Turn up your Manifestation with a Triangle


Have you tried all the manifestation techniques out there and are still not satisfied? Well, you can use the sacred triangle, which is an amplifier of energy, to turn up your manifestation abilities a notch or two.

Triangles have been coming to me in meditations since early 2014. But in recent months, I have been seeing triangles in and around bright lights in my mind’s eye many nights during that middle state between awake and sleep.

The triangle is a sacred symbol and represents the number three, the holy trinity and the heavens, since it’s pointing upwards. It contains within it the golden ratio, which is sacred geometry. Triangles or pyramids are commonly known as energy amplifiers and are used for manifestation purposes.

During a “meditative sit” one night, I started to feel high energy in and all around me, outlining the surface of my body. Now, I was not really meditating — this was not a formal sit. I was simply reading, listening and writing, doing my spiritual work as I do most nights. And as usual, it brings me into a meditative state where I sometimes end up channeling Spirit in my writing. But I was surprised at the energy transmission I was receiving, since it was not the usual way I receive my channelings.

At the time, it felt strong — more like an attunement of sorts. After a few minutes of basking in this sweet energy bliss, I instinctively proceeded to envision myself sitting inside of a triangle with the base under my seat and the tip above my crown. This turned up the dial and the energy was coursing along the outline of my physical body faster and more intensely. It felt right. It felt good. And it felt like an energy surge that was elevating me into another state of being. This energy stayed in my conscious awareness for about 30 minutes.

Most times I don’t ask why things like this happen. After I discern that it is from a high, vibrational source, I simply trust it is for my highest good and stay grateful for the blessing. I don’t need to know details, for analyzing it with the human brain can only block it.

But as I felt guided to share my experience with you, I asked my angels how I should explain the purpose or reason of this event to you. They replied that the energy I felt was a transmission wave “updating the cells” of my body to clear imprints that do not serve me and make room for divine light to follow. It was a “fine tuning” I needed to align with the next step they have in store for me. Yippee!

But in general, the triangle is used as a manifestation tool and has become popular in recent years.

Here’s how I have seen it used:

  • A feng shui shop sold acrylic pyramids that were hollow on the inside and told customers they could write down what they wish to manifest and place the written paper inside this pyramid for energizing.
  • Some people wear meditation head pyramids made of copper while meditating.
  • Others use hand gestures to create the triangle symbol. Hold up your hands and make a triangle and state your desired affirmations into it for manifestation energy.
  • Do what I did and meditate, visualizing yourself sitting inside the triangle with its base underneath your seat and the tip above your crown. While holding this visualization, state affirmations or go through a vision board of what you wish to manifest in your mind’s eye.

Start using the sacred triangle today to bring forth powerful manifestation!

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  1. I was doing a a manifestation meditation with some merkabas . At the end when I opened my eyes, I saw the triangles and didn’t know where I was! My room was pitch black so they were white and black. But it was over me and on the sides as well, like I was in something now that I read your story.

  2. I am so happy to have read your article. I had a similar experience last night, I had woken up in my sleep and saw a bright beaming glowing triangle at my bedroom door which was closed… feeling spiritual and blessed.

  3. Hello,
    I’m a bit new with meditation but my entire life have been very sensitive. My body has a vibration most of the day. It started behind my neck, but now I can feel it all around me all the time. Specially my legs. This constant feeling got me into meditation and wanting to learn. I see yellow, green, blue and red and have a feeling of falling sometimes. Yesterday I saw a quick white bright double triangle. One big and one small inside. Then I went walking that morning and a beautiful small eagle flew next to me. Landed on a tree and stared at me and I began to cry. Had a feeling all inside of me. Can you help me understand all this pls. Thank you ?


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