A Pleiadian Message: New weaving of Light bathes the Planet


Beloved ones we greet you. We witness the dramatic dimensional shift that has taken place on your planet since the Dimensional Split that took place in June. Your world is transformed by a new weaving of light bathing the planet. This fluid weave carries an expanded multi-dimensionality, creating a deep metamorphosis throughout your planet.

An aspect of this birthing process is creating a movement within the fluidity, like a heart beat pulse of light, flowing like a soft wind onto your planet. We likened this to the “winds of change” heralding in a new time for all of humanity, opening up opportunities for each one of you to transform through a remembrance process that will realign you to the higher realms of your own pure source higher self.

The cells within your heart space are already responding to this Dimensional Split. Your ego mind might not be aware of this change, however your heart cells are carrying this new frequency of light within them already. You are being aligned as your heart space is interacting with this new fluid weave of light consciousness. The heart beat pulse of light is creating the quickening, a birthing taking place within your physical and energetic systems of your body.

Know that this new fluid weave carries a 5th and 6th dimensional light consciousness and aligns directly through your heart center, your home space, revealing to you a new access doorway. This frequency of light cannot resonate with the ego mind at all, because the ego mind is only aligned to 3rd dimensional experience. Your ego mind cannot experience or understand these higher realm truths held within these newly birthing frequencies.

The heart center
The only way you can connect consciously to this newly birthing frequency is to align through your heart center. Your heart center acts like a doorway. As you bring your awareness into your heart, this doorway opens up and you simply begin to align and access this fluid weave of 5th and 6th dimensional light consciousness. When you enter your heart space, you automatically exit away from the limited perspective of the 3rd dimensional illusion and move into the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensional reconnections.

This is a simple step for you to consciously choose. Now is your time to move, to allow this natural transition by bringing your attention from your ego mind and anchoring into your heart space.

There is much for you to let go of within the limitation of your 3rd dimensional world of illusion. As you align to your heart, you will begin to understand how limited your 3rd dimensional perceptions have been within your life up to this point. An important element of this limitation is fear-based thoughts from your ego mind. The ego mind’s total belief in the 3rd dimensional illusion creates misperceptions that have limited your ability to truly experience liberation.

Move forward
It is the time to step through the doorway of your heart, so that you can witness your self and then let go of these old perceptions of yourself held by the ego mind. It is important to just observe how the ego mind has created restrictions through fear-based dialogue and self-criticism. All these projections from the ego have been undermining your ability to be free and to move forward into these new realms of experience within your self.

It is time to allow a new vision of yourself to emerge and begin to align to who you are in this moment. You can do this now so simply. With the new frequencies of light coming onto the planet, there are unlimited possibilities for each one of you to break out of your old restrictions of this perception of limitation and lack. Now is the time for the sacred promise to be revealed through the light that can be accessed within the reflections of light from the sun.

It is your time for your self-liberation and for your abundance to be restored to you. Reach with your consciousness into the reflected light that holds the reconnection to your source of your self. It’s through this powerful force of the sun’s energy that you can be held. Remember, you can only access the 5th and 6th dimensional light through your heart space. As you do this, you can naturally begin to channel your own pure source reflected energy outwards into your world.

A natural fluidity
Understand that these reflections of light carry a natural fluidity within them. This fluid light is weaving throughout the earth plane at this time and creating a womb-like energy to be held around each one of you. This womb-like energy that is surrounding you is supporting your rebirth. As you reach out to the light reflections of the sun with your consciousness, your cells take in a nutritional aspect that is held within these reflected light rays.

New dimensional structures begin to form within your cells from this higher form of nutrition, enabling them to hold a higher realm pure source energy consciousness.

This is a part of your rebirth that you have been waiting for. As this rebirth process anchors through you, a new synergy of sacred realignments is being formed with the higher dimensional aspects of your self that holds an aspect of a God consciousness state.

Each time you open up to the sun’s reflections, another level of this rebirthing is taking place within you.

It is important to take a moment to connect into the physical place of your heart before you align to the reflected light rays of the sun. This way, you are able to align and receive your full reconnection to that higher realm reflected energy held within the light rays. At the same time, you continue to build and fortify your connection through the doorway of your heart space, your home space.

A different perspective
As this anchoring process takes place, you will be able to perceive your life from a different viewpoint. You will suddenly be able to witness your self from a different perspective within your world. You will begin to “take your place” by carrying this new frequency light aspect of Self within your energetic field and your heart. You will become a natural transmitter of the light and impact many people just by Being.

Your own personal existence will change, because you will carry this peaceful, anchored connection within you. You will feel a new stability and sense of strength as you continue working with the light rays. There will be a clarity of thought that will translate through your day-to-day living, bringing you a new perception of Truth and understanding of what your next step involves.

Part of the “plan” that you have created to be activated and self-realized now is to begin to form groups with other people, to begin to gather together to consciously activate this birthing process and witness each other in this next step.

Building a group consciousness between you is essential at this time, because of the need for the development of telepathic communion between your group members. Part of your rebirthing process involves the reactivation of your telepathic abilities.

Know that all of the Universal Community communicates through telepathic means. It is time for you to rejoin the Universal Community and take your place through the natural ability of telepathic communication and communion.

Some of you are already working within groups. Now is the time for your group to step forward collectively and begin working consciously towards this goal of further transformation of your collective energy. Each group member has a part to play within the collective energy, and you are being asked to build your collective group energy to a further multi-dimensional level.

Come from your heart
Remember, a group is two or more people. It is important to be vigilant within your group for individual authenticity. This means coming from your heart and not your ego mind when you are interacting within the group process. See each interaction as “sacred” within the group. These authentic interaction processes feed a pure energy into your group frequency that builds a strong foundation for each group member to launch themselves more deeply within their birthing process.

Humbleness and compassion with yourself and others in your group is a key ingredient for self-empowerment within the group. It’s important for each individual group member to let go of the ego’s “need to be right.” This will allow each individual’s ego to lessen, so that the full energy of the group can be revealed. Have no agenda and be in each moment of truth together. Allow each moment to unfold and birth naturally within the consciousness of the group mind. Each one of you has a part to play. There is no one within your group more or less than the other. Honor the differences between you and hold the love between you. Let the love show you the way.

This will begin to align all members to the group energy — expanding out your group connection. Sit in a circle. If there are only two of you, place four positions to make your circle. Then sit opposite each other.

1. Feel your place in the circle. Anchoring into your place, like roots of a tree into the earth.
2. Bring your palms of your hands onto your heart center. Breathe into your heart. Let go.
3. Hold up your hands, palms facing into the center of the circle.
4. Bring your awareness into your palms. Breathe and let go.
5. Use the sounds ANDERA. Feel the energy build between you within the center of the circle.
6. Bring your consciousness/awareness into the building energy. Receive the energy. Use the conscious breath and let go.
7. Bring your awareness and hands back to your heart center. Feel the energy move into the heart.

Know that through this Dimensional Split, a dimensional doorway has been anchored open. These energies have been permanently anchored now on your earth plane, expressly for you to take your next step in your evolution. This is an aspect of the sacred promise that was always designed to play a significant part in the turning point of your destiny and the earth’s transition.

Within the Universal Community, each one of you is seen and received as that individual point of God consciousness light. Your destiny is to consciously unfold as that point of light and to recognize your self, to reclaim your natural birthright by simply claiming and taking your place.

This is a step-by-step process. There is a deprogramming that needs to take place from lifetimes of living within the 3rd dimensional illusion. This process does not need to take a long time to complete itself. Within one moment, you can move beyond the veil of illusion and meet your full rising sun.

The sun — your sun — rises every morning on your planet. At that moment of the sun rising, the rays carry the full reflections of your higher realm energies. The combination of you consciously choosing one moment to bring your awareness into that reflected light, and then placing a conscious breath into that light moves you into the experience of aligning to the essence of the moment. This unveils the very sacred essence of you within the moment. Use the sacred sound ANSTAH into the reflected light. This will accelerate your birthing process.

We already see you for all that you are in this moment. Open to your light. Unfold into your light. Bring your awareness into your heart and feel the vibration of your light source from the sun flood your heart, and claim yourself in that moment.

We are waiting to witness the moments of your awakening.

We are with you. Reach out with your consciousness to us so that we can play our role in holding a unique platform of light so that you can anchor your experience of recognizing your self through every cell of your physical vehicle. This is your next glorious step; self-recognition is your self-realization. Blessings, The Pleiadians

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


  1. Hi Christine!
    So glad to have found you! We recently were told through a channeling that we came through the Pleiadian Gateway. I, Judy, was told that I am the Trail Blazer for my soul family because I came through first.

    Questions regarding making the circle:
    (1) If there are only two of you, place four positions to make your circle. – Does it make any difference what is placed in the other positions?
    (2) Use the sounds ANDERA. – How is this pronounced? I assume this means to say this word out loud? Say it how many times?
    (3) How long do you sit in the circle?
    (4) Do the circle daily?

    Question about the sun’s light:
    Instructed to consciously combine bringing awareness into the sun’s reflected light and placing a conscious breath into that light.
    (5) Use the sacred sound ANSTAH into the reflected light. – How is this pronounced? I assume this means to say this word out loud? Say it how many times?

    Thanks for your help!
    Love & Light,
    Judy & Sally


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