Dogs: Your Soul Guru


Those of us who share our lives with dogs are very conscious of the way they show their loyalty and unconditional love. It’s in their actions, in the joy they bring us, and it can definitely be seen in those beautiful, adoring eyes that gaze at us. They often manage to connect beyond the everyday world of the mundane and to wiggle those cute butts, tails and noses all the way in to connect to our souls.

While they’re happily sniffing and digging around in our souls, they often help us become more than we ever thought we could be. Somehow, those beloved canine companions manage to connect us to our own souls. 

How can that be?

Our dogs often know us better than we know ourselves. Have you ever sat at the computer too long and your dog comes up to you, nudging you to get up and pay attention to her? Sure, she’s telling you she wants to play, she’s starving for treats or needs to go out, but it can go far deeper than that.

When you go past the obvious of her actions, you might realize that you have been sitting far too long and have become frustrated and stiff. This awareness offers you the opportunity to take better care of yourself by being at the computer for shorter periods of time.

As an animal communicator, I often witness dogs trying to connect with their human(s) at a deeper level. As a matter of fact, there are times when an animal communication session turns out to be about the human, not the dog!

Why? Because our dogs love us so much they want to make our life easier for us and help us become all that we can be.

Here’s an example: I was talking with a (human) client who’s involved with fostering. A question she had was why the dogs were demanding so much of her time. She was worn and exhausted.

One of the dogs became the spokesdog and replied “We are not demanding more than what is usual for our needs. What is happening is that she is very tired and is doing too much right now, trying to be everything to everybody. She is just heaping more and more on to what she thinks she has to do. It’s not about us. It’s about her. We are trying to show her this, but she is ignoring us.”

When I told the client this, she was perplexed: aren’t animal communication sessions about the animals and getting them in line and cooperative? After all, she hadn’t signed up for a “human” communication session!

The longer we talked, the more she was able to comprehend what the dogs were telling her. She started to understand they were doing it out of love for her and the desire to see her be the best person she could be.

She had never considered the dogs loving her so much that they wanted to help her understand how she was getting in her own way. As we chatted, I heard the light bulb go off in her voice. Kudos to her for getting it!

I would like to say everything is copasetic and warm fuzzies when dogs become our soul gurus. Unfortunately, it’s not.

Another client had a dog with extreme health issues. She was so focused on why the dog would not give her the answer she so desperately needed that she chose not to take the dog in for immediate medical care. She was unable to comprehend that her drive to have things her way was impeding and endangering her dog’s health, well-being and possibly life.

I hope at some point she was able to get past her own needs sufficiently to take in the lesson her canine soul guru offered her (and to get him medical care).

We humans, of course, are free to choose how we experience our dogs. My invitation to you: the next time your dog looks at you with those big soulful eyes, ask yourself, “What does my canine soul guru have for me today?”

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