SourcePoint Therapy®: Exploring the Blueprint of Health


An excerpt from the forthcoming book, SourcePoint Therapy: Exploring the Blueprint of Health, to be released in Autumn 2015.

In a complex world, simplicity has great power.

SourcePoint Therapy® is a simple approach to energy work for the 21st century and beyond. The fundamental principle of SourcePoint is that there is a Blueprint of health for the human being that gives rise to, maintains and nourishes the human body. In SourcePoint we address blockages that are obstructing the flow of information from the Blueprint in the body and work with specific points in the human energy field that connect the individual body and its energy field to the Blueprint. We also work with energetic structures and points on the body that strengthen and organize the individual energy field.

Here are the basic premises upon which SourcePoint Therapy is founded:

  • 1There is a universal energy field in which we dwell, and that we are a part of. We call this universal energy simply Source. This universal energy field contains the information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow necessary to create and sustain all life.
  • 2Within this universal energy field are found specific energy-information fields, blueprints for all forms of life. In SourcePoint Therapy our intention is to provide a means of connecting specifically with the Blueprint of health for the human being. This energetic template contains the information necessary to sustain physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, including that of the highest potential we have as human beings.
  • 3We can access this Blueprint for the benefit of others and ourselves. The body has an inherent capacity to “download” this information of health. However, the connection to the Blueprint is often disrupted and weakened by many factors, such as accumulated stresses of daily life.
  • 4The purpose of SourcePoint Therapy is to help strengthen our connection to the universal Blueprint of health for the human being. Connecting to the Blueprint of health supports our health by re-attuning us to the flow of information from the Blueprint. With SourcePoint methods, we can also address energetic blockages that may be obstructing that flow.
  • 5SourcePoint Therapy provides an energetic container and context for whatever other modalities we use to help others or ourselves. It is intended to support, not replace, healing work that is done at the physical or psychological level and is not intended to be a stand-alone modality of therapeutic work.

thomsonWe call this specific energy field that informs the human body the Blueprint because this is the word that most closely pinpoints the function of the information with which we are connecting. Just as the blueprint for a building gives the builder specific information regarding proportion, structure and design, so too the Blueprint we speak of in SourcePoint communicates the information needed to sustain health directly to the energy field of the individual human body. “Blueprint” implies something you can take hold of and work with. That is what SourcePoint is about: making the esoteric tangible, practical and accessible, bringing an awareness of this dimension of energy, vibration, pattern and information into people’s everyday reality, for their benefit.

People often ask, “Is this my personal blueprint?” From the SourcePoint perspective, our premise is that each person has his or her own individual energetic blueprint, with layers of ancestral, genetic and other influences interacting to produce the individual. The archetypal or universal Blueprint contains the information essential to all human beings. Our individualized blueprints are unique to each of us, according to ancestry, biology, genetics and many other influences, but all are grounded in that information of the universal Blueprint.

It is the universal Blueprint that we connect to in SourcePoint. The universal Blueprint is what we all have in common. No matter our race, our genetics, our ancestry, our gender and our culture, there is the underlying pattern of the human, who we are at the core of our being, at our fullest potential. This is what we are working with. With SourcePoint we can access the Blueprint within ourselves, and we can access it in the universal energy field around us. There is no separation.

The fundamental qualities of the Blueprint necessary to life and health are order, balance, harmony and flow. To begin to explore your connection to the Blueprint, simply sit quietly and focus on the breath. Repeat to yourself the words “Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow.” Feel those words resonate within you. In this simple act, you are already strengthening your connection to the Blueprint of health.

Interested in learning SourcePoint Therapy? Bob Schrei & Donna Thomson will be teaching Modules 1 & 2 at Tula Yoga & Wellness on September 21-23 and September 25-27. To register, visit

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Donna Thomson & Bob Schrei
Donna Thomson, MSW, is an intuitive, meditation teacher and author of the book Simple Meditations to Use your Energy Effectively (Sentient Publications). She is the co-originator of SourcePoint Therapy with her husband and partner in healing work, Bob Schrei. Bob is a Certified Advanced Rolfer with 29 years experience, a Biodynamic Cranial-Sacral Therapist, an artist and former Zen teacher. Visit


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