Symposium on Raising Our Consciousness coming in June to Spirit United


Bishop Bill Torvund and Dr. James Ulness will lead a symposium on surviving the crisis that faces humanity by raising our consciousness from 1-6 p.m. Saturday, June 6, at Spirit United, 3204 Como Ave. SE, Minneapolis.

“Survival: The Need to Raise the Frequency of our Consciousness Now” is part of the Ancient Mysteries / Ancient Wisdom series sponsored by the Minneapolis Theosophical Society.

Celtic harpist Bettie Seitzer will provide special live music.

Dr. James Ulness
Dr. James Ulness
James Ulness, Ph.D., of Fargo is professor emeritus in psychology at Concordia College in Moorhead. He spent years integrating the best of main stream psychology with the depth psychology of Carl Jung and the spiritual insights of Rudolf Steiner.

“We need a better plan on how to bring about greater sanity to our life on this planet,” according to Dr. Ulness. “It is as if we are all on a big ship sailing into uncharted waters. Are the Dark Forces involved in what’s happening? What about Angels? Do we have invisible helpers? In all this confusion it is clear that leaders on all levels are not going to get us there, since they can’t agree on where there is.

“Grassroots humanity needs a clear vision. The first step toward clear vision is the overcoming of fear and anxiety, which seems to have been deliberately induced. In addition, we need to raise our consciousness. Is this possible? Absolutely, it is,” Ulness said.

Dr. Ulness will be joined in the symposium on consciousness by Bishop Bill Torvund, an international spiritual teacher and healer and the founder of the Sanctuary of the On in Portland, Ore.

Bishop Bill Torvund
Bishop Bill Torvund
Bishop Torvund’s presentation will focus on the dynamics of attunement to the interdimensional transformation of the 19th Mayan Baktu’n Cycle that began Dec. 21, 2012, and ends Dec. 16, 2247. His presentation will include discussion of the following:

  • The cosmological metaphysics of the ten causal dimensions and the three trans-causal primordial emanation portals.
  • The scientific and meta-scientific principles of what is referred to in the secular world as “frequency,” “vibration” and “pulsation.”
  • The trans-sentient attunement of consciousness to what is referred to in the secular world as “energy” with relationship to trans-Einsteinian meta-scientific models of psychoholographic cosmological paradigms of a “conscious universal continuum.”

The Saturday symposium will include free refreshments and free parking in the lot east of the church, located three blocks west of Highway 280 on Como Ave. SE next to the First Transit bus garage.

Reservations may be made at the door on the day of the event. Admission is $35 for adults, $55 for couples or families, and $30 for students, seniors or T.S. members.

Ancient Mysteries / Ancient Wisdom is the Minneapolis branch of the international Theosophical Society with headquarters in India. The group meets at Spirit United, but is otherwise not affiliated with any religion or political group. It encourages freedom of personal interpretation and an open-minded spiritual quest.

For more information call 651.235.6645.

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