A Pleiadian Message: Doors open to your own Conscious Light


Beloved ones, we greet you…. We witness you as you take your next steps through the Illumination waves as they continue to intensify dimensionally on your planet. These expanded energetic waves carry a transformational frequency that is going to open doors of opportunity to all human beings, giving each one of you access to a higher realm of your own light consciousness. It’s as though your energetic field is opening up to realign to the blueprint memory of your own sacred reconnections.

The melting away of your 3rd-dimensional illusion has been activated on another level through the Illumination waves, releasing you from the prison you have been held in for lifetimes. There is a continual birthing of fluidity that will support you to consciously release your self from this place of illusion. The frequencies held within the Illumination waves will assist you by opening your senses on another level to enhance your ability to perceive Truth. You will be able to more easily perceive the illusion in your life, and through this fluid aspect being anchored right now, you will be able to disengage from that illusion.

This disengagement allows you to consciously choose your experience, rather than being like a “leaf in the wind” and feeling out of control — no longer being a victim, but aligning to the truth of your free will choice of what is right for you in the moment. You will align naturally into your heart’s desire to choose freely what brings you joy!

You are being called to step forward and claim your Self at this time — to play your part consciously so that you can utilize what is being offered to you. You have an opportunity to reach forward with your consciousness and engage within this process of self-renewal and reconnection to the higher dimensional aspects of Truth.

Now is the time for alignment to Truth. This is the time for your liberation. This is what we have called the “new dawning” of your planet. Your way home to this freedom is found through your own heart space.

To unite in love

Reflection on this Pleiadian symbol supports your personal transformation.
Reflection on this Pleiadian symbol supports your personal transformation.
There is an urgent call going out to all of you as this level of the Illumination energies builds and anchors through your earth plane. This call asks that you begin new steps of alignment with each other. You are being called to unite in love.

To do this, you need to open a process of perceiving “separation” and how it has been a stable experience on your earth plane for lifetimes. Your first step is to begin to review this practice of separation in your own life.

You are the center of your Universe. Everything exists within you. Everything always begins within you. Your energy arises from your heart center and then naturally ripples outwards. We liken your heart center to the still surface of a pond. A pebble is being thrown into the still surface of your pond, and this creates ripples moving outwards across the surface of the pond. With each thought or action, like a pebble, there are ripples that you create. These ripples move outwards across the surface of your pond influencing your life and affecting humanity.

You are the still surface of the pond. This is the center of your heart and each moment you get to begin anew. You get to choose how you are going to respond in each given moment. You get to choose what you wish to create in the form of those ripples.

The understanding of this process can begin to link you back into your personal power. You will begin to notice and understand the impact you can make in each moment through those ripples on the surface of your pond as the creator in your life.

Begin to understand and know the impact each one of you makes as you consciously choose to align to your heart center, becoming re-connected to that still surface of the pond, that aspect of you.

Creating ripples
It is the time to open up consciously to your power and be accountable for your actions, and to be joyful for your reconnection to this aspect of Self. Yes, it’s true that your limited 3rd-dimensional beliefs have kept you in a powerless place in the past, acting out being small and insignificant. This ego belief has been one of the greatest illusions anchored on your earth plane to keep you in a separated state. All your current limitations are connected with the programming of the ego mind linked directly from your 3rd dimensional reality experience.

This “play out” needs to stop, because you have all come here through conscious choice to make a difference on your earth plane. You each get to choose consciously your actions with an understanding that these actions create distinct forms of energetic ripples within your own world. You get to choose each moment to do things differently.

Know this: You create ripples wherever you go. Begin to comprehend the immensity of your power. You impact and create on your earth plane. You create these energetic ripples through your heart space with love or through your ego mind fear/separation.

Making the difference
You can and you do make the difference — not through grand gestures, but in the small quiet moments in your life: in the way you accept your self, in the way you treat others, as you open up to greet the natural forces, the rising sun. These are the sacred moments that will nourish you and make a difference by the energetic ripples that move from your heart center out into the world.

Every moment you choose to do something with consciousness — to choose not to separate, to choose to support your self, to accept your self for your vulnerabilities — you create a powerful ripple within your pond that makes an incredible alteration to all humanity. Choose your moments, empower your self and you empower all human beings. You forge an energetic path for others to follow through these positive heart ripples.

You may have felt it is easier or safer to work from a powerless state of “not knowing,” of not wanting to take responsibility. That time is now over. Don’t be afraid of your power, or change. You have come here to do things in another way — and you not alone. You are tremendously supported at this time. As you realign into “change,” you will feel your self waking up. You will feel a new sense of well-being within you. You will be able to experience the magnitude of playing your part of a collective energy and feel your place. You will feel alive!

This need to judge
An important focus right now is to begin the conscious process of exploring how your ego mind continues to create separation. This separation is created through a series of misperceptions and misunderstandings of the ego mind. The misperception of you being insignificant creates competition between your self and others. The misperception of you not being good enough creates isolation, betrayal, guilt and pain. You have misunderstandings of your self that lead to self-judgment. This self -judgment becomes a mirror that you begin to reflect outwards to others, so you judge others as you judge your self and the separation builds.

Some of you create subtle judgments about other people. This creates a ripple of separation. This need to judge is your fear in action within your ego mind. It is one thing to witness someone being a certain way and it is another energy to judge that person. You can witness someone without judgment, understanding that each person has his or her own individual journey to take and each person has the right to do what they need to for their own experience, including your self.

You are being asked to begin a conscious acceptance of your self and all of your idiosyncrasies, all of your vulnerabilities. Remember you are human, “perfectly imperfect.” You have come here to have this human experience in order to learn. You have not come here to judge your self on your choices, on your actions. It is the time to let go of judgments and instead begin to understand the importance of self-acceptance, and the acceptance of others.

Healing your heart space
This willingness to change will allow a healing of old wounds created by abandonment and betrayal from past experiences. This is a step-by-step process, to be willing to allow a healing of your own heart space by accepting all of your learning experiences in life.

You are ready to move into the next step of your evolvement here. This is the time to let go of the “I” and join in the collective energies and move into sacred unions with others. Your planet needs the energy of community without ego now. It requires each individual to bring in their own divine quality to the whole community so that there is enrichment to all within that community. There can be no real competition between any one of you. Each one of you has your uniqueness to bring to your community group.

As you become more defined in the presence of each other, you actually can only give power to each other. Part of the magic of the community group within this sacred union is acceptance of all members. It’s in this acceptance that love exists, that the illusion of fear is let go. There is liberation within the group dynamic through your heart. The ego will not understand the new dimensional levels that are available to you now. You need to follow your heart and hold your ego with love and compassion.

Your willingness to move towards your self and others is enough to activate a new pathway, a birthing within. As you say “yes,” your heart space naturally opens to a different dimensional setting and you carry a new frequency ripple that will create positive change through your life.

Choose freedom, abundance and open into an unlimited space in which you can create your world within your pond through your ripples. The energies are here to support you now as you consciously choose to take a step away from old self-imposed restrictions. Simply change you mind and your focus, then your life can and will transform. Choose now to alter just one element of your limited thought pattern.

A sacred process
We give you a sacred process for this transformational time:

  • Place your palm of your hand on your heart space, bring your awareness to the pressure of your hand and take a breathe into the space, like a soft wind.
  • Use the sacred sound, ANDAH EE, and place the energy of your sound into your heart space. Do this three times.
  • Begin to enter the surface of your pond by bringing your awareness into the opening of your heart. Do this three times and just let go. Build this connection to the pond within your heart and begin to witness the creation of your ripples.

This is the time where your power can resurface. It takes just one moment of you choosing to do something differently, by claiming your free choice to be moved into another energetic flow within your heart center. You do this simply by letting go of one restricted belief that you have placed around your self. You hold a grand capacity to create through the surface of your pond. When you change one restriction, the ripples go out into your outer world. You begin to align to the flow of Truth that is always contained within the ripples.

Moment by moment you can claim your right to move beyond your perceived restrictions. In reality, there are no limitations. Now is the time for you to contribute with the frequency that is held within your heart center, your fluid pond, your conscious ripples. Your frequency is needed for the well-being and transformation of your planet and all humanity.

Your ability to hook up to this frequency of truth and love will be accelerating on your earth plane this month. Choose to be a part of the flow within this current through the ripples you create on the surface of your pond. Take your place and be seen. Blessings, The Pleiadians

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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