Infusing Spirit into Matter


The purpose of Visionary Art is to bring back high ideals from the subtler realms and manifest them on the physical plane. The artist, as a vehicle, must be able to move between worlds consciously and retain as accurately as possible that which is to be infused into matter.

The major difference between a vision and an idea is very plain: an idea you build on and evolve, while a vision comes through whole and complete. It already exists. I use high frequency colors selectively as I am trying to create a pathway from the mundane consciousness level, or that which is familiar, to an etheric level. I do not wish to bombard all the senses at once to overwhelm or to leave the viewer with nothing to do but look. I like to think my paintings are an interactive experience and the viewer will find the path and cross the bridge using what is relative to each one individually.

Using a realistic palette to begin with creates a departure point where the transition can be made smoothly to the higher realms and the subtler energies that lift the spirit and heal. I try to synthesize the levels in the painting as in life, where the psychic body and the physical body are fused.

Because of questioning over the years of where visions come from and how it happens, I began to do research, collect data and really look at the process.

This is my understanding of what happens.

When permitted to speak, the subconscious mind speaks in its own language of symbols and archetypes. These, in turn, possess an esoteric language or code that we have to decipher to unlock. Where words restrict, symbols do not. The subconscious is not separated from Source, so its wisdom and knowledge is unlimited.

The archetype you receive could be a thought form from Source that is to become manifest. The symbol that emerges is a living thing — pregnant with meaning. That is why symbols were painted on, or carved into, temple walls. They were known to act as a catalyst to the brain, awakening ideas or realizations that may have lain dormant for several incarnations, or sowing seeds to unfold in future incarnations.

These meanings may be impersonal, personal or guidance, but they do require contemplation on our part. I think the change from lucid dream to conscious vision is a natural progression that happens with time to increase clarity.

Sometimes in the darkness, you can see light blue lights floating or darting around the room. This can be called Spirit essence, which radiates throughout space from Source. This is an ethereal essence so high in vibration that it does not form atoms and molecules of matter. What you wish to do is attract the Spirit essence into one central space. This is like gathering your chi or making a snowball. These electrons will begin to compact into a definite entity, shape or emanation from Source.

Using your will and intent, focus on the mass, but do not manipulate it. Use your will to focus only. The mass will flow and move about and eventually form visual images. Try to observe these images as delicately as possible: allow them to be passively reflected in your mind as they unfold. Don’t try to hold on to the images, but watch without attachment or desire for outcome.

This is probably the most difficult part of the process to master, and probably the most important — to become a detached observer. The archetypes and symbols you see in this cloud of electrons and essence will be important personal keys for you, and researching them will lead you to information you never thought possible. This might be about your life purpose and the work you are to do here. From this state you can allow yourself to be passively drawn into the imagery and go into lucid dream state or an out-of-body experience and gather even more information.

Sometimes in the middle of the blue mass, a faint pinpoint of light will appear. When I focus, it grows larger and larger and becomes so blinding and intense that even with my eyes closed I want to blink. It takes all my will to hold the gaze and not turn away. Holding this focus is important, as the light always heralds a special message. Within it I have seen merkabahs, prophetic visions and angels.

Often the painting I am working on will appear complete and animated like a living entity that is just waiting to be infused into matter. The most conductive body position I have found for this event is what I call the mummy position. I lie flat on my back with no pillow, with feet together and arms folded across my chest.

Training is essential, because if you have to keep jumping back into the conscious mind for a painting technique, you couldn’t go with the flow, or recognize the subtle commands from Spirit.

The danger of a virtual electronic world is that the senses may begin to atrophy from lack of contact with something tangible. Since computer graphics can now simulate the mystical experience so well, it is more important than ever for artists to draw more from the esoteric levels and from within themselves. Computers may be able to recreate anything from without, but not everything from within.

There is something authentic about the Soul-Source connection through Mind and brush, to canvas, that cannot be simulated electronically, something that people can feel and resonate with the art!

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