Channeling the Divine: How I Discovered My Authentic Light


As human beings, we are all looking to awaken to our authentic soul purpose, whether it is a conscious or subconscious yearning. Finding our true destiny or life purpose is what we all seek underneath all of the illusions of separation, pain, negativity, illness and war. Often it takes many years, and even many lifetimes, to evolve to a place where we can recognize it when it falls in front of us. As Lightworkers, we are here to be of service to this Earth, to shine Light in our own personal and authentic fashion, and to be a leader and a teacher to those who are in the dark.

I wish for all to know that you are a piece of God just as you are. You don’t need to strive to fit inside somebody else’s box for your Light to be seen! You have the power within you to make a profound impact on the world just by being you! Showing your true Light to yourself and living in it without apology or exception is the greatest form of self-love. We are spiritual beings living a human experience, therefore we all have our own connection with the Divine. You can put any face on the Divine, and the source will still remain the same. God doesn’t change…the human being does.

Channeling has brought me to a place where I am now able to see my life, and the life around me, as perfect and Divine the way it is, no longer wanting to change it. I found myself stepping into my authentic power during my first channeling experience, when I truly felt loved beyond measure in a way I didn’t know was humanly possible to feel. It was a Divine communion experience where I could truly remember what I was here to do, the grand planning that went into my entire existence. There was a strong inner knowing that I am part of it all, co-creating at this present moment. Fears subsided, knowing that everything is Divine and perfect as it is, and there are no mistakes.

I have been given these profound teachings to share with the world to empower beings of all ages and backgrounds to come out and let their Light shine! I do not see myself as different or “special,” and like to avoid labeling at all costs. I see all of us as equals, no matter the circumstance. I’ve come to a place where I can see Divinity in every One, because I know that we are each on a personal journey, and that each of us is being held by great hands.

We are all in this together, and we are part of one big family! I want to share my story and hear your story. When we share our Light, we inspire more to come into our experience, and it really does heal the world.


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