Sacred Fire Power


I sat close to the fire. I could barely feel the chill of the evening that had my teeth chattering moments before. The flames moved as if they were tribal dancers. There was a ceremony as they leaped and swayed. I had not noticed the power of the light before. I have always appreciated the warmth of the sun-like glow of the campfire, but I have not been witness to the performance of the flame until this cold April night.

Maybe it was the spirit of the women who had walked beside me down to the stone circle. You could see the glow from a distance. Arm in arm, we filled the space so that the circle of the fire was a ring of women. The beautiful voice of a siren’s song echoed through the air, sweetly providing the music for the dance of the light.

One by one, we gave our offering, held in the glow of resurrection. Many promises were made this night. Many. So many sparks rose up to meet the stars as resistances were melted away with ease.

Fire is indeed powerful. It is sacred. It called us in and transformed our spirit into oneness. United heart to heart as we embrace the possibility of what we can do. Letting the fire take away all the can’t. All the limits gone. As the flames danced. The light forming into individual performers as if to acknowledge the individual in each of us. To honor our contributions to this group, to this life, to this world.

And so it is.

This was the initiation for my work with the element of fire. Not long after my mentor and friend, Red Turtle Bear made his spirit journey home, I received the gift of fire. It is a tool I hold reverent. As an advocate for Divine Feminine empowerment, I use this power tool often.

I invite you to open your heart to it now as you read this. At first, I had no idea what a big deal this was, to be gifted fire, to be a fire bearer, until I had to use it. I have always worked in transformation as a coach and psychic, but now I was given the duty of clearer. The fire is with Goddess Kali — creator, destroyer and preserver — one whom I share a great deal of time with. She has taught me how to use the fire in ways to light up the next right step on the path of my spiritual journey. And as teacher for others.

In this moment, you are invited to the fire. Do not be afraid. We are with you in spirit. Go ahead, allow the fire to light the way for your life’s journey.



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