Bathe yourself in a unified field of Love: the Global Hug & Healing event


I used to rely on dysfunctional relationships and drama to fill in my days and the gaping empty hole inside of me. This finally ended after two different trips to rehab for drink and drug dependency. Spending over a year of my life in such situations and their related institutions gave me plenty of time to re-examine my attitude and the life-threatening ways of filling the void inside myself. Can you relate to that?

But, I’ve always felt drawn to the world of unseen energies, spirituality and healing — even during my darkest days while caught under the dark cloak of self-obsession and depression.

Within me there was always a pull to do more with my life and end my cycle of self-destruction. But how to get there? Over time, slowly and surely I began to see the light within and at the end of tunnel. The way out I started to find was through loving myself first and connecting with the source. I started to awaken.

Becoming clean and sober allowed me to go progressively further into different paths of self-discovery and healing. One of my first initiations into the world of universal energy was my attunement to Reiki. The universe kindly and synchronistically sent me to the best people at that time in my life to help with my spiritual growth. By this time I was heavily drawn to the so-called “spiritual path.” It was not the easiest of choices, as I later discovered! Yet, I learned that I’m quite intuitive and have to listen to whatever pulls at the heartstrings of my Soul.

Witnessing distant Reiki energy healing seemed to be a “gift” I had been blessed with. I wondered and pondered on where this would lead me and how I could help others? How could a person with my background from South London make a difference in the world?

Raising consciousness
I became aware that the best thing I can do to help raise global consciousness and contribute to a planetary shift (much needed in our present day) is to change myself first. Destiny knocked on my door and was about to take me on the ride of a lifetime, an all-inclusive trip for many thousands of souls across the globe. My questions were about to be answered.

Do you believe in miracles? I guess the answer to the question depends on your interpretation of a miracle. Even though I have always believed in miracles, something happened to me that embedded that very belief into the core of every single cell of my body deeper than ever before. I hope my story inspires and touches you, too. For everyone can be a part of making miracles happen.

With the special ingredients of love, pure intentions, unity, co-operation and open heartedness, I believe and have experienced first hand that with our interconnectedness we can make a difference together, not only to our own lives but by creating ripples outwards to our nearest and dearest, to others unknown to us, to our communities, and perhaps even resulting in the raising of global consciousness.

How so? A tried-and-tested formula where many miracles were indeed reported is to be repeated in the form of a new Facebook event called “The Global Healing Hug,” which takes place at 2 p.m. Central (8 p.m. in the UK) on Sunday, Aug. 23.

It is a gathering of healers and lightworkers from around the world coming together to offer the planet an outpouring of loving healing energies simultaneously and for all who are open to receive these energies.

The first event
Roughly a year and a half ago, I launched a distant healing Facebook Event. Awakening one morning, a thought began resonating like it was planted strongly inside my head! A bit weird, I know, but there we go! I had never before even considered it! This leads me to believe it was being guided by a higher intelligence.

I had no idea what this event was to become. I was expecting 500 people to join if I was lucky, maybe with 15 healers. To my delight, more than 10,000 beautiful souls signed up to join in our first event. This all happened through word of mouth in a matter of weeks. I had to stop counting once I’d reached over a thousand healers! I had no idea it would become a Global Event that would go viral over the airwaves.

The event proved to be profoundly life changing for me — and many other people. The unique idea was that healers from around the world would unite in a show of love, healing and cooperation for the benefit of anyone who requested to receive beneficial energies for personal healing of either a spiritual, emotional, physical or mental nature.

Global healing in action
The buildup of energies leading to the actual day and time could be felt, making its presence known even to those who do not consider themselves to be sensitive. The universal love was waiting in anticipation to be dispersed throughout the earth and her citizens. It was miraculous! I was together with three of my beautiful soul tribe just before the event was to take place. We had never experienced anything quite like it before. It was powerful, intense, loving, healing and huge — and we could sense the importance of what was about to take place. This was before we even began sending healing!

The event itself was spectacular and powerful. We all had our own unique visions and experiences, as did the majority of others involved. In our different ways, afterwards my friends and I talked about how we sensed the same enormity of what had occurred. To me, it came as a deep “knowing” and realization from my soul that something unique was manifesting through this. It’s still quite hard to describe and put into words. I felt as if we had achieved a connection or creation of an energy grid of sorts, as if a foundation had been lain for all similar events to come.

The feedback from this first event was extraordinary. Children with diseases considered incurable by doctors were cured. Some threw away their painkillers because they no longer needed them. Tumors mysteriously disappeared. A big theme seemed to be clarity and an improvement in relationships. Even months afterwards, I received messages from people around the world, telling me how their lives had changed for the better.

The global community
After the event, we all felt this experience had to be repeated. Others joined me in establishing the World Hug and Healing Community page on Facebook. The next couple of events were held on that page, but Facebook has since changed how it operates community pages and it’s no longer possible for us to hold these global healing events there anymore. This has led me to spread the word through many other outlets, such as Twitter, through links on many other Facebook pages.

So-called “normal” people in society have the ability to make lasting positive changes and a vast difference in the world — especially when we come together in such a way. We’ve been led by fear for too long and have been made to believe that we are small, not powerful and weak. This is not the case! We are powerful beyond measure and AT LAST we are beginning to wake up to that fact. We can co-create mass change in the world today, as well as in ourselves, for our highest evolutionary good.

Now is the time to co-create, my friends! Make sure you have fun along the way! Our divinity is infinite. We are witnessing truly miraculous times even in the face of chaos — with significant change still to manifest, individually and collectively.

The August event
We invite you to join your energies to what we like to call “The People’s Healing Event” at 2 p.m. Central (8 p.m. in London) on Sunday, Aug. 23. Everyone is welcome to join this divinely inspired happening! Remember: giving and receiving hold the same vibrational pattern and frequency. Therefore, your role in joining — whether to give or receive — is of the same importance, depth and meaning.

All details of the event, including time zone converter, what to expect, intention setting, how to include others and much more, can be found at

To receive the loving, healing energies, all you need to do is intend to receive them and so you shall. I wish to humbly thank you all with mountains of love and gratitude, from the depths of my heart and soul for just being. We are so looking forward to hearing the amazing stories and experiences after the healing in the days after. Miracles are once again expected! I am also open to and welcome any suggestions, ideas or formulas that can help bring events like this one together, and ways in which we can spread the word. Namasté Shiny Souls!

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Kyte Munay
Kyte Munay is an energy healer and owner of Sacred Wisdom in Hertford, Hertfordshire, UK, and founder of World Hug & Healing, designed to bring people together for Global free distant healing with healers from around the Globe Uniting as ONE every few weeks to all who wish to receive. Contact Kyte at [email protected]. Visit


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