Spring and Spiritual Enchantment


Spring is a season that unleashes an especially bright creative process of spiritual enchantment and abundance in the natural world. It is a season that brings forth and gives birth to the magical influences of creativity, recreation and rejuvenation!

As human participants in this creative process, our spirits are drawn and lured into dance with Mother Nature. Nudged by her abundant energy, we are beckoned to cleanse, clear and make room for new harmonies inside of ourselves and our environments.

Also known in the ancient traditions of divination as the Empress, Mother Nature symbolically represents the processes of birth, rebirth, abundance, deep creativity, healing and unconditional love. During spring, when she arrives in full force, she asks us as her children, “What will you do with the energy that I bring?” She says, “I am giving my love to you. Now, show me what you will do with it.”

Earlier in the week, The Edge provided a space and forum for its partners to discuss ways to tap into the power of the Empress, specifically with regard to how we, as partners, could build up and nurture each other. As a partner of The Edge, I had the awesome experience of attending this forum, where new knowledge was created around how to align altruism and lightwork with personal and business practicality.

During the forum, partners were able to ask each other questions and brainstorm in a way that allowed intellects and spirits to connect to create new knowledge.

Creativity is the essence of the Empress and spring is her divine timing!

Pulling upwards, the forces of the Empress compel humans to acknowledge the abundant nature and beauty-filled intentions of her energy to inspire and implant within us her rich seeds, so that we can nurture and groom them until it’s time for harvest.

So, as one who is devout to the namesake and its creative process, I beg the question: This spring, what will you do with the loving energy of the Empress that surrounds you, lives in you, and invites you to dance? Will you harness her energy to create, recreate, build and rebuild yourself and your inner sanctuary? Or, will you become a wallflower? Remember: Life is a platform where choice has voice! What we choose always speaks in one form or another!

The following are tips to rejuvenate the spirit and connect to the essence of the Empress:

  • Make a commitment to paying down debt, and make sure you’ve read and responded to all of your mail, including email.
  • Give away all clothing and all items in your home or personal space that you are no longer using.
  • Rearrange furniture in your home so that maximum space and sunlight are achieved.
  • Get your car washed and cleaned thoroughly.
  • Flip your mattress and mist it with an essential oil, such as lavender, diluted with water.
  • Place and keep a bowl of fresh spring or river water under your bed.
  • Journal your thoughts and dreams every day!
  • Keep your home filled with the aromas of good food and the sounds of melodious music.
  • Keep a bouquet of fresh flowers near your front door.
  • Keep a bowl of fresh oranges in your bedroom.
  • Drink plenty of fresh water, eat fresh foods and get plenty of exercise!
  • Take ritual baths or showers with coconut soap or water to cleanse your aura of any negative thoughtforms that you could have unintentionally drawn to you.
  • Let go of relationships that have become emotionally burdensome and troubling.
  • Give apologies where they are warranted.
  • Forgive yourself for painful experiences you may have encountered.
  • Look in the mirror each day and say “I love you.” Write a love letter to yourself that sings of your gratitude and the joy of self-admiration.
  • Honor the Empress by feeding animals and children, and participate in charity work for humans.
  • Spend time with children and the elderly.
  • And lastly, create a space in your home that is dedicated to your ancestors and spirit guides. Ask them to show their presence, and they will respond!

I offer these tips to you with wishes for the brightest of blessings and an expression of my most sincere thankfulness for your time.

In the light and love of the Empress and Mother Nature, I offer salutations. Now dance!

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Michelle Ibrahim
Michelle Ibrahim comes from a long line of psychic healers and spiritualists. She specializes in healing love relationships and providing life guidance. As a self-taught chef, Michelle combines her cooking and psychic gifts to provide fully catered psychic healing dinner parties and events. Holding master's degrees in both health journalism and maternal and child health, Michelle's spiritual path has been guided under the influence of elders from the African, European and Caribbean indigenous spiritual and knowledge systems. She currently owns and operates Enchanting Empress Psychic Services. Visit www.enchantingempress.com, and contact Michelle at [email protected]


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