Flower Essences: A Direct Connection to the Conscious Spirit of Plants


Let’s begin by defining consciousness: 1. awareness; especially concern for some social cause; 2. concern, interest, or acute awareness; 3. Philosophy. The mind or the mental faculties as characterized by thought, feelings and volition.

And let’s define Spirit: an animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms.

Is it possible that plants have consciousness and spirit? Well, to cut to the chase in this short article, the answer is YES!

If a human being looks at a plant and he does not have awareness of its thoughts, feelings and animation, then for the purpose of this discussion, let’s say the human’s consciousness is limited, not the plant’s.

Plants do, indeed, have consciousness, and it is the sensitive, aware, intuitive individual that is able to connect with that wisdom and glean the healing wisdom from the plant.

This has been occurring for millennia with folk and herbal medicine. In modern times, it was Dr. Edward Bach in England who first began directly communicating with the consciousness of flowers and plants to create a healing system of 38 flower essences.

Flower essences are plants directly gifting humans with healing energy. Here are examples of a few of the communications from flower essences (from FES — Flower Essence Services brand):

  • Blackberry flower: Helps us express exuberant manifestation and clearly directed forces of will with decisive action. Blackberry helps you overcome the inability to translate goals and ideas into concrete action.
  • Love-Lies-Bleeding flower: Helps with the ability to move beyond an extreme situation of suffering to find larger, transpersonal meaning in such pain and to transmute such suffering.
  • Olive flower: Helps revitalize a person after complete exhaustion from a long struggle. This flower helps you to find your own inner source of energy after a long struggle with physical symptoms of exhaustion and utter fatigue.

These are examples of how much the plant kingdom wants to help us! It is only very sensitive, intuitive individuals who can make flower essences. They have to be able to connect with the plant’s consciousness and with its desire to assist humanity.

Luckily for us, those intuitive people do exist, and they create flower essences to support us in all out emotional and energetic struggles and challenges.

The vast majority of people on Earth walk around without awareness of the intelligence of plants, rocks and the earth itself. That is no matter to the plants, who continue to work with those who can hear them and who channel their healing energies into bottles that we then can take to support us through all kinds of challenges.

The Earth does not want to see us suffer. It only wants to support us through our evolution, and that is what each plant offers, through its flowers, and through its wisdom — an opportunity to release the energy that holds us back and to give us the opportunity to move on with awareness and elevation of spirit.

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