Moving beyond Illusion, entering Higher Realms of Consciousness

Beloved ones, we greet you. Now is the time to emerge from your cocoon like a butterfly, to take flight and claim your freedom. The energies that are coming onto the planet are supporting your re-emergence from this 3rd dimensional illusion to the higher realms, into the light, your light.

There is much to celebrate at this time. Your planet is in a transitional phase of awakening, moving from a 3rd dimensional illusion to a 4th/5th dimensional reality. You are also in your own transitional phase, through the changes within the electrical systems of your own physical body. This transition within your systems enables you to begin to house and work with an aspect of your light that is part of your higher self. This accelerated awakening involves you becoming aware of your potential to create and to actively channel your own energies consciously in your day-to-day lives. You can begin to create for yourself that which brings a self-fulfillment within you.

There is a vast energetic team on your earth plane for the very task of supporting you in your transition. This is a collective group made up of the Universal community, as well as the Spiritual community. Our role, as Pleiadians within this team, is to bring you information and light initiations to assist you in your unfolding. These sacred tools that we offer to you will empower you to take conscious steps forward on your path. They will enable you to access Truth that will assist you in understanding the dynamics of your relationship within the Universal and Spiritual community. Through this comprehension, you will able to consciously take your place and play an active role within the Universal Collective Consciousness.

Shifting your perception
As you work with these tools, you will be given access to doorways for you to enter higher realms of your consciousness. This state of consciousness shifts your perception to align to Truth, so that you carry this frequency to your life. Your physical systems have been prepared for you to channel this new frequency of light that is contained by aspects of your pure source energy that is your higher self. A stage is set for you to re-emerge into this higher aspect of your self and you are ready.

You may ask how is this possible? The ego mind cannot conceive any of this because it is seeped within the 3rd dimensional illusion. It knows nothing else. You are more than a 3rd dimensional being. You are a multi-dimensional Spiritual being capable of creating in the higher realms of 4th/5th dimensional and beyond. This is your stepping stone to realign back to your true home base.

As you move beyond the illusion of 3rd dimension and bring yourself into a re-alignment to your “home base” of the 4th/5th dimensional reality, in time you will fully remember your Spiritual aspect. Remembering who you are is as natural as remembering, how to breathe.

You each have a significant role to play right now on this earth plane. You have said “yes” to being here and to assist in this powerful transitional phase. We know that many of you are struggling as you continue to be fully immersed within the 3rd dimensional drama and get totally overwhelmed with the illusions of fear and lack. We are aware of the building intensity within the human drama as you continue to engage with the ego mind.

We have been witnessing you playing out this 3rd dimensional illusion and we hold each one of you with love; you have great courage. Know that we understand how pervasive this illusion has been, and we say to you, “Do not judge your self too harshly. Let go of the shame and guilt that you carry for the things you perceive to have done, or not done. You have come to have this human experience of making mistakes. This has been a part of your learning process.”

Anchoring of Truth
Now this learning process is coming to an end with the anchoring of Truth that is activated within the 4th/5th dimensional energies that are evolving on your earth plane. This energetic Truth creates a changing dynamic of you beginning to remember an authoritative aspect of your self, your higher self. As naturally as the sun rises in the morning over the horizon, you will rise and begin to recognize your Self. Now is the time, it is your time!

Let us give you an analogy. The reality is that you are the central figure within your world. See your self as a player on a stage, and you being the main actor. All the people in your life are the other players on the stage. Everyone is playing a role for you to have your experiences and similarly, you are playing a role for them to have their experiences.

Begin to witness what it is you have created. Look at your circumstances and observe what is taking place in your life. Examine the people who are in your life, the other players who are on the stage with you. Do they need to stay on your stage or leave? Some of these people may no longer belong there. Who is supportive? Who is undermining you? Do a review. You may not be able to make any changes right now about this new perspective of the people on your stage. However, it is empowering to have this clarity about the other players on your stage and register these truths to your self.

It is also necessary to explore all aspects of your creation, the beautiful and the shadow, all the very challenging parts within you. Know that you are not a victim with any one of your life experiences. You have drawn to you a series of events in order to learn, to feel what is inside of you within your human vulnerability. Your life has always been about you. Every experience has been designed for you specifically. You are the central figure within each experience.

A new creation
Once you have claimed what you have created in your life now, you can begin to consciously choose to work on a new creation for your self, drawing on your higher consciousness to guide your creations.

Know that the energetic light forces coming onto your earth plane this month are designed to support you in harnessing your creation energy to establish what you want in your life. As you begin to tap into and utilize your creation energies you will feel a sense of personal power moving within you, a new sense of purpose, joy and excitement. As though your reason for being here is finally being realized as you take this next step.

There have been veils in place until very recently and they have been preventing you from experiencing this full potential aspect of your self. These veils have held you in a place of “not knowing,” not understanding this higher aspect of your self. In the last days of April these series of veils were lifted on your planet. It was simply the time. Through this lifting of veils there are many sacred aspects of your self that can now be revealed to you.

Your next step is to consciously begin to align to this new dimensional energetic so that you can take your place and re-align to your natural birthright to create. All alignment can only be done through your heart center. Your heart offers a natural link that takes you beyond the 3rd dimensional illusion framework to the higher dimensional realities. Know that everything arises from your center, which is your heart space. In order to create, your focus must come from your central place. We remind you, it is only through your heart’s desire that you can birth your new creations.

Your next step
We offer you a series of tools for your transitional next step. These will assist you to realign to higher dimensional states where you can begin repositioning back to your pure source connections and begin a further process of metamorphosis within you.

There are powerful supportive energies available for each one of you who choose to take this important step. For many of you it is a destiny call. We encourage you to work within this process in a group setting. There is always an expansion of energy and a stronger anchoring that takes place within a group dynamic that brings an acceleration to the transition of each individual group member.

If you are alone, then sit in a circle with six places set. You take one place and the other five places will be held by us, the Pleiadians and the Spiritual realms. Note: The energy of the fire element is important here. The fire carries the creative frequency, activating your creative power within you. Use a candle to bring this element from the flame within your circle.

The Process
The following is the nine-step process:

  1. Each person opens up to their own place in the circle, claiming their place. That means you claim your place where you sit, and consciously feel yourselves present.
  2. Hold your heart space with the palms of both hands and bring your awareness there and let go with your breath, like a deep sigh. Feel your connection to your place in the circle through your heart, and let go, taking another deep breath. Feel yourself anchoring, like roots of a tree going down into the earth.
  3. Bring your awareness back to your heart center and link deeper into your heart by bringing your breath like a soft wind into your heart where you feel the warmth/pressure of your hands. Then begin to open into the light of the flame, bring your awareness into the flame, open to the pure frequency, the fluidity and the light of the flame. Bring your awareness and breath into the flame, and let go.
  4. Feel how the energy, the elements of the flame link into your heart. How your heart somehow is responding to those elements, maybe opening up like a flower to the sun, or you may experience a movement or fluidity happening within your heart space as you are moved into another dimensional element within your heart.
  5. Now bring your awareness fully into the energy of the flame and bring in the sound, AE INDAH. This sound opens up the energy held within the flame.
  6. Now bring your awareness into your heart and use the sound AE INDAH. Feel how your heart begins to respond and open to these higher dimensional aspects that are now available.
  7. Open up your hand position. You do this by bringing your thumbs together and your index fingers together. The other fingers are not touching. Bring your awareness into the triangular opening created by the hand position and your self being received through the doorway, aligning you deeper within your heart space opening.
  8. Now bring your sound, AE INDAH, into the doorway of your hand position. Bring your awareness deeper into your experience and breathe, like a soft wind into this space, and let go. Do this three times.
  9. Then integrate by bringing your awareness into your heart while holding your heart space with both hands and anchoring through your place in the circle.

Building reconnections
You can repeat this full process of steps 1-9. Not more than three individual times in any one circle “session.”

You are going to need to build these higher dimensional reconnections through your heart until you experience a stability within your heart space, when the energies are no longer building within your heart space as you use the sound, AE INDAH. It will take a series of individual “sessions” within your circle to achieve this state.

Then work through this full process of steps 1-9 with the sound EE NARVAE. Finally, work through this full process of steps 1-9 with the sound INDEE SAH.

Each sacred sound will align you to the higher realm dimensional reconnections through your heart space, anchoring you to deeper levels of your higher realm self.

Know that you can call us forward to support you in your process. We witness you. Blessings, The Pleiadians



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