The Energetic Effects of Music on the Aura


There’s no person who doesn’t love music, isn’t touched by a melody or hasn’t had memories surfacing upon listening to a song. From the very first moment a baby hears its parent’s voices, its entire life will be filled with sounds of any kind; even the gentle tone of the heart beating is like music that keeps reminding us we are alive every second that passes by.

In Ancient Greece, “mousike” or music, at the beginning included all kinds of art, which were under the protection of the 9 Muses (goddesses of the inspiration of literature, science and the arts). Soon, it was linked only to sound and rhythm and was an important part of the social and cultural life, especially in the theater. Over the ages, the art of music became a tool for emotional and psychological expression, a way to unveil our internal powers and potential.

Music itself touches and deeply connects with the heart, the spirit and the mind in such a powerful way, bringing into the surface not only memories but also desires, wishes and unconscious forces. In fact, our choice of music each time is actually in line with our temperament, even if some of its facets remain hidden from our conscious self.

Many studies have documented the effects of music in all beings, from humans to animals and plants. Classical music and ethnic songs seem to help relieve stress and reinforce cognitive functions in humans, enhance growth of flora and help animals calm down. Other types of music seem to have a less-positive effect, augmenting feelings such as anger, anxiety, frustration and tension; plants also seem to respond negatively by not growing sufficiently or by wilting.

Music affects us not only psychologically, emotionally or cognitively, but also energetically. This happens because the human auric field is a sentient being that interacts with all aspects of its environment, including music. Because sound is such a powerful carrier of energy, it surrounds and connects with our energy field very strongly, transmitting messages to our entire organism and soul. The aura receives immediately all information delivered by music; in fact, it immediately binds with each tune and connects with the messages each one carries.

For each person, different tunes affect the aura positively, strengthening its protective power, enhancing chakra functions and assisting in overall psycho-spiritual health.

It’s not a coincidence that in antiquity most civilizations regarded music as a gift from the Gods, given to humans as a way to make their life more beautiful and meaningful. It is, indeed, a gift that helps lighten our heart, soul, spirit and aura. Let us choose every day the rhythm with which we will enhance our existence!

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Jonida Driza
Jonida Driza is an energy healer, intuitive, author and shaman living in Greece. She has worked with people for more than 10 years, assisting them to heal and balance their aura to achieve inner happiness, align with their true potential and manifest their highest goals. In her therapeutic practice, Jonida: uses energy techniques paired with Color Therapy and herbs; gives intuitive advice; and works closely with the energy field of each person to foster inner and outer change. She recently published her first book and has written articles regularly for sites and magazines in Athens. Contact Jonida at [email protected]. Find her page on Facebook at


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