and performances that inspire the highest expression of self and an elevated vision for planet Earth.

Awakened entertainment allows the artist and audience to experience a new view of themselves as powerful creator-beings, and it guides us into a new paradigm of human evolution and sovereignty.

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