Angel Dreams: Holding the Light


Last night I had a dream. I was dreaming in my dream. I was peaceful and oblivious to the happenings in the world. The Angels were protecting me.

I had fallen asleep in class with students all around me. I was learning from the Angels while they were learning in class. As I slept, the power went out and light was needed to fix the fuse panel, but there were no lights to be found.

The teacher decided to do an experiment to keep everyone calm. She walked around the room with two balloons with a small spark in each one touching each student, one by one. If the spark inside went out, she went on to the next student. The desire was to have the spark stay on and grow to radiate light to fill the room. As she went from student to student, the balloon went “pop,” over and over again. When she came to me and touched me the balloon stayed lit.

As I woke up during the experiment, she asked me to hold the balloon and stand up.The balloon stayed lit and grew in size and brightness. There was silence in the room. I was in awe of the precious light inside the fragile balloon. In fact, I loved it. It drew me closer and I stared into it with love, compassion, innocence and it stirred energy inside of me.

When I looked around the room at the faces of my fellow students, I saw the face of the one who bullies me. By bully me, I mean she resents me and calls me names. She is jealous of me for reasons I do not know. She degrades me in front of others and also attacks me when I am alone. She points at me when she is degrading me and even runs after me and pushes doors open to holler some more when I try to hide. She pretends she is sweet, and then when I least expect it, she turns on me. She tells lies about me and encourages others to shun me. She all but physically abuses me, so far — although I am battered and bruised on the inside. You get the picture. Enough negativity. Let’s move away from that, as it is toxic.

As I saw her face, my feelings went from love to fear, from compassion to resentment, from innocence to anger. As my feelings changed, the balloon at first dimmed and then went “pop.” All the students were still in awe. I knew my feelings had changed, but they did not.

The teacher took another balloon and we did the whole experiment again. I stayed this time with the light. I concentrated on love, forgiveness, compassion, I cleared my thoughts of negativity, I was once again in awe of this light. I had learned to take my feelings and turn them around to help me once again find the Light — for it is never lost; we are. Unknown to me I was smiling, glowing from ear to ear.

We were able to fix the fuse panel. It was then that the class told me that others were not able to hold the light. I was amazed and then humbled, and I taught the students how to hold the light, how to grow the light, how to become one with the light — for we are all one and we can all help each other. As the students were able to achieve holding the light, the light in the room grew bigger and brighter until all of our lights became one light of love.

There is no reason to fear one another when we can all love one another and achieve great things. We can all be part of the Light that lights up this world. From East to West and North to South, let your Light shine in this World; let it circumvent this globe. Love, really, is all there is — in the beginning, during and in the end.

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Maria Lisa Polegatto
Maria Lisa Polegatto grew up and lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, where she works full time. To rest and relax she loves to retreat into nature and spend time with animals enjoying the magic that surrounds us. Contact Maria Lisa at


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