The Shaft of Light & Reawakening to your Vision


When I think of “awakening,” I picture an image of a California springtime and my annual drive into the foothills to see redbud blossoms blooming set against a backdrop of spring-green grass. That’s when I knew spring had actually come!

In recalling that “awakening” image, I also realized how far I am now from the woman who wrote articles and danced and offered workshops and did energy work and creative, innovative things some years ago.

Part of my change was a diagnosis of pernicious anemia, which creates an energy drain and requires shots, as well as responding to my adult daughter’s mental issues. I missed being really aware of what was happening while I focused on issues rather than the joy of living.

Energy shifts
We’re all experiencing the incredible changes taking place, including energy shifts of our planet, and that contributes to the difficulty of getting beyond feeling stuck. This is especially true when we remember that we have ages of misaligned energy to release — supported by calling in and using the Violet Flame of Transmutation and Transformation.

I was determined to make some changes and get beyond that feeling of inaction. When Oprah and Deepak Chopra offered meditations, I took advantage of them. And that experience reminded me of the many years when I was part of a community of friends in a meditation and spiritual development class. Our amazing teacher, Marie, who had been and continues to be a major source of my spiritual growth, taught us about the Violet Flame, chakras, colors, guided meditations and how to give and receive messages. We also learned from so many authors and spiritual teachers.

With that kind of a background and involvement, I was puzzled about what was happening until I remembered something I had created ages ago. I remembered my drawing and realized that it partly explains the issue of getting caught up in problems and how we lose connection with the energy that allows for manifestations and good things to happen.

My diagram included a shaft of light coming down from above, and disrupting the light were problems and other negativity, radio and TV waves, and other interferences that blocked the essential flow of that shaft of light. I offer this as a way of seeing what we do to ourselves and each other when the shaft of light coming into our bodies is blocked by negativity or interfered with when we are caught up in issues of the day.

Daily practice
I began a practice of daily meditation and other relaxation techniques. I also began to connect to new networks and spiritual programs available now on the Internet. My years of connection with the Global Coherence Initiative led me to discover The Shift Network and the opportunity to participate in its peace-inspired programming and its Summit of Peace last summer. I am currently taking a course from Barbara Marx Hubbard called “The Sacred Journey of the Conscious Evolutionary.”

Many other opportunities for growth are available online. Neale Donald Walsch is promoting March 12 as an “Awakening Day” (, and Patricia Cota Robles also is inspirational (

I am inspired by a quote from Lalla, a 14th century Hindu mystic, who said, ” The soul, like the moon, is new and always new again.” Perhaps that might assist each of us to remember as we reawaken from slumber.

One of my favorite books is The Magdalene Version: Secret Wisdom from a Gnostic Mystery School, by Joanna Prentis and Stuart Wilson, who describe “The Way” like this: “For The Way to live, it must breathe and change like any living thing, so be ready to change and adapt all aspects of it to suit your needs.”

“The Way” offers us a new perspective on living spiritually. Give yourself time to digest and learn these new ideas. Such a “living, breathing spirituality” offers us a new approach to get beyond slumber and stuckness and into Awakening.

One of my favorite quotes regarding The Way is: “The Way is found in treading the path from day to day, guided by your soul and the Spirit within.” May you find “The Way” as interesting as I do on your journey back to Spirit by following your vision.

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Desiree de Angelise
Desiree de Angelise currently resides in Wisconsin and credits California, adoption, and special teachers of dance, philosophy and the spirit for her unique approach to spirituality. As an innovator, she creates choreography and has guided "A Sense Of Life" to help prevent suicide. Contact Desiree at [email protected]. Visit


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