Symposium Speakers to focus on Raising our Consciousness

Two renowned speakers — Dr. James Ulness, professor emeritus in psychology at Concordia College in Moorhead, and Bishop Bill Torvund, an international spiritual teacher and healer and founder of the Sanctuary of the On in Portland, Ore. — will present “Survival: The Need to Raise the Frequency of our Consciousness Now” from 1-6 p.m. Saturday, June 6, at Spirit United, 3204 Como Ave. SE, Minneapolis, as part of the Ancient Mysteries / Ancient Wisdom series sponsored by the Minneapolis Theosophical Society.

They offered some insight into their June 6 event in a brief interview with The Edge.

Dr. James Ulness
You will be a key speaker at the event entitled “Survival: The Need to Raise the Frequency of our Consciousness Now.” Why do you feel called to participate in this event?
Dr. James Ulness:
There is much being said or written about the future, ranging from the “sugar and spice and everything nice” view on one side to the extremely dark “doom-and-gloom” view on the other. In between are more sensible, more balanced views that are worth being considered. One voice which needs to be heard is that of Theosophy. I was asked to speak at this symposium because of my knowledge of Theosophy and Anthroposophy.

Bishop Bill Torvund: There has been significant discussion since the so-called “2012 Transition” about the nature of what dimensions of consciousness are being involved in the cycles of transformation that are occurring in this and other planes of existence. Many people in the consciousness movement did not readily sense any “changes” on Dec. 21, 2012, nor even subsequent to that date, and became quite disillusioned and confused about what may or may not have happened during that time and afterwards. Thus, it would seem appropriate to clarify for the people of the various consciousness movements, a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of these cyclical patterns of higher evolution and how to attune to them more effectively.

Also, the use of the term “frequency” with respect to consciousness evolution, in my opinion, needs to be better explained and clarified. The nature of “frequency” is actually a scientific term that really has a very limited meaning with respect to human conscious evolution in a broader context of the issues and imperatives of conscious awakening.

It is often a problem in the so-called “New Age” movement that persons without sufficient background use terminology that from a strictly scientific standpoint is inaccurate, or at best is metaphorical. I intend to clarify and better define terms such as “frequency,” “vibration,” “cycle,” “rhythm” and other common expressions so that there can be a better basis of correct understanding of the underlying principles of the fusion of science and spirituality concerning these concepts and how they can be applied to conscious growth and evolution.

Bishop Bill Torvund
Inherent in the title of this event is the suggestion that if something dramatic is not done now to change the course of the planet, then humanity may be in peril. How do you respond?
Bishop Torvund:
It is certainly true that the human race is on the cusp of some very important cyclical changes in all aspects of our biological, vital/energetic and spiritual continuums. These cyclical patterns, however, have been going on in their various permutations for tens of thousands of years. As to the matter of the human race being “in peril,” it could be said that the human race has been in such a predicament for several tens of thousands of years. The second interplanetary war that resulted in the the destruction of Atlantis in 8,498 BCE was only one of several such cataclysmic events in those destructive patterns where human consciousness did not remain in alignment to the Divine Plan of Creation. The conscious crises of even hundreds of thousands of years before that time caused the destruction of the Lemurian subcontinents in Micronesia and Asia, also due to the loss of higher alignment. I will be discussing these issues as well, and clarifying the cycles of cataclysmic destruction and their causes.

Dr. Ulness: We are definitely at a turning point. It is actually a choice point, because it depends on the choices we make. Some will take the high road, some will take the low road. The low-road takers will drag humanity through some very tough times. But, the people of good will must never lose hope nor weary of doing good.

Who among the world leaders today — if any — demonstrate the consciousness to take us beyond survival, into a world that is thriving, and how are they doing that?
Dr. Ulness:
I consider these — Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk, teacher, author, poet and peace activist; Mae Chee Sansanee, the spiritual leader of Thailand; Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon, Israeli philosopher; John Kerry, current U.S. Secretary of State; Arianna Huffington, author, syndicated columnist and co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post; and Marc Benioff, founder, chairman and CEO of, a cloud computing company — to name just a few.

Bishop Torvund: Unfortunately, I really do not see any of the leaders of the world’s major superpowers creating a very positive and proactive stance on the matter of consciousness evolution.

What suggestions do you have on how each individual reading this now can raise his or her consciousness?
Bishop Torvund:
The primary directive given by the ascended masters and spiritual teachers of the various dimensions seems to be that the human race must again center itself into the Source consciousness of Divine Love. The problem for most people in contemporary society is that they take such a complacent and casual attitude towards spiritual development, and have become so distracted by temporal life and the use of telecommunication devices and media instead of involving themselves into their inner spiritual growth, and the attunement to higher knowledge within themselves rather than depending upon others to provide them with derivative teachings for which they have no primary experiential way of validating and integrating.

Dr. Ulness: Come to the Symposium, because many suggestions will be made.

What ancient spiritual techniques or principles are being called forward now to assist planet Earth and humanity?
Dr. Ulness:
Ancient Wisdom made appropriate for our changing times — this is what Theosophy/Anthroposophy is. What we don’t need is warmed-over wisdom that was appropriate for past ages. We have evolved. Our consciousness has evolved. We need what is appropriate for us now.

Bishop Torvund: Simply put, the problem with most people — even teachers — is that everyone seems to be addicted to the notion of the need for “techniques,” and that such efforts are the manner in which people evolve. Certainly techniques can be helpful, but without the core awareness of Divine Love and the attunement and alignment to higher love, none of these methods will ultimately be successful.

One can teach many traditional methods of transcendence and transformation, but without the empowering grace of Divine Love, all such efforts will remain empty and devoid of higher consummation and completion into the cosmic continuum. This was perhaps the most important message from some of the conditions that brought about the Atlantean Cataclysm, and unfortunately we could be following in the same destructive pattern again if we are not careful.

What message do you want to leave with participants at the event – and what would you like to share with the consciousness of every person on the planet if that were possible?
Bishop Torvund:
Since I cannot predict the group consensus consciousness of the event, I cannot say exactly what the final “message” will be, as I am there to serve their need to be empowered by what I am guided to offer them, and I’ll respond to their field of conscious awareness. But the underlying theme of my discussions will be to find Divine Source Love and alignment. It is ultimately Divine Love that is unifying and transformational, and is the highest and supreme of all Truth in all dimensions and planes of existence.

In this time in history of dehumanization and destructuring of cultural traditions and spiritual wisdom, it would seem that we now have the imperative to empower those influences which will assist us to re-claim our divine essence and resultant evolutionary unfoldment.
Dr. Ulness:
When seen from a Theosophical/Anthroposophical viewpoint, there is good reason to be optimistic about the future, but this is not a foregone conclusion. For it to happen, more and more people need to awaken to the realities of our time and make the effort to raise their level of consciousness. This Symposium is designed to help make this happen.


  1. Tim Miejan!
    I would like to point out something to you. Whether you or any one else can understand it or not, or even recognize the difference, is based on each individual.

    There is a significant difference between:
    Raising Consciousness and Raising Conscious Awareness!!

    The symposium speaker talked about Raising Consciousness.
    But a Rise in Consciousness Energy only takes place after there is a Rise in Conscious Awareness!

    A Rise in Consciousness does not take place until there is a change in the choices of human’s that reflect an awareness of how actions, choices, words and thoughts effect others as well as the individual choosing the actions, choices, words or thoughts!

    A great example is the in the movie “Elf”. Singing alone would not get Santa’s sleigh off the ground. Put YOUR HEART into it…….passion…….everyday…….life lived without fear, without doubt, without concern, and honoring and valuing every other as you value and honor Your Self. It is the energy behind the singing, the passion behind the song, that got Santa’s sleigh off the ground.

    A person cannot talk to another person and raise human consciousness just by talking. It is about LIVING Consciously!

    Fear, concern, apprehension, uncertainty, doubt, hatred, separation, divisiveness, overt control, manipulation, abuse, doom and gloom, etc. The energy associated with each one of these words is like an ANCHOR for the shift and raising of human consciousness. First an anchor for the individual and second an anchor for the human collective!

    When each individual is consciously aware of how their choices are effecting another, and then choose differently……THEN there is a Rise in Consciousness!

    But a symposium of speakers talking about the rise in consciousness changes nothing, until the changes take place for the individual in daily choices!!!

    First the Rise in Conscious Awareness……..then the Rise in Consciousness is possible!!

    The horse goes in front of the cart…not behind!!!

    I AM….Ricki Lee Schuster


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