A Mayan Shaman’s Perspective: Healing Tools for 2015


The energy of 2015 is all about movement: moving into fuller integration with our Higher Selves; coalescing into like-minded spiritual communities and soul tribes; melding into a heart-centered embrace of the new fifth-dimension energies becoming available to us.

Many of us have spent a great amount of time and effort over the past years releasing old stories and karmic patterns. Now we are both personally and collectively ready to be activated into a spiritual acceleration that the Earth hasn’t seen in thousands of years.

This shift of the ages seems overwhelming on first consideration. Transformation can seem like a daunting task! But know that every soul has an essential part to play in this new unfolding and playing in the quantum energy fields of creation is what we are all called to do.

Where to start? There are four fundamental daily practices that everyone can use to get in alignment with the exciting dawn of the coming era.

Breath is the first and foremost tool to consciously employ in moving higher. Becoming one with your breath allows you to come back to I AM. See the breath of God inside each cell as you chant I AM prayers. Witness walls and barriers dissolve and fall away through the power of prana energy. Bring in “I love you” from God/Holy Spirit/Higher Self on the in-breath, offer a return “I love you, too” on the exhalation, and envision this circular pattern of love extending into infinity. Raise your vibration through a combination of breath, mantra and intention no matter what your circumstances. Breathe yourself into a bigger holographic picture and recognize that life literally begins anew with every breath.

Meditation is the best way to stay relaxed and centered in your connection with God.

“As above, so below; as within, so without” is an axiom that aids you in feeling part of the whole. Meditation helps you get to and stay on a Higher Self level where you are untouched by disease, darkness and duality. If fears from the shadow self arise in the halls of your mind during meditation, just bless them and love them, for doubt and hate only fuel separation from Source. Be the witness and observer of your life, see what you can see as you move through your day, practice out-picturing what you download during meditation and soon you will be confidant in your ability to create your own reality.

With practice you can change your perspective to not stay stuck in the habits of the shadow world. Intention and innocence are keys to going home to God. Remove the veil of duality — see only the perfection of the Higher Self.

Ritual is another important tool to tap on a daily basis as it symbolically enhances, extends and elevates our intentions. Among other modalities, Mayan ceremonies involve the sound of drums and rattles to break down old patterns, plants and herbs as a bridge between the worlds to transmit healing, smoke to bring a soul back during a retrieval or to seal a ceremony, crystals to create energy grids, pendulums to assess the spinning of the chakras and bells to rebalance them, Reiki to reenergize the body, angelic attunement to find holes and energy losses in a person’s light body and to seal their vessel.

In ritual, you create a sacred ceremony, become it and send it forth to heal and shift your very DNA. The body already has the memory in its genes to go to higher energy levels. Healing takes place both on the macro level of the psyche/aura and the micro level of the body. Body, mind and soul integration is the result.

Since emotion is energy in motion and water is the conduit for the flow of emotions, (think tears of happiness or sorrow), an often-overlooked aspect of both physical and emotional healing is hydration. The human body is comprised of over 70 percent water, but 80 percent of Americans are in a chronic state of sub-clinical dehydration. Most often people will merely drink enough water to satisfy thirst but not enough to safeguard normal physiology. By the time you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Ninety-seven percent of illness is emotion-based, so why not begin moving stuck emotions with a simple glass of water? Emotional, as well as physical, drosses must be removed to raise your vibration above negativity.

As the year 2015 unfolds, we all have the opportunity to replace limited consciousness with Higher Self light. So ask for the full integration of your Higher Self, stay open to the new energies flowing in, be miracle minded, and stand at zero point to recreate yourself. Move ego or powerlessness aside, let God in, and do your part as an incarnated angel to expand the territory of Light on Earth.

You can’t say “I can’t” anymore! We are the masters of the energy of the future, here to first create in etheric holograms and then draw them down into material substance. All is connected to Source — I am you and you are me — so let’s triumphantly move forward together apace.

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Jorge Villaneuva Castillo
Jorge Villaneuva Castillo is a Mayan shaman with lineages of healing on both sides of his family. Jorge offers meditation, chanting and instruction to the public on Saturdays in Minneapolis. For more info, call 612.735.0177 or visit www.solfireshaman.com.


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