Lessons of Joy and Light from Dogs in the Afterlife

“I’m here to bring you blessings and light. I was a light in your life when I was alive. Let me continue to be a light on your path through life now that I have passed. It’s only my physical body that’s gone; remember that. My spirit is strong and radiating the light and love that I have always been a channel for. It’s my ability to love unconditionally that allows me to embody and pass on such light and love. Do not dwell on the events leading up to my death. You did the best you could with the knowledge you had, and you need to forgive yourself. Let the unconditional love you have for me also be included for yourself.”

These were the words of an angel dog to his human companion as I connected with the dog after he had passed. Healing words like these, and beautiful lessons of love, light and joy, are common when I connect with the animal companions in the afterlife to bring peace and comfort to their grieving humans left behind.

In life, dogs are wonderful and loyal companions, and in my experience with working with grieving pet owners, dogs’ beautiful lessons and companionship can continue after their passing — if you let them.

I find that when I connect with dogs and other pets in the afterlife, they are always very eager to connect with and pass on their messages to their human friends — each with their own voice, letting their human know what he or she needs to find peace and comfort after pet loss.

My own experience with dogs started when, as a child, I used to take my aunt’s dog out for walks when we visited them during summer or fall vacations. I always looked forward to those walks.

Since I started connecting with animals in the afterlife, I have noticed that a large number of the people who come to me are dog owners with a strong desire or need to connect with and receive a message from their beloved animal companion in the afterlife. Their dog was more than a pet — he or she was a family member, a companion or a soul mate who gave them unconditional love and was there for them through all life’s ups and downs.

And whereas I can point out some of the dogs’ qualities and teachings in general — unconditional love, devotion, loyalty, joy, companionship and more — I value and honor each individual dog I meet for his or her unique qualities, for the light they carry and share so generously. No two dogs are alike, and I am always surprised and moved by my meetings with the dogs in the Sacred Spirit Journeys, which I do to receive the dogs’ messages.

I will end with another one of the beautiful messages I received from an angel dog and passed on to his human companion:

“I came to bring love, life and joy into their lives — and we had so much fun. Tell him to take our usual walk; and instead of feeling the sadness of me not being with him in my physical body, that he takes the walk, knowing that I’m with him in spirit — joyously running, exploring. Instead of connecting with the sadness and emptiness of the loss, then connect with the joy and love of all the joyful memories. Nothing can ever take them away from us. Just like I would live life to the fullest, tell him to live his life like I did mine — being present in every magical moment of this precious life. We are each other’s greatest teachers. Tell him that the biggest tribute he can pay me is to let me be his teacher and to live his own life with vibrant joy — and to ‘spread it around.’ The world needs more of the peace and the joy that we shared.”


  1. I lost my dog 6 days before we all family miss him I can’t leave without him how can I connect with him it’s very difficult to live without him it’s very painful to me I want to connect with him

  2. Suhani, I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved dog. My heart goes out to you and your family. Losing an animal companion is heartbreaking, and it can be difficult to cope with the pain of the loss of someone who was so dear to your heart. There are several ways you can connect with him. One of the earlier (no 7, I think) episodes of the Healing Pet Loss Podcast in iTunes has an exercise you can try: ‘An exercise to connect with your pet in the afterlife’. (it’s also available as a pdf on my website Healing Pet Loss ). Many also find much comfort in listening to the many messages from pets in the afterlife that I also share in the podcast, plus there are a couple of meditations you might find helpful (episodes no 46 and 52). There are many other ways to connect with him and to deal with the grief, but I hope this can give you a place to start. Blessings and peace to you and your angel dog.

  3. I just lost my dog, Vincent, so suddenly to kidney failure. He was almost 8 years old, a Dalmatian, who rescued me. I am heartbroken and don’t know what my purpose is without him. We spent almost every waking hour together and slept by each other’s side every night. It was not expected. My soul went with him. I cannot shake off what we went through in the last 24 hours on earth. No one warned me and I had hope he would get better with everything we tried. Please tell me if he is now in heaven and that we will reunite again. I know he is here in spirit. I just need to know how he is feeling because in his eyes, he did not want to leave. He passed still looking at me and I was helpless in helping him.


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