When Silence is in Your Bones


When silence is in your bones
You feel alive, you feel
Like you might die at any moment,
Because really, of course, you might.
You are aware of this flesh, this vibrating,
Moving, breathing, irreplaceable flesh,
Thin and delicate as a strand of baby hair
That might snap, instantly.

When silence is in your bones
You accept this vulnerability,
You embrace it, all your illusions
Of security disintegrate
And you are cleaved open,
You cleave yourself open,
So that the torrent of love that is you
And the torrent of love that made you
Cannot be distinguished.

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Dr. Darell Shaffer
Dr. Darell Shaffer, a native of California, was trained in conventional psychiatry in New Jersey. He was initiated onto the path of alternative medicine with a bout of ulcerative colitis in 1986 that failed conventional treatment but was cured by diet. He has studied with Carolyn Myss, Dr. Norm Shealey, and the spiritual teacher Gangaji. A devoted BodySound practitioner, he was the first psychiatrist in the U.S. to introduce BodySound technology into psychiatric practice. He lives in Minnesota, with his devoted wife, Susan. Contact him at [email protected].


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