Releasing Emotional Toxins Using Meditative Movements


Because of neglect, ignorance and abuse, many of us have learned how to block our natural energies instead of allowing them to pass through us. Our parents, teachers and caregivers could not show us how to experience life in this way. They didn’t know how themselves. Your thoughts and emotions need to flow freely through you, otherwise they get stored in your body as toxins.

Now is the time to learn how to release any stored emotions so that you can experience life fully in this present moment. When you deny parts of yourself, it causes unhealthy behaviors like smoking, excessive drinking, overeating and any other compulsion you’ve adopted to help you feel safe. When you honor all of your energies, your behavior changes effortlessly and aligns with your true nature.

Meditative Movements is another way to release toxins. It integrates physical movements with core value affirmations. You can practice the movements before getting out of bed, as you wait for your coffee to brew, and when you need a short break during your day. You can also use the workouts at home, office, gym, school and in group fitness classes. As you practice, your highest self emerges allowing you to live life more fully.

Here is how the technique works:

  • 1st Step: Be aware of your thoughts and emotions. The Huffington Post wrote that each day the average person has about 50,000 thoughts. How many are you consciously aware of? Your thoughts directly correspond to your emotions which are felt in your body. Dialectical behavior therapy is a psychotherapy asserting that emotions, thoughts and behaviors are all interconnected. When you change one of these, you can impact the other two. If you are unaware of what you are thinking and feeling, you are a slave to unhappiness and fear. To increase your awareness, Meditative Movements encourages you to repeat the affirmations out loud while moving your body. This is how you uncover your buried toxins. For example, while performing the “I Am Loved” movement, your mind may remind you of your inadequacies and mistakes. This is how you can allow these stored energies to surface.

I Am Loved Meditative Movement
1. Hands are open on your thighs.
2. Cross your hand over your heart and touch your opposite shoulder. Say “I” when hand is on your shoulder.
3. Move your other hand over your heart and touch your opposite shoulder. Say “am” when your hand touches your other shoulder.
4. Give yourself a hug. Say “loved” as you rock gently side to side.
5. Return hands to your thighs and repeat steps as needed.
6. Pay attention to how you are feeling and what thoughts arise.

  • 2nd Step: Once you are aware of the stored toxins, you perform the appropriate Meditative Movement to release them. In the above example, you could practice the “I Release Fear” movement. According to the Abraham Hix Emotional Guidance scale, fear is the lowest vibrational emotion. Many of us might be cognitively in tune with ourselves. However, there is a difference when you allow yourself to feel an emotion versus thinking about it. Thoughts are in your head, and feelings are felt in your physical body. When you physically experience the buried emotion in your body, you are freed. You will be repeating the movement until the thoughts and emotions are truly released. Stay open and be patient with yourself during this time.
  • 3rd Step: Replace the lower vibrational emotion with a higher one. Joy, knowledge, empowerment, freedom, love and appreciation are on the top of the Hix vibrational list. You could practice the “Thank you” movement to move you to the highest vibration you can achieve.

Now is the time to take care of your own self. When you learn how to honor all of the energies that arise in you, you can live in the highest vibrations. Because you are no longer dealing with the internal toxins, it is easier for you to be present in this precious moment. Join me in using Meditative Movements to create heaven here on Earth.

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Ellie Peterson
Ellie Peterson, creator of the Meditative Movement technique, teaches individuals how to listen to their mind and body so they can be healthier, happier and feel whole. A recent University of Minnesota research study found that her Meditative Movements reduces anxiety, depression and fatigue, while improving emotional and functional well-being in individuals with chronic health conditions. Learn more at Contact Ellie at [email protected].


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