A Pleiadian Message: Actively Waiting is Letting Go


Beloved ones we greet you…. Strong forces enter your earth plane at this time. They are here to assist you in your transition in moving from this 3rd dimensional illusion to a 4th/5th dimensional perspective of Truth. With the prolonged magnetic shift taking place, coupled with the expanded Illumination waves coming onto your planet, an amazing opportunity exists for each one of you to disengage from the 3rd dimensional weaving that you have created in your lives over this lifetime.

The increase in the magnetic flow on your planet is opening up the potential for you to reconnect to Truth. Each cell in your heart carries a transmitter, and these transmitters have been lying dormant until now. This magnetic flow is reactivating these transmitters within your heart center — and a rebirthing is taking place within you.

As these transmitters in your heart begin to pulse, this pulse transmits out your unique divine frequency that is recognized throughout the Universe. This allows you to be able to naturally realign to and recognize Truth that has always existed within the 4th/5th dimensional states within. It’s as though you become a magnet — the 4th/5th dimensional light aligns you towards your divine frequency pulse.

Time to disengage
You have been waiting for these specific energies that are designed to break down this weaving that has anchored you, held you to your 3rd dimensional illusions. Understand this weaving has held you in place in order for you to have your human experience. You were always meant to have woven this illusion around you. We are here to tell you that now is the time to disengage yourself from this webbing that you have created. You have completed the inherent need to have experiences of lack and struggle, of feeling small and insignificant within your world.

This is your time to emerge beyond this restriction, moving into the light of fulfillment and creation. Now is the time to move beyond the 3rd dimensional illusion, to open into 4th/ 5th dimensional realms of Truth and understanding and to be taken a step further, beyond what you have known up to this point.

Your ego mind has played its role of being the anchor, keeping you within this webbing of illusion. Your ego mind only understands the limitations of your 3rd dimensional experience and cannot begin to comprehend any part of your 4th/5th dimensional aspects. The ego only knows how to keep you in a cycle of repetition in your life. It is essential that you begin to take back your power through conscious choice and come to operate through your heart. Your heart connection is your way home. It moves you beyond this illusion, beyond the webbing, to a place of unlimited potential, self-fulfillment and freedom to be the co-creator in your world.

Your awakened state

Reflection on this Pleiadian symbol supports your personal transformation.
Reflection on this Pleiadian symbol supports your personal transformation.
We wish to show you how to distance yourself away from the illusion in your life and to alter your focus within the moment. This process is going to enable you to accelerate into your awakened state and allow you to create and birth a new weave of light through you life. Through these steps you will get to consciously co-create and anchor through your own 4th/5th dimensional flow that takes you further towards the sacred process of returning home.

You are being asked to play your part by consciously opening up to the thoughts that bring you joy. By consciously focusing on these joyful desires, you naturally begin to open to your own creative energy that exists within your heart space. Know that as you do this, your ego mind will want to negate that which it does not understand, in other words, all the 4th/5th dimensional energies.

The good news is that the ego mind does not play a role in the act of your creation. All creating is done through your sacred heart space, which is a 4th/5th dimensional space. By being willing to open to the essence of your joy, you really begin to align to your sacred flow of abundance, so the more you open to what brings you joy, the more you realign to your natural ability as co-creator.

Creation ripples
We will liken your heart space to a central pool’s smooth surface. You create ripples on your pool’s surface through opening to your heart’s desire, to the joy. Everything arises from your central place of this pool within your heart, so you begin to create within your heart that which you desire for your self now. As you begin to consciously open to your desires, creation ripples start going outwards across the surface of the pool and these ripples hold the creation frequencies from your heart’s creation energy.

Now is the time to reconnect to your heart and begin your new path of creation through your heart’s desire.

Don’t be afraid to dream and to allow the joy to build. You don’t need to know the details of “how” what you want will possibly manifest. Just connect with your joy, the image or picture of what it is that you desire for yourself and just let the joy build within you.

You can no longer settle for the mundane within the routine of your life. You will find that taking a conscious choice step to change a small detail in your day-to-day will be powerfully impacting. You can alter just one aspect of how you do something or the order of when you do something. This conscious choice action by you is so significant, because it sends a message, a ripple within your 3rd dimensional weave. Just the fact that you are willing to create a change within your structured day begins to shift the 3rd dimensional illusion of restriction that is around you.

A chain reaction
There is a natural breaking down of the weaving around you, which allows you to begin to emerge from that illusion. The smallest action of you creating change begins a chain reaction of shifting the dimensional energetic flow around you. You co-create an unraveling of this 3rd dimensional illusion that you have woven around you. No matter how stuck you feel in this illusion, you can choose to do things differently. One new step in your routine is enough. Remember, to create is part of your natural power and ability, a part of your birthright.

Each time you choose to change and do one small detail differently, the wheel turns, and there is a shift within the hold of the ego anchor. It is the time for you to make simple changes in the way you do things and to realign back to your pure source energetic flow.

Slow down
Another aspect of this process is for you to feel your self where you are right now. Stop and breathe, and feel yourself breathing. Slow down. Take a moment to be present with where you are now. Begin to notice and open up to what is around you and just stop and breathe. When you slow down and breathe, a further disengagement through your 3rd dimensional webbing happens naturally. There is a frequency of aliveness surrounding you in each moment. As you stop, you can begin to access this energy that is present. Through this access you will be able to build this energy within you, to feel more alive. This is you beginning to play a more conscious active role in your life.

There are many energetic forces here to support you in your transition of disengaging from this 3rd dimensional illusion. Your process is about remembering who you are and reconnecting to what you hold within you. This is how you begin to open into this new path on your journey.

You have all made pre-agreements to open up to this support, and the energies present enable you to activate this help. Know that each one of you needs these alliances in order for you to take this next step of awakening. It is the time for an acceleration of your path.

Call forth this help now. Remember, you must give permission to activate these pre-agreements. You have free will as a human being on this earth plane, so it is up to you to activate this pre-agreement.

The process
The process is simple. You come into your heart center by holding your hands on your chest area. Bring your awareness to your hands, and feel the pressure, the warmth of your hands. Take a breath, like a soft wind into your heart. Breathe and let go. When you are ready, you announce your choice, to open the activation of your pre-agreement. That’s it, nothing else, simple.

We are here to play our part within a Universal team working to support your evolution. Your transition is taking place on many dimensional levels within you as you choose this next step. This is your time to wake up and live!

The illumination energies are also supporting you in being able to move past the illusion, past the separation element that has been holding you in place for lifetimes. An aspect of the energetic changes coming onto the planet in April is going to create a unique occurrence within you. There will be activations within your heart that create a deep longing and desire to unite and share with others in a group setting. These illumination energies initiate a sacred design within your heart that will bring many of you into soul reconnections, and creating sacred community groups.

This force of illumination energies will birth an unparalleled opportunity for communities to have a full multi-dimensional union. It will spark a sense of familiarity, a joyous celebration of the capacity brought to the community by individuals. A magnification of this unity will be experienced as the witnessing and acknowledgement of each other’s gifts is expressed. From the heart space will emerge a space of non-judgment and deep acceptance of differences — and a true celebration of these differences will take place. This is the time for community transformation.

As your energy emerges within your group and expands through your collective creation frequencies, a natural uniting of individuals within your group will emerge. A sacred synergy will be birthed as your group energy grows in a force of creative light that will be held between all of you.

Active waiting
Now is the time to begin this new movement of change within you, to allow an active waiting process to unfold. An “active waiting” is when you consciously choose not to find solutions through the ego mind — by not thinking what to do and how to solve a situation that has arisen in your life. You consciously choose not to react to the promptings of the ego mind or to respond to the 3rd dimensional drama that is taking place. Your ego will say, “I need to do something immediately about this situation.”

Actively waiting is opening up to your pure source connection through your heart and simply waiting for clarity, for understanding about the issue at hand. To wait for a simple, next-step direction to be revealed to you.

Actively waiting trusts the higher aspect of your self to show you what is your next step. You wait to gain deeper insight into the situation and allow the higher aspect of your self to guide you.

Actively waiting is letting go. On a 3rd dimension level, it may mean limited non-action; on another level, as you align to your higher power, it may be the very highest action.

You do absolutely nothing until the next step is revealed clearly to you through your heart space by your higher source energy. Yes, this is a different way of being, of letting go of the drama and moving yourself into alignment to this aspect of your higher all-knowing power. With each step you take along this new path, the 3rd dimensional anchors within your weaving unravel and dissolve.

It is the time for you to consciously choose to live differently. We hold you in love and great appreciation for your journey. Blessings, The Pleiadians


  1. “Actively waiting is letting go. You do absolutely nothing until the next step is revealed clearly to you through your heart space by your higher source energy.” (written in the article above)

    What I as Rick choose to share is these additional thoughts.
    Not in your timing or when you desire to understand it. But instead in the most appropriate of timing, when clarity comes forward, the result in a more total understanding, when it holds a context to your life!

    Remember, your life is a part of the BIG PICTURE! Your life is often aligned with others around you. Your timing and their timing although different, maybe and often is intertwined.

    This took place for me in my life…..MANY TIMES! What I desired to know and understand was not possible until it the “Right Timing” for me. In retrospect, I also now understand how it was the right timing for those around me as well.

    Patience! I encourage patience! What you choose to open and when you choose to be open is wonderful. But it does not mean a highly noticeable immediate shift takes place for you!

    This is a PROCESS to Discover the highest aspects of Your Self, not yet discovered and explored! An adventure of Self discovery!! To fast and you will be overwhelmed. To slow and you may become disenchanted. “Right Timing” and it ALL fits into Your Process of Self Discovery. Aligned with the Universal Total Self, Your individual discovery process fits into the BIG….BIG….BIG Picture!

    How does, does not matter, just know that it does and move forward allowing it all to unfold around You and within You!!

    So I encourage You to BE Patient or You may become the Patient!!
    Be the balance, that does not obstruct or hinder the flow for You!
    Remember, as much as you hold the potential to encourage the flow, you also have the ability to hinder the flow as well!! How? By having expectations associated with what other’s have and how other’s have experienced their own awakening process.

    If you don’t look for it…..when it happens….. when you least expect it, you can go….AhHaa…..Light Bulb!!

    In Friendship…..I AM
    Ricki Lee Schuster


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