Letters to the editor


Dear editor,

Your front page article on the Tiny Houses was excellent and so exciting to see in the April 2015 issue of The Edge. So many people are wanting to live more lightly on the earth, and this broad interest across the country is driving this tiny house movement into a groundswell. Your article was incredibly timely.

We thought you and your readers might be interested to know that a local nonprofit organization, the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society, has a Tiny House that provides a working display of the four types of solar technology. It is available to see each August at the Minnesota State Fair and at various community events around the state. People can walk into it, check out every aspect of it, visualize what it might be like to have one and just open their minds to houses with a smaller footprint. Our Tiny House is also available to rent for special events. It transportable and fully livable. It has solar electricity, solar heat, solar hot water (if a water source is provided), a bed, a toilet and a working refrigerator and is 144 square feet. Our Tiny House has been showcased at the Eco-experience site at the Minnesota State Fair since 2012.

Learn more about our Tiny House at www.mnrenewables.org/node/1478. Thank you for spreading the word on this important movement!

Doug Shoemaker
Minnesota Renewable Energy Society — 612.308.4757 or Mnrenewables.org


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