Tools to Open and Clear the Heart for Spring Renewal

I’d like to introduce Spirit of Life and Joy (pictured above), one of the amazing Stellar Skulls that can assist in pulling an individual out of a rut and into a more vibrant and active state. She has come to make herself known at this time with many other Crystalline Stellar Skulls to assist in clearing and opening those who want assistance.

She also has an amazing glyph on her noggin. This is representative of a 7th-dimensional, angelic language of light. The Stellar Skulls are like angels here on Earth, and they all have very special abilities they want to share. Since the the glyphs come from the 7th dimension, like the Stellar Skulls they are able to come to you in a blink, once called in. They like being called, so as not to interfere with your free will.

This amazing being of light can assist in clearing a fear of opening to a new relationship. Or, possibly something that is blocking the relationship you may desire. You also may want to expand a relationship you are already in.

She can help clear the armor from the heart, so you can magnetize to you a partner, a new friend or even a family of light. She loves to bring joy and expansion into your life. How fun is that?

Skull: Often there is a block, wound or injury, and you may not understand this. It is a level of hardened armor that has built up, so you operate with this shield, and are not fully aware that your true heart-light and heart-essence, the soul of the heart, is not beating fully.

If you invite in my presence, we act as a team — my glyph and I. We gently come inwards and whisk out any foreign interference that has been standing in your way. It may feel like a whirling, spinning dervish of love — warm, and gently moving upwards and out. You can do this now if you like.

How to do it
Terra: You may want to sit and tone with some deep breathing while calling her into your heart, especially in the beginning. Just state her name and invite her right into your heart.

Skull: It may feel like your heart is being cuddled a bit, and some hormones are being released. Your body may be warmed and your torso (whether sitting or standing) may begin to move in a clockwise direction. This is the very gentle, loving release that we provide.

You may begin to get a vision or two, which you definitely may wish to address later. We allow the cells to release and to refill with light, so the integrity of the magnificence of the heart can be fully felt.

As these sensations arise, breathe into them. It may be key for you to then create an intention, or a vision of what you truly desire. Notice the feeling that goes with this. We then spin this (your intention or vision) out into the universe, so you become a loving magnetic force, for a “like” vibration. You can do this daily so you realign all of these new light-filled heart cells, which are now pulsing at a new frequency. Doing this every day for a while, allows you to understand your brilliance.

You can place our photo in front of you, or on you, to create this new level of magnification. We become like an active, walking meditation, allowing our stellar angelic wings to guide you, and lift you into this harmonic vibration. Truly, we dance with you! We make it simple. Notice the change. It will happen very soon! Are you ready?

You can also send my energy to a person or place. If you are using my photo, just use my essence, and I help to equalize and balance the areas that are in need. I use my intuition as I arrive to save the day! Picture me in a cape! 

What to Look for and Expect
Terra: When working with the Stellar Skulls, you may get a rush of energy and feel a spinning sensation, or wave of energy, even though you are not in the meditation at that moment. It’s very common, and part of the opening. You may even see the glyph spinning through and around you! You may also want to draw the glyph and add their names to it. Pin it on the wall, or over your bed, or in the car for your reminder to call in Spirit of Life and Joy and her “Spirit” glyph. This is also calling forth a vibrant light from the 7th dimension. For those of you who are seers, you may even see the Stellar Skull or the glyph show up before you.

You can also visualize the glyph out in front of you. It may change sizes, and it may start spinning. Then call it into your heart. Sometimes I have seen it spin in, spin down and then all the way up and out.

You may want to journal the sensations and feelings, as well as the visions you get. You will also most likely have some very interesting dreams. So journal these as well, and more will be revealed.

Enjoy the experience, and remember to breathe often, since this is key. Don’t forget to have fun, and be in gratitude!



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