Love in a Bottle: Flower Essences for Emotional Spring Cleaning


Let’s all relax into a big grin and shout a collective “yippee!” that spring is finally here. The urge for spring cleaning is no coincidence. We all feel the surge of renewed life force, especially once we begin to see green again. Just like the animals, we feel the calling to prepare our nests and make our homes nice and tidy for the coming season. Except for us humans, “home” is much more than just the four walls where we live. Our home is our psyche, the place where we think and feel and try to make sense of our experiences.

Our psyche needs spring cleaning just like all other aspects of our home. Without some occasional psyche maintenance, we can find ourselves feeling bogged down by old emotions, stymied by our own negative, limiting beliefs, or find ourselves making unconscious choices that we know darn well are not in our best interest.

Luckily, there is a fabulous, beautiful tool from nature that fast tracks your mental and emotional spring cleaning: flower essence remedies!

If you’ve read my previous articles about flower essences, bear with me while I remind everyone exactly what I’m talking about. Although the words sound similar, flower essences are not essential oils used in aromatherapy. They are energetic remedies in a class all their own, created only from the flowers of many different types of plants and trees.

Each plant or tree blooms with a specific vibration that lends support to the human who seeks balance and evolution. Hooray! To put it another way, there is a flower essence that can help you clear and heal just about any emotional, spiritual or energetic issue that may be holding you back.

The following is a list of some flower essences you may want to look to for your own emotional spring cleaning. These are all essences from Flower Essence Services brand.

  • Mountain Pennyroyal: Aids the person who has absorbed other’s negative thoughts or has been drained by their chaotic energy. This essence clarifies the mental body and leads to greater vitality with positive, clear thinking.
  • Chaparral: Cleanses subconscious emotional toxins related to substance use or traumatic experiences. This essence is also broadly beneficial for all of us who have been subject to chaotic, violent and degrading images in our sometimes misguided modern entertainment and news.
  • Sagebrush: This purifying essence specializes in transition and release. Sagebrush is especially supportive for those of us who are going or have gone through life upheaval (divorce, job loss, financial ruin, major illness). This essence helps us to: connect with our core, essential self; release what no longer serves our evolution; and move forward with a sense of deeper meaning and freedom.
  • Honeysuckle: This essence is about release in a different way. It is helpful for those of us who have too much emotional attachment to the past and long for what was. Honeysuckle introduces the rejuvenating energy of spring to the psyche so it once again feels free to fully experience life in the now as an ever-unfolding present and ever-possible future.
  • Yerba Santa: Floods the heart with positive release, which allows us to transform deeply held grief and internalized sadness. The profound grief can sometimes be buried away, but it still grips the body with disturbances of the lungs and constricted feelings in the chest. Yerba Santa clears and frees the heart to experience life with renewed emotional presence.

These are just a few examples of the fascinating array of emotional support flower essences provide. Nature has potent energies that help us purge the old and embrace new definitions of ourselves.

Flower essence therapy works best when the remedies are chosen intuitively in a mixture that is tailored just for you. A flower essence practitioner can do just that, and guide you through the process of emotional shifts that arise.

This spring as you notice the very first spring flowers begin to bud and bloom, remember that each one carries a unique gift it would love to share with humanity to help us unburden ourselves and become stronger, clearer and lighter in our journey.


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