A Pleiadian Message: Waking to a New Paradigm


Beloved ones, we greet you. There has been a monumental dimensional shift taking place on your earth plane since the end of April. This was a destiny moment in your earth plane’s history of awakening, which created a series of “shattering of veils” to take place. These veils had been held in place to keep all of humanity firmly anchored within a 3rd-dimensional illusion of fear, limitation and struggle for lifetimes.

The winds of change are upon you. In May there was a subtle and persistent filtering of frequency of light flowing onto the earth plane. This flowing light contains powerful energetic aspects of expanded multidimensionality that have begun to interact within your consciousness and energetic field, changing your perceptions in a subtle way — waking you up, moving you gently to a new paradigm, liberating you from the 3rd-dimensional illusion of drama and limitation.

This dynamic process has opened up the possibility for the armoring that has kept you in separation for lifetimes to simply dissolve within you. This may appear miraculous, but it is simply the time for you to come back to a place of alignment beyond the 3rd dimension. It is time for the higher truths of who you are to be naturally revealed to you. Energetically, you have the ability now to shrug off this limitation that has held you in this place of illusion. As this barrier within you dissolves, a unique opportunity is opening up before you to transcend the human drama.

Doorway for seekers
For the first time in the history of your planet, a multidimensional higher realm consciousness doorway is now accessible to all of you who are seekers.

Huge change is upon you — and you are ready for this, for you have been waiting for this next step of your evolution. This change is all about returning to a place of self-empowerment as you access this new dimensional doorway, which is simply an access point in which you reconnect to a timeless space where all aspects of you exist. This is where you can align and remember a Truth of unlimited proportions about you, and become a witness to all that is in reality in front of you, within you. It is the time to move naturally back to your sacredness, to Truth.

This multidimensional higher realm doorway that has just opened up here on the earth plane anchors you into a timeless space where you can align to aspects of your own pure source higher self-consciousness. Know that there is purity, love and a series of timeless, multidimensional aspects that are carried within the light frequency that exists within this higher realm space. This is where you meet the many aspects of your own divinity and begin to transcend into the higher realms, shrugging off the powerlessness that you have worn for lifetimes.

This higher realm carries and opens you into a place for you to re-access the direct experience of Truth. Within this space, all aspects of past, present and future are held within one timeless multidimensional space.

This “timeless multidimensional space” moves you beyond the 3rd-dimensional concepts of illusion that time exists. The biggest illusion on this earth plane is time; there is no such thing as time. The aspect of this illusion has kept you in a separated state from Truth.

A Truth
You no longer need to wait for any particular experience. This is your time to reach forward through conscious choice to align to what you have been waiting for and then to anchor and align this through your consciousness and cells now!

Through your conscious choice action of reaching out to take what is rightfully yours in the moment, you access new elements of Self that are waiting for you within this space. This higher realm doorway allows you to experience unlimited aspects of your self now.

We are announcing to you this next step of your evolution. This is a natural process for you to open up into, as you choose to move forward through conscious choice. Now is the time for you to be given this access through this higher realm doorway so that you can accelerate your own transition of awakening. Then you are able to play a pivotal role in the energetic transformation of your earth plane and take your place with many other human beings who are also taking their next step.

Together as a group, your energies will naturally forge and open a platform of light that will act as a mirror, reflecting a pathway that will support others to join you by taking their next step through this higher realm doorway. This mirror will grow, reflecting an expanded frequency of light that will radiate throughout the earth plane and into the universe.

Your role in the unfolding of the earth’s transition is a part of your destiny. By aligning consciously through this higher realm doorway, you begin a rebirthing process of your own pure source multidimensional light consciousness. This consciousness of light anchors through your cells and energetic field so that you are actually anchoring this higher part of your light self within the cells of your physical body. You will become a natural transmitter of light for your planet and for mankind.

Wherever you go, you will be transmitting your light outwards, touching humanity, anchoring light on your earth plane. This is a part of what you have pre-agreed to do at this time. You play your role. This is a part of you fulfilling your destiny. You, in your own individual process of connecting through this doorway, create a significant shift for the planet. Just by carrying this new frequency, you contribute to the planet, making a difference.

A light team
Many of you have come here to be part of this unique process now, to be part of a light team. Imagine the frequency of light force shifting on your planet, impacted by so many of you holding this transformation within you. You can carry this new dimensional life force, holding these new truths and channeling them through your energetic body and outwards to others. As a collective group, you will forge a pathway for others to follow and they also can awaken by utilizing this higher realm doorway.

You get the opportunity to be a “way shower” at this sacred time, as you play your role and others play theirs, too. Together, collectively, a group of you hold this pathway open, for this is your next step within the plan of the earth’s transition.

The opening of this higher realm doorway has already impacted the earth plane energetically. An expanded dimensional light is flowing within the natural forces, and a strong expansion of all the energetic grids on the planet has taken place since late April.

The natural forces are carrying an expanded light frequency that has been birthed through them from the opening of this higher realm doorway. This new frequency is being transmitted and held within the trees, rocks and the earth, and there is also a higher frequency of nutritional light transmitted within the rays of the sun. The wind also is playing an integrating role by supporting the energetic integration within the planet’s new energetic systems, which are in a continual birthing process at this time.

This higher frequency of light has created an energetic aura around the planet, and these frequencies are now in place to support you by fortifying and integrating your energetic field as you move through your process. This support has been designed to enable you to take ongoing initiation steps through this higher realm doorway, bringing in a new integrating mechanism on your planet for this time. You will be supported by being consistently realigned to a higher aspect of Self, so that you can play your role more fully. This process could be described as an organic flow of sacred synergy developing between you and the natural forces.

This collective team effort of you, humans, with the natural forces will reopen your natural ability of telepathic communion. As you become more aware of your natural ability of communion and interconnectedness with all life force energies on the planet, a telepathic aspect within your brain will be reactivated.

Know that your telepathic abilities are a part of your natural abilities. Telepathic communication will allow you to take a more fully active role within the Universal Community. All beings within the Universe and the Spiritual realms only communicate through telepathy.

As you work with this transitional energy, a natural shift will occur within your body and energetic field. This recalibration of your system creates a reduction of the effects that the chem trails have had on your system. Through this transmutation within your aura and an electrical recalibration through your body, your new dimensional frequency creates a natural barrier against the effects of all chem trails on your energetic system. The earth also is unaffected in a similar way through its natural transition through the changes taking place.

Initiation process
We offer a simple initiation process to align you within this “multidimensional new realm doorway.” It is important to take your time, to consciously choose the moment to open into this new experience of Self within your multidimensional higher realm consciousness. Know that this new realm doorway will remain stable and open for you. It is waiting for you to take this next step.

Note that it is important to utilize the natural forces to support you in integrating your new frequency within the cells opened up by this initiation:

  • Earth — Lie down or sit on the earth and bring your awareness to where you are connecting physically to the earth. Take a “conscious breath” — in and out the mouth — and just let go into the earth. The earth’s energy will act as an integrator in your system.
  • Wind — Feel the wind on your face, body, arms and legs. Open up to the wind caressing your body. As you open to this physical experience, you will feel an integration of energy through you.
  • Sun — Watch the sun rise. The moment you glimpse the sun coming over the horizon, open into the rays of light, take in the light from the rays. This light carries a high frequency nutritional energy that can feed the cells of your body.
  • Nature — Touch the rocks, trees and open to receive from the plants, birds and all things from nature.

Day-SymbolKnow that you can open up through conscious choice now into this higher realm doorway. Do this through your heart space, breathe and let go. Follow these steps:

  1. Bring your awareness into your heart space by bringing both palms of your hands to your whole chest area. Breathe into this space you are holding. Know that it is through your heart that you will open into this higher realm doorway.
  2. Bring your sound, VAHM EE, into your heart space to expand the energy within the space. Use the sound until your heart space feels open. You may see, sense or feel the response.
  3. Keep holding your heart space. Now bring your awareness into the symbol. Use your conscious breath, like a soft wind, into the symbol (see right). Feel the symbol open up to you in some way. Maybe you will feel, see or sense the opening.
  4. Bring your sound, VAHM EE, into the symbol just once. Feel yourself being drawn like a magnet into an aspect of your higher realm doorway.
  5. Bring in your sound again into the symbol, VAHM EE. Feel yourself being drawn deeper within your space within the doorway.

Know that you will work within this space, with your symbol, with this sacred sound as you feel. Take one step, then another step. Trust your instincts and move at a pace that supports you. Remember to work within the natural forces for integration.

We support you. We witness you as you take this, your next transitional step forward. Blessings, The Pleiadians


  1. Thank You for this wonderful message.
    Please assist me.
    I want to grasp this oportunity and succes.
    I want to “move on”
    <3 🙂 Dan


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