Resistance Revealed


It starts with a wish.
I wish I…


About who you are, really co-creating your life.
Being present for the power.

What does that even mean?

More self-help stuff?
I may just have to vomit.

What if the part of you with that response was the key to your life happiness?
The magic door to success in all parts of your life?

What if the gag reflex is the natural clear pathway to a deeper meaning, a true bond, honest communication for your clear purpose.

Yeah, I wouldn’t believe it either.
And that disbelief is Resistance.

If you naturally distrust the notion of having everything in a big utopian cocktail —
you are human.
This is a good sign. A great place to start, the You Are Here sign with the red arrow.

Now what?

It’s Get Real time.

The reason why you are the eternal seeker,
longing for reunion with your mystical missing piece,
is because you have a common case of Resistance.

What other shocking insights are you spewing? Yes, that is sarcasm — a common symptom of pushing away, avoidance and a sure sign of Resistance attempting to be hidden.

Well, here it is. The anti-climactic truth.

It’s your choice. It is always your Choice.

Most people can’t get past this threshold. Choice is paralyzing, filled with fear,
haunted by past mistakes and tainted by the judgments of “What if’s”

Are you still reading this? Impressive.

You made a Choice to continue and see where this goes…

Do you feel that?
Doubt, mistrust, criticism bubbling up inside.
I mean really what can I say that will be the magic pill,
the buy this now, the miracle cure for everything that ails you?

Resistance is natural.
It is a natural response, thoughts and feelings that show up over and over.
The training and practice of years of learning how to or how not to get along in the world.

In all the layers of webbed relationships, you
are in deep, you are connected deeply on many levels, known and unknown. Resistance is part of what keeps things
in place, the boxes and borders of identification labeled from the mind to help
you navigate safely and with protection.

Resistance is your personal protection mechanism. It is to be understood not judged. Included not hidden. Lean into this powerful tool when you feel it, invite it out to be revealed.

We move through transformation when we can be open to our own healing and revealing process. Embrace resistance for the energy guide that it is and then transmute it into positive powerful change.

I wish I…becomes I AM, HAVE, IS.


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