Summer Books & Music – Part 2


Previews of New Books and Music for Body, Mind & Soul


always-dreamingAlways Dreaming: A Five-Step Technique for Interpreting Our Waking Dream-Like Conflicts, by David Rivinus (Ozark Mountain Publishing) — At night we dream, but what about during the day? Are the experiences of our waking lives any different than those scenes that come to us while we sleep? The book Always Dreaming questions the nature of our daytime experiences. It argues that the perplexing or upsetting events of our waking hours are far more significant than we realize. They are in fact designed to instruct, not to distress. They unsettle us only because they are trying desperately to attract our attention. Always Dreaming teaches a simple, five-step technique for interpreting these dream-like conflicts. When we recognize upsetting events as metaphysical messages, then act on our new understanding, solutions present themselves, and these daytime irritants–called “waking dreams”–cease. An instructive narrative follows participants from their initial confrontations to the profound spiritual understandings and life changes that come when their dilemmas are resolved. Author David Rivinus has taught dream classes internationally highlighting both nighttime and “waking” dreams. He regularly facilitates a local dream seminar in his home town of Portland, Oregon.

between-now-and-whenBetween Now and When: How My Death Made My Life Worth Living, by Richard House, M.D. (New Page Books) — Between Now and When relates a transcendent journey from earthly suffering and addiction into the rarely glimpsed supra-reality of higher dimensions. The author first experienced the oneness of existence at age 7. As a teen, he heard a mystical voice that foretold his death at age 33, a prophecy that left him on death’s doorstep at exactly that age. His surrender complete, he was propelled into the fourth dimension, where his body was miraculously healed. Thus began a redemptive and transformational journey of discovery, as Dr. House was led by the hand and heart on a magical journey around the world — Hawaii, Fiji, Australia, India, London, and, eventually, New York City. Dr. House describes the wonders he encountered along the way as his expanding consciousness revealed the metaphysical underpinnings of the visible world and why we are in it. Between Now and When will: take you on a metaphysical journey around the world; open your eyes to the energetic grid that organizes earthly life; help you understand human suffering and why it is an important part of God’s life on earth; and open your heart to the unlimited power of divine and human love.

brief-peeks-beyondBrief Peeks Beyond: Critical Essays on Metaphysics, Neuroscience, Free Will, Skepticism and Culture, by Bernardo Kastrup (iff Books) — This book is a multi-faceted exploration and critique of the human condition as it is presently manifested. It addresses science and philosophy, explores the underlying nature of reality, the state of our society and culture, the influence of the mainstream media, the nature of free will and a number of other topics. Each of these examinations contributes an angle to an emerging idea gestalt that challenges present mainstream views and behaviors and offers a sane alternative. The book is organized as a series of short and self-contained essays, most of which can be read in under one hour. Author Bernardo Kastrup has a Ph.D. in computer engineering and has been a scientist in some of the world’s foremost scientific laboratories. He researches and writes about metaphysics and philosophy of mind. In the forward, Deepak Chopra, M.D., writes: “Better than any book I’ve come across, Bernardo Kastrup’s collection of essays confronts two mysteries that must be urgently solved. The first is the mystery of reality. …The second…is the mystery of knowledge. …To contront both mysteries at once…requires courage, tenacity, a willingness to swim upstream, and think skin. …But if you have a persistent, acute mind like Bernardo’s, an exciting journey opens up.”

buddhism-for-couplesBuddhism for Couples: A Calm Approach to Relationships, by Sarah Napthali (Tarcher/Penguin) — Learn Buddhist principles that can help enrich your romantic life, your life in general, and the lives of those around you. Surely a happy marriage for a normally adjusted couple is a simple matter of give-and-take–some patience, tolerance, and just trying to be cheerful as often as possible. There is no shortage of books providing relationship advice that can help us with these matters. But Buddhist teachings address more than just surface knowledge, and guide us to delve deeper into our psyches. With an emphasis on self-compassion, Buddhism for Couples explains how to apply Buddhist teachings to your relationships to patch things up, hold things together, and, even on good days, scale the heights of relationship happiness. Written for both men and women, this book tackles the loaded subjects of housework, anger, sex, conflict, and infidelity, and introduces Buddhist strategies that can enrich a relationship. Humorous and informative, Buddhism for Couples provides a fresh approach to living as a couple, persuading us to leave behind stale, habitual ways of relating that don’t work.

the-calm-centerThe Calm Center: Reflections and Meditations for Spiritual Awakening, by Steve Taylor (Eckhart Tolle Editions/New World Library) — These powerful meditations and poetic reflections will comfort, inspire, and gently bring you out of the hectic day-to-day and back to the bedrock of peace, and even joy, of your true, essential, and authentic self. By encouraging you to see the limitations of your everyday, conditioned personality, Steve Taylor empowers you to step outside of it so you can breathe the fresh air of freedom. His words will guide you on a journey through the landscape of wider awareness, pointing out the obstacles and landmarks along the way to enlightenment. A profound modern spiritual text with the power to transmit awakening, The Calm Center will help you open to the deepest and highest experiences of a life fully lived. For Steve Taylor, a senior lecturer in psychology and bestselling author of several books on psychology and spirituality in the UK, spiritual awakening hinges on greater awareness: of mind-created limitation, of inner truths, and of the present moment. As he writes, “When maelstroms of tormenting thoughts push back the barricades of your sanity, the present is the calm center where you can rest.”

change-me-prayersChange Me Prayers: The Hidden Power of Spiritual Surrender, by Tosha Silver (Atria Books) — From the author of the life-changing book Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead, a thoughtful collection of prayers and stories to help you actively invite the Divine into your life. “Change me Divine Beloved into One who can give and receive freely and be a clear vessel for Your Light.” In this sequel to her first book, Tosha Silver, with her characteristic mix of passion and humor, shows how to embrace transformation from the inside out. Covering a variety of topics — from work and finances to love and self-worth — Change Me Prayers shows how to truly surrender to a Divine plan in the most joyous and uplifting way. At its heart, this book is a spiritual guide to help anyone open to this union with Love, even in times of difficulty or crisis, and includes a convenient “Change Me Prayers Quick Guide.” Tosha proves to be a profound, unique, and often hilarious guide to awakening. This book presents the perfect prayers for every situation, including: acceptance, aging, disappointment, trust, forgiveness, relaxation, support, soul mates and much more. Tosha illuminates these offerings with true, personal stories ranging from a touching account of how she dealt with her mother’s death to common experiences like dovorce, financial challenges, or even bad weather. To her, anything becomes sacred once the Divine is included. May the Divine permeate every part of your life!

the-dolphin's-danceThe Dolphin’s Dance: Discover your true self through a powerful 5 step journey into conscious awareness, by Micheline Nader (Balboa Press) — Do you ever feel as if you’re searching for yourself? Do you sense that there are parts of you that have been lost-fears, longings, and potential that are beyond your reach? In The Dolphin’s Dance, Micheline Nader shares a carefully constructed process for shedding light on, and reclaiming, those lost parts of the self. Her 5-stage process enables you to bring conscious awareness to the complex package of emotions, beliefs, and behavior patterns. Through illuminating personal stories, structured exercises, and accessible examples, this book shows you how to free yourself from the imprints of the past and deconstruct the false identities that limit your potential for joy, creativity, and self-expression. At a young age, key life events propelled Nader into a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation. Using her personal losses as catalysts, Nader turned her life around through the practice of conscious awareness. She translated her own life lessons into the program she calls The Dolphin’s Dance, a practical process for awakening and living with conscious awareness.

end-of-self-helpThe End of Self-Help: Discovering Peace and Happiness Right at the Heart of Your Messy, Scary, Brilliant Life, by Dr. Gail Brenner (Ananda Press) — The self-help industry perpetuates the myth that we are limited, damaged, inadequate selves who need to be fixed. Sadly, it keeps millions of us hoping for a better future when we will finally be happy and fulfilled. But what if it’s possible, at any moment, to be peaceful and free? In The End of Self Help: Discovering Peace and Happiness Right at the Heart of Your Messy, Scary Brilliant Life, psychologist Gail Brenner, Ph.D. reveals that in fact, it is–once we realize that who we are is not defined by our distorted thoughts and painful feelings. With an infectious spirit, Dr. Brenner describes how personal suffering is a case of mistaken identity. She walks with readers as they expand their attention beyond their well-worn troubles to the very source of happiness and peace: presence itself. Guided audio meditations, included with each chapter, help light the way. The End of Self-Help makes ancient teachings accessible to the modern mind. It’s a must-read for anyone who has finally realized that self-help doesn’t actually help. You’ll discover the fulfillment you’ve been longing for–the living, breathing possibility of peace now…and now…and now….

experiencing-spiritualityExperiencing Spirituality: Finding Meaning Through Storytelling, by Ernest Kurtz & Katherine Ketcham (Tarcher/Penguin) — A great master once said, “The shortest distance between a human being and truth is a story.” In Experiencing Spirituality, Ernest Kurtz and Katherine Ketcham take readers on a journey through storytelling as a means of self-discovery. Recounting and interpreting great wisdom stories from all ages and all cultures, as well as telling many of their own, the authors shed light on such experiences as awe, wonder, humor, confusion, and forgiveness. In story after story, seekers look to those whose lives reveal a special quality–sometimes called spirituality–and ask the masters what they must do to attain that same quality. The answer is simple: “Come, follow me, and see how I live.” Experiencing Spirituality teaches through the example of human experience. Throughout, Kurtz and Ketcham offer context for each story, showing readers: how great wisdom stories can enrich our spiritual lives; how being “spiritual” is more than just being “not-religious;” the importance of imperfection and failure; the neded to experience rather than intellectualize spirituality. With its rich source material and non-linear format, Experiencing Spirituality allows readers to open to any page and explore spirituality through every angel and facet.

Healing-Wisdom-of-MaryThe Healing Wisdom of Mary Magdalene: Esoteric Secrets of the Fourth Gospel, by Jack Angelo (Bear & Co.) — The discovery and translation of the Gnostic Gospels have revealed Mary Magdalene to be a gifted visionary teacher and the best qualified disciple to lead the Jesus movement following his death. Yet, according to most scholars, only a few fragments of her actual teachings have survived. Sharing more than 20 years of research, inspired by a profound experience at the cave in southern France where Mary Magdalene is reputed to have spent her final years, Jack Angelo reveals that the Fourth Gospel of the New Testament, traditionally attributed to John, is actually a direct transcription of Mary Magdalene’s oral teachings. He explains how the Fourth Gospel was recast by more conservative members of the Jesus movement, such as Peter and Andrew, to hide Mary’s authorship and suppress her role as head disciple. Delving deeply into the many layers of meaning within the “Gospel of Signs”–the first 11 chapters of the Fourth Gospel which describe seven of Jesus’ miracles — he shows how Mary’s teachings outline seven key steps for personal transformation and profound healing. For example, the sixth sign describes the shamanic healing of a blind man when Jesus spits on clay and smears the paste over the man’s eyes. Angelo explains how the deeper meaning of this sign is about perceiving with the “eyes of the heart.” Beyond the beauty and simplicity of Mary’s wisdom for personal transformation and healing, Angelo also shows how Mary’s heart-centered teachings embody the resurgence of feminine energy that is vitally needed to restore balance to the psyche and health of humanity as well as to Earth.

the-jotteryThe Jottery: Thought Experiments for Everyday Philosophers and Part-Time Geniuses, by Andy Selsberg (Perigee) — In The Jottery, you’ll find a series of prompts, suggestions, commands, and questions that are intended to cause neurons to fire and a spectrum of ideas to surface–possibly good, potentially useful, conceivably profitable, maybe illuminating, and hopefully amusing. There’s also a chance you’ll come up with nothing, and experience a beautiful “idea-lessness” that would be the envy of Zen monks everywhere. Also a win. Think of this as The Book of Questions for creative types, from writers and artists, to idea gurus and daydreamers, perfect for writing classes, train rides, parties, meditation retreats, game nights, insomnia bouts, lulls in dates or low points in relationships, company brainstorming meetings, waiting rooms, therapy sessions, and more. The dozens of ingenious prompts include: You create something called Soul Lotion. What are the best places to rub it? (Don’t limit your answer to human body parts.) You’re commissioned to design a bridge to nowhere. Briefly describe possible nowheres you might build it to. Where did the fun go? Suggest four hyper-specific places. If you do manage to track the fun down and tie it to a chair, what do you do or do with it? You’re commissioned to write a pilot script for a post-apocalyptic sitcom. It’s based not on the next post-apocalyptic period, but the one after that, after a new civilization arises and collapses. What are seven things you do to celebrate this cool new job? You design vending machines that sell things that are not physical objects. Like what? And for how much? List twelve things you can have instead of “it all.” List a handful of elevator tension-breakers, and a handful of elevator tension-makers.

let-there-be-lightLet There Be Light: Experiencing Inner Light Across the World’s Sacred Traditions, by Arthur B. Stein & Andrew Vidich (Integral Horizons ) — Let There Be Light celebrates the splendor of radiant Light that has been known, embodied and taught by mystics, saints and sages over the millennia. Readers at every level will enjoy this book for its insights and message of hope: Light is available to all who seek it with humility and grace. Within the world’s religious scriptures, many significant passages involve light — be it the “burning bush” experience of the lawgiver Moses on Mount Sinai, the “light brighter than a thousand suns” of which the Bhagavad Gita speaks, or the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth, “If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be filled with light” (Matthew 6:22, KJV). Numerous esoteric references to Inner Light appear not only in the scriptures of the distant past, but also within the personal experiential accounts by Masters, sages, and seers across the centuries, as well as wisdom stories and folktales from many of the world’s cultural and ethnic traditions. We also draw attention to a number of significant related references and accounts by teachers and practitioners of the closely related phenomenon of Inner Sound, which is also known within various teachings or mystic lineages as “audible sound current,” Naam, Word, “celestial music,” or other descriptions. Testimonies are provide by persons who have experienced aspects of Inner Light and Sound in a variety of circumstances outside of formal religious or spiritual contexts. These may be precipitated, for example, by being profoundly moved by uplifting music or Nature, sudden personal epiphanies, near-death experiences (NDEs), out of body experiences (OBEs), and during the dying process itself. One common thread among great teachers, sages and practitioners of spiritual traditions have emphasized throughout the ages is that Inner Light and enlightenment can be most directly accessed by going within, utilizing the meditation, prayer and other contemplative practices.

make-me-oneMake Me One with Everything: Buddhist Meditations to Awaken from the Illusion of Separation, by Lama Surya Das (Sounds True) — What did the Dalai Lama say to the hot dog vendor? “Make me one with everything!” It’s a familiar joke, muses Lama Surya Das, and one that holds a profound truth: that in addition to inner peace, meditation is a path for all-inclusive connection. In Make Me One with Everything, he invites us to experience this through the art of inter-meditation and other original practices that allow us to see through the illusion of separation. “If you’ve ever felt ‘at one’ with something — your beloved or your child, a forest trail or a favorite song — then you’ve experienced inter-meditation,” explains Lama Surya Das. Based on Tibetan Buddhism’s core insights into the inherent essence of who we are, these teachings of shared spirituality offer both new and experienced meditators a better way to live — not just on the meditation cushion or the yoga mat, but in every moment of their lives. We’re used top thinking of meditation as a solitary activity that occurs solely in our own minds: by turning inward we strive to dissolve obstacles through self-inquiry and find peace through concentration, contemplation, and self-emptying. But inter-meditation (or co-meditation) is the other half of meditation: it’s inclusive and instead of getting rid of things, we embrace people, feelings and events.

the-master-of-everythingThe Master of Everything: A Story of Mankind and the World of Illusion We Call Life, by James Nussbaumer (Ozark Mountain Publishing) — In 2008, financial planner James Nussbaumer was convicted of felony theft. At age fifty, he found himself incarcerated and facing a ten-year prison term. On his first night in prison, he was stunned when the locker he is assigned contains a worn, dusty book no one will claim — a book for which he has been searching: A Course in Miracles. His in-depth study of its lessons, combined with frank descriptions of his prison life, will guide readers to a supreme freedom of their own. By turns instructive, challenging, humorous, and elevating Nussbaumer’s inspirational memoir takes us on an inner journey to becoming The Master of Everything. Are there times you feel you’re not living at your true potential? Could it just possibly be you don’t know the depths of your real knowledge? Why are we afraid to reach within? Nussbaumer’s time in prison had surely been hell, and had also been unexpectedly fruitful, resulting in his return to his first love, writing. It is here, with a series that begins with The Master of Everything, where he answers our life’s questions. The manuscripts were painstakingly handwritten in lined notebooks and the material just kept coming.

Power-of-angel-medicineThe Power of Angel Medicine: Energetic Exercises and Techniques to Activate Divine Healing, by Joanne Brocas (New Page Books) — Angels are expert healers and are more than willing to assist us with our challenges and complaints — all we need to do is ask them for their help! When we reach out to a higher power for spiritual assistance, it is the angels who are sent to bless us, protect us, guide us, heal us, and light our way. The Power of Angel Medicine introduces you to many of these magnificent beings, so that you can learn about the divine powers and special attributes that can help you heal. You will discover powerful exercises that will instantly go to work within your spiritual and energetic anatomy to effect positive changes and help you align with divine truth and love, the greatest sources of power for healing. The Power of Angel Medicine will help you: discover insightful information about your divine design–your soul and spirit; boost your vitality with angel medicine exercises for common complaints; activate divine healing power with angel-medicine prayer frequencies; work with angelic experts for persistent health issues; and receive divine knowledge from the angel alchemists to help cocreate your dreams.

Recovering-JoyRecovering Joy: A Mindful Life After Addiction, by Kevin Griffin (Sounds True) — Addiction recovery requires a serious commitment, yet that doesn’t mean it has to be a bleak, never-ending struggle. “Recovering takes us through many difficult steps of discipline, humility, and self-realization,” says Kevin Griffin. “In doing so, many of us forget that we are capable and deserving of basic happiness.” With Recovering Joy, Kevin Griffin fills in what is often the missing piece in addiction recovery programs — how to regain our ability to live happier lives. Recovering Joy offers a deeply insightful look at how we can cultivate positive mind states within the challenging context of addiction. Through reflections, self-inquiry, and mindfulness practices, Griffin reveals how we can better act in accordance with our core values, cultivate healthy and satisfying relationships, renew our sense of playfulness, and find the unexpected joys in the journey of recovery.”We can — and should — seek happiness,” Griffin says, “but that means we must engage and appreciate life as it’s happening for us today, instead of believing we are moving toward some happy end.”

return-of-the-divine-sophiaReturn of the Divine Sophia: Healing the Earth through the Lost Wisdom Teachings of Jesus, Isis, and Mary Magdalene, by Tricia McCannon (Bear & Co.) — Called through her dreams by the Priestesses of Isis, Tricia McCannon set out on a spiritual journey into the Mysteries of the Goddess. After a fateful encounter with a high initiate of the ancient Fellowship of Isis, she began researching the history of Judaism and Christianity to find out how and when the Divine Feminine became lost. She discovered a forgotten age when the Creator was honored as female and humanity lived in peaceful societies completely free of war. She shows how we can return to an age of peace and celestial light if we work to bring the masculine and feminine energies of the world back into balance. Sharing her journey into the heart of the Divine Mother, McCannon details her initiation into the Fellowship of Isis, a process rich with ceremony, ritual, and myths of the Goddess from ancient Egyptian, Celtic, Greek, Hebrew, and Native American traditions. She reveals how the many archetypes of the Goddess, including Isis, Ishtar, Brigit, and the Black Madonna, can become our allies for self-transformation. She explores Mysteries at the heart of Christianity that have remained hidden for nearly 2,000 years and how the Gnostic goddess Sophia is tied to the Second Coming, Mary Magdalene, and the Female Christ. She reveals the lost teachings of Jesus about the Divine Mother and Father and about the Divine Daughter and Son. Through her story and her in-depth research, McCannon takes us on a journey to awaken the creative power of the Divine Feminine within each of us. Equipped with the teachings of the Goddess, we gain the mastery to overcome the deeply rooted masculine-feminine imbalance of the patriarchy and to embark into the future as Homo luminous, beings of light.

Sacred-Plant-initiationsSacred Plant Initiations: Communicating with Plants for Healing and Higher Consciousness, by Carole Guyett (Bear & Co.) — In this guide to sacred plant initiations, medical herbalist and shamanic practitioner Carole Guyett explains how to commune with plants and their spirits through the traditional shamanic method of “plant dieting.” A plant diet involves ingesting a particular plant over a period of time so you regularly receive the plant’s vibratory energy as well as its medicinal actions. Adding a ceremonial element to plant dieting offers a sacred initiation by the plant world, allowing you to connect deeply with all aspects of a plant, receive its sacred teachings, and forge a relationship for guidance and healing, benefitting both yourself and others. Each of the eight ceremonial plant initiations detailed in the book was personally developed by the author through extensive work with her ceremonial groups. They each center on an easily recognized plant or tree such as primrose, dandelion, oak, and dog rose. These common plants have powerful teachings and healing guidance to share with those who communicate with and honor them. The initiations, for both individuals and groups, work with the Wheel of the Year, honoring each plant’s sacred timing and connecting with one of the eight Celtic and Pre-Celtic Fire Festivals–the solstices, equinoxes, and the holy days of Beltane, Lughnasadh, Samhain, and Imbolc. Offering practical instructions so you can develop your own sacred plant initiations, the author also include access to four audio journeys to facilitate the initiations in the book. She also explains how to make plant elixirs for use in plant diets and for healing. She shows how connecting with plants allows us to deepen our relationship with Nature, access higher levels of consciousness and spiritual realms, and facilitate the full flowering of human potential.

saved-by-the-seaSaved by the Sea: Hope, Heartbreak, and Wonder in the Blue World, by David Helvarg (New World Library) — Acclaimed as “the premier chronicler of America’s complex relationship with our oceans” (Honolulu Weekly), David Helvarg has also been a war correspondent, investigative journalist, documentary producer, and private investigator. The one constant in his adventurous life has been love for the sea. His personal story of love, loss, and redemption, Saved by the Sea is also a profound, startling, and sometimes funny reflection on the state of our seas and the intimate ways in which our lives are linked to the natural world around us. The oceans cover 71 percent of the Earth’s surface. “Our bodies, like the planet, are 71 percent salt water, our blood exactly as salty as the sea (when our ancestors emerged from it)” writes Helvarg. An East Coast transplant who became a bodysurfing reporter sucked into the clash between environmentalists and developers in 1970s San Diego, Helvarg always sought refuge and solace in the sea — even as a war correspondent in Central America in the 1980s. When love brought him an adventurer equal, the self-described “schizophrenic journalist” spent the next decade balancing the exhilaration he experienced and outrage he felt about the precarious fate of this final Blue Frontier. Once shipwrecked, nearly drowned, and rammed by a whale in Antarctica, Helvarg appreciates the dangers of the ocean as well as its beauty and history. After his true love lost her cancer battle, Helvarg renewed his activism for his first love, the sea. Saved by the Sea is one man’s journey set beside the global environmental movent’s struggles, setbacks and successes. A single life, it shows, sends ripples into the sea we share.

Step-into-NatureStep Into Nature: Nurturing Imagination and Spirit in Everyday Life, by Patrice Vecchione (Atria Paperback/Beyond Words) — Step outside your door and reconnect with nature. From the author of Writing and the Spiritual Life comes a guide that will replenish your connection to the earth and inspire you to develop and strengthen your imagination. The natural world has inspired artists, seekers, and thinkers for millennia, but in recent times, as the pace of life has sped up, its demands have moved us indoors. Yet nature’s capacity to lead us to important truths, to invigorate and restore our imagination and equilibrium, is infinite. Step into Nature makes nature personal again by stimulating awareness and increasing our understanding of the environment. But being in nature doesn’t mean flying off to remote, faraway places. Nature is as close as opening your front door — and opening your heart to the sky above, the miniature gardens that push their way up between the sidewalk cracks in our cities, and the small stream just down the road. Patrice Vecchione demonstrates how nature can support and enhance your creative output, invigorate your curiosity, and restore your sense of connection to and love of the earth. Included throughout the book is “The Cabinet of Curiosities,” exercises and suggestions for practical and unexpected ways to stimulate your imagination, deepen your relationship with nature, and experience the harmony between creativity and the natural world.

talking-with-dogsTalking with Dogs and Cats: Joining the Conversation to Improve Behavior and Bond with Your Animals, by Tim Link (New World Library) — If you’ve ever wondered what your animal was trying to tell you with a bark, meow, or tweet, this is the book for you. Animal communicator Tim Link’s approach respects the personality and feelings of animals, and his simple, accessible methods can facilitate the understanding and communication that all animal lovers crave. Pet owners want to know how to communicate effectively with their pets and understand their individual wants and needs. They also want to share their wants and needs with their pets. If only we could talk to them like we talk to each other. If only they could understand exactly what we are trying to convey to them by the visualizations that we are using when we speak. Talking with Dogs and Cats is broken down into two sections. The first section introduces proven methods of communication that combine spoken messages and visual imagery. The second section focuses on the common problems (Behavioral and emotional) that people encounter with their pets and ways they can remedy those problems.



chakra-meditationsChakra Meditations & Tones, by Dean & Dudley Evenson (Soundings of the Planet) — For more than three decades, Dudley and Dean Evenson have immersed themselves in the exploration of healing through music. They have traveled to temples, interviewed healers and worked with masterful musicians around the world. On this progressive path, they have developed an understanding of the multi-dimensional uses of music. Their new album “Chakra Meditations & Tones” reveals the basic steps of healing through sound on a journey through your chakras, body, spirit and mind. These award-winning sound healing pioneers have created this beautiful album as an effective tool for energizing and balancing the chakras. The album is designed to be listened to frequently and is arranged so that one can add their own tones to the sound track. It is ideal for meditation, healing, yoga and overall relaxation. Liner notes explain the chakra system. The first half hour of the album is spoken by Dudley Evenson, whose soothing voice leads the guided affirmations for each chakra – concluding with a track for balancing all the chakras. The second half hour is comprised of musical toning with the chakras and features Beth Quist whose beautiful vocalizations of the chakras reflect the essence of each energy center. The Hindustani Scale (Sa Re Ga ma Pa Dha Ni Sa) and the Sanskrit Seed Sounds (Lam Vam Ram Yam Ham Sham Aum) are used along with the vowel tones (UH, OO, OH, AH, EYE, AYE, EEE) to evoke deep inner peace and set the ground for the rhythms and tones of this mind calming, meditative, body healing, musical album. Contains Earth Resonance Frequency Alpha for deeper relaxation

Kerani---Equilibrium---CoverEquilibrium, by Kerani (Kerani Music) — On her latest recording, Equilibrium, top new age keyboardist Kerani uses her music to honor the women of the world, feminine energy, important women in history, and female traits and talents. “I want to see a return to the original perfect male-female balance of harmony and equality on our planet,” she says. “With this album I wish to bring homage to all women who took it upon themselves throughout history to go against the tide,” explains Kerani. “I pay tribute to those who showed intellect, vision and courage, especially when they defended their causes, followed their calling irrevocably, and were persecuted or even killed for their exceptional knowledge and perseverance. May their spirit shine brightly forever!” With Equilibrium, her fourth album, she solidifies her position as one of the top keyboardists, composers and arrangers in the neo-classical and new age music genres. Her previous album, Arctic Sunrise, went to #2 on the international Zone Music Reporter Chart for this type of music, got airplay on hundreds of radio stations worldwide, was a Top 10 album on the annual ZMR rankings and won the ZMR Neo-Classical Album of the Year Award. “As I created the music for Equilibrium, I felt the power, passion and presence of all the women who have populated our planet through the millenniums. I felt Hildegarde’s faith and vision, Bouddica’s strength and determination to save her people, Quan Yin’s love and compassion, Hypatia’s intellect and fascination for science and the universe, and the religious devotion and solitude of the anchoresses. The male-female equilibrium was in perfect harmony at the time of Creation. I hope and pray for its return.”

gymnosphereGymnosphere: Song of the Rose, by Jordan De La Sierra ( Numero Group) — A descendant of Erik Satie and a student of Terry Riley, Jordan De La Sierra adhered to the “pure sound with shape” school of piano tuning, his notes unconfined by Bach’s “well tempered” Western tuning. Instead, De La Sierra’s work incorporated the point of view of nature, what La Monte Young called “well tuned,” in which notes are left to reverberate to the full extent of their potential, at varying lengths, to be bent by their player’s improvisation and textural sonic explorations. In 1977, Gymnosphere producer Stephen Hill convinced Unity Records–the San Franciscan label that’s been called the first New Age record company — to issue an unedited double album, nearly 120 minutes of music, with an accompanying 20-page booklet lavishly decorated by De La Sierra’s India-inspired drawings and musings on a pre-Star Wars concept called “the Force,” to him a “consciousness itself…without an object.” The sumptuous musical object had little hope of selling well, even in the wake of mainstream ambient recordings by Brian Eno and others. Gymnosphere arrived well before New Age was a genre within Tower Records. It was neither Classical, nor truly Avant-garde. In its day, Gymnosphere would be filed most often under World Beat. After it floundered in the marketplace, Unity trimmed Gymnosphere down to a single LP, with no booklet, no musings, no context. Jordan De La Sierra, a massive physical presence at well over six feet tall, didn’t disappear exactly. But upon his reemergence in the 1980s, a profusion of post-Windham Hill wind-chime tinklers had come up behind him. Gymnosphere, scheduled for cassette and CD reissue a handful of times, was lost to certain organizational shake-ups. Unity itself had folded. De La Sierra went into landscaping, to “generate a profoundly tangible sense of space,” as his 1977 work might’ve had it. The Gymnosphere tapes — five hours and more of shapely, ethereal piano sonatas draped in Grace Cathedral reverb — sat silently on a shelf. De La Sierra referred to part of this work as “Music For Gymnastics,” and he thought it best heard at night, “at the nexus in the diurnal-nocturnal cycle that the harmonics present.” But to us, Gymnosphere: Song of the Rose has proven a peerless accompaniment to the toils of the day, a calm and motivating force, forever barely there and yet encompassing. It says, in its myriad tone clusters and seductive repetitions: “We are here and we are now.”

midnight-rhumbaMidnight Rhumba, by Johannes Linstead (earthscapemedia) — Midnight Rhumba is an exotic escape from the mundane to an exciting world of tropical sounds and passionate rhythms featuring the sensual guitar of multi-award winning instrumentalist Johannes Linstead. His gorgeous melodies and fiery rhythms accompanied by Gypsy violin, Afro-Cuban percussion, and joyful accordion make this a go-to album for any fiesta. From being named Canada’s “Guitarist of the Year,” to winning seven “Best Album” awards, to six top-ten Billboard charting albums, and winning the “People’s Choice” award in the UK, Johannes Linstead has become recognized internationally as one of the best selling guitarists in the Instrumental, Jazz and World Music genres. Chances are even if you don’t know the name you’ve heard his music. Johannes’ songs have been used in some of the most popular TV shows, such as Californication with David Duchovny, The Following with Kevin Bacon, Burn Notice and Person of Interest. His group consists of congas, bongos, accordion, bass and Spanish guitars, with each band member lending his own unique charisma, creating a rare on-stage chemistry that moves audiences to their feet, clapping along with the music and occasionally shouting out “ole!”

piano-meditationsPiano Meditations: Music for Relaxation and Wellbeing, by Tron (Global Journey) — Inspired by the beauty of nature and the spiritual work of movement therapist Boliana Thompson and clairvoyant medium Phil Phillips, this contemplative album will take you on a series of sacred meditations into the depth of your own soul. Close your eyes and let your imagination take you into the magical world of creativity and spirituality. Get ready for over an hour with long, melodic pieces that take you deep into your fantasy world. Features Tron Syversen, the top Norwegian new age artist. Tron Syversen is a pioneer in the growing Northern-European relaxation music community, and, through this website, his music is now being introduced to lovers of relaxation and meditation music to the rest of the world. Blending his improvisational skills as a jazz pianist, his deep roots in the melodic folk music of Norway, and his subtle intuitional perceptions developed from his meditation practice, Tron has distilled a unique form of music that is both evocative and healing. His soothing and relaxing compositions–together with the angelic voice of his musical soulmates, Elin Løkken (2005– 2009) and Helene Edler Lorentzen (from 2009) therefore become a favorite among hundreds of holistic therapists. Tron’s melodious piano CDs, as well as his more symphonic CDs (some compare these CDs to the music of Secret Garden), have been found to evoke deeper relaxation, sharper concentration and improved sleep.

Reiki-Hands-of-LoveReiki Hands of Love, by Deuter (New Earth Records) — As human beings, we have endless possibilities to share. One of those possibilities is the healing and caring that can be expressed through our hands. The magic of love, the power of love, and the healing energy of love expressed in a touch. The loving touch of the human hand gives us the feeling of being cared for, the awareness of being appreciated, and the feeling of being secure and loved. Reiki Hands of Love is designed to gently help this process by being a friendly energy in the background. It is a harmonious flow of sounds and melodies, compassionately supporting the act of calming and healing. Deuter has recorded and released over 60 albums and has sold too many to count. All the while, Deuter has never ceased to explore new frequencies and resonances. “One thing that is important for me is that I love dancing on the edge of the unknown–to play around and open doors I haven’t walked through before”, says Deuter. It is this very outlook that has kept him at the forefront of musical evolution for over 40 years. Deuter currently lives and works in the mountains outside of Sante Fe, New Mexico, creating the contemplative, healing music he has become known for today.

suryaSurya: Chants of Light, by Nadaka & Gopika ( Raga Mantra) — What makes this CD unusual is that these classic, traditional mantras are carefully sung in the original sanskrit, following the exact pronunciation and specific intonation that has been passed down in the culture of India for thousands of years. At the same time, the accompanying music has a contemporary ambience because it subtly combines traditional Indian-raga elements with the performance of Western-style guitar plus some percussion from India. The last tune is the only instrumental piece. Nadaka, who has eight previous albums released, was born and raised in Canada, but spent the past 30 years in India learning their musical styles. Gopika is a native of India where she studied traditional chanting for four years at a special college and then taught chanting another eight years. The couple recently moved to the United States. This is some of the finest vedic chanting currently available. The artists write: “Surya is the sun. This album is a selection of Vedic mantras chanted in dedication to this magnificent source of light and energy that shines at the center of our world and deep within our cells. Veda means knowledge. Vedic Mantras were received by the Rishis, seekers of knowledge, from an intuitive plane of consciousness. These Mantras were passed down orally for thousands of years, carrying deep hidden truths, formulae of the inner workings of our being and our innate connection to the elements in our universe. Chanted in their original form, they can stimulate the higher mind, rejuvenate the body and bring a sense of infinity to the soul. …Our aspiration is to create music that uplifts and awakens.We invite you on this journey with a wish that this creation resonates with your being.”

white-sunWhite Sun, by White Sun — White Sun, a Los Angeles-based band comprised of two yogis and an Emmy dward-rinning bomposer, made a historic chart debut by reaching Number One on iTunes World Music category in the first 12-hours of its presale. Their self-titled debut album includes 15 diverse tracks ranging from contemporary pop songs and layered vocal solos to orchestral pieces and stringed ensembles. The album also features orchestral harp, celtic harp, tabla, guitar, taiko drums, bass, harmonium, banjo, mandolin, frame drum, metallophone, and two solo gong tracks. White Sun is comprised of Harijiwan, who plays the gong and serves as the spiritual leader, and Gurujas, the singer, songwriter and harmonium player. The third member is Adam Berry, who has written and recorded music for major television productions. White Sun’s “Trinity” track has rapidly gained popularity for its complex layered melodies, sung acapella by acclaimed lead vocalist Gurujas. The album’s “Ardas Choir” track features a 20-person choir, creating a stirring medieval and dreamy sound, while Rakhe Rakhanhar sounds like a modern-day pop balad. The album is in a 600 year-old written language called Gurmukhi, which derives from Sanskrit with Persian influences. This written language is used in naad yoga, a science of how sound vibrations effect the body, mind, and spirit through the movement of the tongue, the mouth, and changes in the chemicals in the brain.

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