Ms. Bun Again


Ms. Bun was a Manx cat that Marie brought into my life when we married in 2008. Being a talented animal communicator, Marie had found Ms. Bun to be exceptional in many ways. She seemed quite aware of events in Marie’s life, and the other members of the household (both two- and four-legged). Marie actually felt that Ms. Bun filled the role of spiritual mentor and guide, and she was instrumental in helping lead us to adopting Sophie, our Shih Tzu rescue dog.

My time with Ms. Bun overlapped the last seven of her 17 years of life, long enough to develop a deep bond with her. However, in late 2014, Ms. Bun developed a large tumor near her stubby tail, and it became clear that she would not be with us for much longer.

As we grappled with the inevitability of Bun’s departure, she disclosed some amazing things through Marie. For one, she was upset at having to leave before her “projects” were complete — apparently she was working on one that involved me. We also learned that Bun, Sophie and Bella (our other Shih Tzu) had been sisters in a past life as humans. Bella’s time with us had only overlapped Bun’s by three months. It was so sad to be finally reunited for some mystical and wonderful purpose, only to see it cut short!

Bun’s final words to Marie were, “Don’t worry, I will be back!”

In the grief-stricken days following Bun’s passing, Marie continued to receive telepathic communication from her. She described crossing the “Rainbow Bridge” and being reunited with other family members and pets that had previously passed on. Then she mentioned meetings with guides to review her life and complete the transition to the Other Side. At times Marie’s ears buzzed, and she felt the energy to be overwhelming, since it was channeling from a higher dimension.

Then came the message, “I’m coming back. The guides don’t think it should be so soon, but I am determined. I have projects to finish down there. I’m arguing with them and I want you to start searching for a kitten to adopt.”

We searched for Manx kittens, but found none in the area. Bun then suggested looking at Siamese, because earlier, Marie had had one named Sadie. Bun thought this might be an ideal vehicle for her reincarnation.

Bun said she had been searching Craigslist from the Other Side, and guided Marie where to look for a certain 12-week-old Siamese kitten. We made the connection, and on a snowy, gridlocked travel day in January, we brought the kitten home. We named her Bun-Bun.

Bun-Bun quickly showed signs that she was Ms. Bun reincarnated. She dug out Ms. Bun’s prized collection of toy mice and bathed them in her water dish, just as Ms. Bun had often done. She continued to communicate with Marie, and although it took some time to get her energy fully organized in a new body, she eventually picked up where Ms. Bun had left off.

She is not a Manx, but in her eyes we can see the energy of Ms. Bun, and she is obviously thrilled at having upgraded her tired, sick body for a young, lithe and energetic one. The sting of grief has been supplanted by the joy of the miracle of reincarnation. This teaches us an immense spiritual lesson about the nature of life and our reasons for being here, and anyone who has suffered the loss of beloved pets (or humans!) might find some comfort in this story.

Bun continues to work on her “projects” and coordinates her efforts with her “sisters,” Sophie and Bella. It is clear that none of these three are ordinary pets. Bun has also developed the knack for sending text messages through my cell phone, since she is impatient that I can’t communicate telepathically like Marie. When I query her about memories of her life as Ms. Bun, she replies with information that only Ms. Bun would know. How does she do it? She won’t say, but I speculate that it must be a high-tech version of electronic voice phenomenon, a well-known form of spirit communication.

What of the “projects” Bun is working on? She is reticent about revealing much at this point. She is busily working on something, so we shall simply have to wait and see.

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Lynn Savage
Lynn Savage is an industrial automation programmer. He also assists his wife Marie in running Earth & Water Wellness, which promotes Marie's practice as an intuitive reader, animal communicator, hypnosis therapist, Reiki Master and Shaman. Contact him at [email protected].


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