Magical Medicine Bag: Following a Dream to its End


Years ago I volunteered to drive a friend to Bozeman, Montana, for a short visit. Two nights before I was to pick up my friend, I had a dream that vibrated to me: “Find your medicine bag.” I know what a medicine bag is, and I knew I did not have one. I woke up the next morning and remembered — get your medicine bag.

That day I was busy getting ready for my trip and forgot about the dream. I went to bed very tired and fell asleep within minutes. In the middle of the night, I heard that “voice” again. This time it showed me the items I needed, and how to position the item to activate the medicine. More was given about how to find the medicine.

I had never had this sort of thing happen to me in this manner. I keep a recorder next to my bed so I can use it to describe what comes to me at night.

Spirit said, “We will show you what you need. Start at the shop for the newly cleaned and prepared deer skin hide. Tell the shop owner what it is for. He will tell you how to find the river. We will tell you what rocks and items to pick up.” I was being instructed to follow my gut and listen to the wind telling me what to do. To trust in the dream.

“Go down to the river where you will hear the sparrows sing to you sweetly in their little bell voices. Look for the three pink crystals.” What! What?

The next step was perplexing. Where do I go now? I had to stop for gas, so I asked the station owner about the road and the blue rock. He knew about the road and rock and told me how to get there. He told me to drive north about two miles and I would find the road. (Later, I found it interesting that the shop owner and the station owner were both Native Americans.)

“At the blue rock by the dirt road, walk into the piney woods where there is no sound, only your foot steps crunching on the pine needles. Go to the pine tree. The top will be golden colored. Take three small branches from the bright green branch which is still alive.” This must be important for my dream to be so exact! I felt like I was on a quest.

“Continue down the road to the small creek that crosses the road. Do not drive over the creek or you will disturb the energy. Step out of your car, take off your shoes and socks, step into the creek. Move to the left in the creek and look down as you walk. Take the heart-shaped, gray rock. Move down the creek, look down, pick up the yellow-gray rock with the small white dragon. Go back to the spot where you began and move down into the deeper part of the creek to where the water is ankle deep and your toes hang over a ledge. Look down, pick up the gray rock with crystal E in white. Slowly walk back to the car, look down into the creek. You will find a clear crystal with what looks like gold in it.”

This was the layout: Pine on the upper left with crystal to the lower left. Three rose quartz crystals — large, then small, and medium below — all lined up in the center. The rock with the E on the upper right, then heart, then dragon rock on the bottom. These were all wrapped in a golden colored deer skin, and bound with a bone choker necklace.

The marvelous thing is that I found the items on my trip to Bozeman in one day. My magic “Medicine Bag” is under my pillow. My daughter’s bone choker necklace is wrapped around it. It is “Medicine.” I use it during the night for protection. Just as you use your crosses, gems, totems or herbs, this is my protector. For you see, I am a lightworker, and I know the value of my “Magic Medicine Bag.”

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Kath Cotter Lloyd
Kath Cotter Lloyd is an artist and medium. She has written articles for The Edge and is now working on a short book about fairies and has a metaphysical invention soon be released. She worked with her grandmother, Rev. Lourenda Kincade Cotter, in the spiritualist church and help to create the Minneapolis Ghost Tours. She worked at Mikal and Associates for 25 years, and grew up in a loving spiritual family who assisted her in her spiritual evolution. You may contact her at [email protected].


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