Being the Channel


doerr-wide“What’s next?” I wrote this in purple pen across the blank page of my journal.

“Feel it here now.” The firm reply of my spirit.

The rush of the ocean, the waves are like Goddesses arriving for the party! As I listen to the audio of the sea, I feel calm, happy and connected.

“What can I do to help with ego blocks?” I ask, the routine question for my daily journal time.

“Be your true self. What are you afraid to know about yourself?” she asked me. Profound. No time to search for the answer; even my mind was wordless. The talk continued for the spirit of all women.

“The power you hold is magnificent. Allow it all to come forward. The fear is from past memory, not to be your reality here. Vengeance is not your nature. The soldier in you is always anticipating the battle. Be the warrior of peace that you know you are.

“You exist because God put you here to begin the revolution of light — the great shift that calls softly in the night. To awaken her spirit. You are part of the Goddess aware. The feminine power you possess, you carry throughout all lifetimes. It is your nature.

“You’ve chosen the path to nurture together. To feel in human hands the devotion of love that has incredible powers. This gentle love creates a passage through the restrictions of the mind and bares truth in the exact moment when it is needed. All hope is lost in the chaos of drama as emotions swirl into a tornado as each vibrant energy clashes at crosswinds — no semblance of order.

“You are the light, the beacon. You shift everything with your presence. You are the sacred Mother. The ultimate feminine power. The love unconditioned as God wanted for you to know this and so gave you sacred gifts of the Goddess. It is for you to weave these understandings into the work you’ve chosen for this assignment.

“There are many ways to serve. You are truly at choice. The expression of the purpose to which you’ve been aligned will occur by the manner in which you serve. Your presence, your being, is visible as the light of the soul. It is your love that she seeks. So that she may know God. So may she see by way of another’s light — her own. This is the coming together you bring to the world. The true heart and spirit of women as one. As God has created her, for her in all her power — the Goddess.”

To whom am I speaking? Shakti.

Everyone can channel. As an intuitive and empowerment coach, I’d love to shout this from the rooftops! Know this: all of this information is available to you. When you step into the energy of what is possible, you can receive in this way. As a being of light, we are all here to share this experience. This message printed here is for you. It is for you because you showed up to receive it.

Now it’s your turn! Practice receiving. Be the channel. Open up your journal, a notebook or a plain sheet of paper and write. What comes through your heart onto the paper? You are the channel. What will flow through you? What are you ready to receive?


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