How I was Rescued by Cookie


It was a summer afternoon in August 2006. My sister stopped by my new house to see if she could help me with anything, since I had just moved in June 30 and I am legally blind. We lost our mother in March so we were still trying to adjust to that loss, while celebrating the purchase of my first home.

While I had asked about getting a dog, we had not set a date to go to the humane society. All the children in the neighborhood kept asking me when I was going to get a dog. Growing up we always had cats. But I wanted a dog since I thought a dog would offer some protection, as well as companionship. So this summer afternoon, when my sister arrived I asked her if she wanted to take me to go and get a dog.

My only requirements were that the dog come up to about my knees, because I did not want to accidentally step on the dog. I also wanted to make sure the dog was not afraid of my cane. Turns out we only had two dogs to choose from that day. One dog was way too energetic — and then there was Cookie. She is a lab and pit mix. She was so sad, her tail hanging between her legs, and she had such sad eyes. There was something about her that said she should be mine. So Cookie and I became a family that day.

A few days later Cookie’s tail stated wagging and she started having a happy personality. I felt so bad when I had to go to school a couple of weeks later and leave her home alone. But she made me so happy when I came home. She always seems to know when I am stressed and often does funny things to cheer me up.

Over the years I have had people live with me, but Cookie has been the one constant in my life. She has seen me through my battles with trying to stop smoking. I know she does not like it when I smoke, because it makes her sneeze and she turns away. She protects me when she thinks someone is trying to hurt me, even if that someone is my great niece and we are playing.

Most of all, Cookie gives me unconditional love. She sleeps with me every night and makes me feel secure. She gives me kisses and patrols the house at night. When I am feeling down, all I have to do is play with Cookie and I feel better. Sometimes at night I can just cuddle up with Cookie and hold her; her little nudges let me know that she cares.

So while I “rescued” Cookie from the Humane Society, I believe that she has been the one that rescued me from a life of depression and boredom. I just do not know what I would have done without my Cookie. I am so thankful for her. I think we were made for each other!

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