Spring: Time for Transformation

What better time is there to transform than spring? The winter made many of us want to curl up and withdraw from the world. But with the arrival of spring, we can start to come out of that place of self-protection and look forward to new beginnings. To make that transition, we have to be willing and courageous enough to let go of our old patterns and survival issues that keep us stuck, and embrace the changing energy and manifestation potential of spring.

But what does it mean to really transform? We think of transformation as something that will make us better. That is a possibility. Generally, it seems that the scariest thing about transformation is the fact that we can’t really be sure what will happen when it takes place.

Our patterns are familiar and comfortable. They are also complicated. They occupy space in our awareness. They also keep us distracted, like good dramatic television. As much as they make us struggle, there is a kind of comfort in them. Any issue worth having gives us something in return, such as attention, validation or security. For example, a victim pattern tends to elicit a great deal of sympathy and support from other people. That can be a hard thing to give up, but we need to if we really want to transform.

Another element that makes our patterns so difficult to deal with is that they express themselves in many different ways in the human energy system. There is a conditioning aspect where the pattern shows up. Patterns are trackable and you can look at where they have conditioned the body, chakra system, energetic bodies, meridians and other body pathways. The harder part of the pattern, and what makes it more interesting, is the consciousness element. This consciousness element creates an identity. Our language reflects that. We don’t say, “There is a pattern of depression that has conditioned my system.” We say: “I am depressed.” We identify with it as a part of ourselves, and so it takes hold in our psyche.

This consciousness identity plays over and over again like an audio recording throughout our lives. We can work on this pattern through therapy and other healing modalities. If we have this continuous background sound, and there is identification with it, even if the conditioning is released, it will just recreate itself. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what type of affirmations we do, the underlying consciousness will just keep recreating the pattern.

As much as we think we want to change, is that really transformation? I would suggest true transformation requires a deeper letting go. We have to let go of the pattern, the conditioning and the consciousness for transformation to happen. And when it does, we can’t be sure what effect it will have. That is what makes it so scary. It requires an openness to be something other than what we have been. True transformation requires a very deep surrender to the unknown. We can’t know what that will look like going into it. Our old patterns are difficult, but familiar, tried and true, comfortable and safe. There is nothing about transformation that is familiar.

So transformation must come from a place beyond ourselves. When we connect with Source, the consciousness that does the work comes from the Divine. Only Divine Source can offer a way out of a pattern that runs through your consciousness. This Divine Source comes in and actually wakes us up out of the story created by the pattern.

What is beyond the story? What do you transform into? Without those patterns you have the freedom to find out. The truth is, you “transform” into the truth of what you already are and what you have always been when you weren’t distracted by your patterns and issues.

Real freedom, authentic being, connectedness and presence are usually the hallmarks of a transformative experience. May the energy of the Spring bring true transformation into our lives.



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