Discipline & The Feeling of Fullness


price-wideMany of us are aware of how important it is to focus on a specific object or situation of desire and then to create in ourselves the feeling of what it would be like to already have that thing or situation in our lives. And while this is without any doubt the most high-minded way to approach the instances wherein we become conscious of a desire targeted toward having some specific thing or situation in our lives, it is our failure to create in us this feeling in the times wherein we do not seem to have a specific, conscious target of desire that erodes our ongoing and all-important practice of cultivating the great art form of discipline.

Discipline is the path of true decency; for when it appears to us as if that which we were so conscious of having, as it will at times, does not enter our lives in a tangible way, without having cultivated the great art form of discipline, we will fall into a consciousness of lack. It is by virtue of our ongoing development of discipline that we can maintain the feeling of fullness on a continual basis, regardless of whatever our circumstances have appeared to show us. For in the world of gain and loss, the cycles of change are incessant; however, it is according to the degree which we are disciplined, that we can remain conscious of abundance despite the momentary instances wherein those cycles have perhaps swayed in a direction that is not, apparently, to our advantage.

In times of perceived misfortune, the undisciplined will entertain their deficit as if it were of a tangible reality, whereas, despite any sensory data or circumstantial evidence informing them of the contrary, the disciplined will remain in a state of mind that is actively guiding them through the prosperous fields of abundance. It is the feeling of fullness itself that is, above all, to be sought; and it is our ability to see beyond those times of perceivable lack, regardless of anyone else’s insistence to the “facts” or “reality” of the matter, that will allow for our inevitable and ever-present union with a consciousness of prosperity.

Do you call on the feeling of fullness only when you become conscious of desiring something specific? Or do you call on the feeling of fullness in all instances of time? Unless you operate in a manner consistent with the latter, your cultivation of discipline will be enriched with a minimal amount of efficacy. For the practice of always cultivating the feeling of fullness requires our insistence on it being a high priority in all moments of time, from the moment we awaken in the morning, until our final conscious moment before falling sleep.

Deny what transpires before you if it is not in accordance with your prized sense of fullness. And if you should you fall into a consciousness of lack, direct yourself toward and through the feeling of fullness. Then move forward from that feeling, thus reuniting with the ever-present consciousness of prosperity as though not a shred of lack remains (which indeed it will not).

Are you loyal to those instances of perceived loss, or are you loyal to the path of true decency?

In the world of satisfying our variety of daily needs, many people have tumultuous relationships with their ongoing engagements, and in this process of maintaining our lives, they sometimes fall into the traps of fear, which undoubtedly remain a potentiality in all instances of time. However, those who practice discipline, which is creating the feeling of fullness in an ongoing manner, are fortified such that they do not stumble into these pitfalls.

It is easy to attribute tangible reality onto those distasteful situations that have, despite our wishes to the contrary, appeared in our lives; this is, of course, the natural way in which we arrive to the world. However, as we mature and learn to cultivate discipline as such, we undertake the noble process of retraining ourselves not to react in such obvious ways.

States of consciousness are themselves to be watched and cultivated. When you make it a daily practice to always, in each and every moment, cultivate the feeling of fullness (or prosperity, abundance, etc.) despite whatever should happen to transpire in the world of appearances, then you will be on the accelerated path of freedom, growth, adventure and expansion. And when you are able to maintain the feeling of fullness, regardless of the weather conditions of the world, then you will be, in no uncertain terms, “living life to the fullest.”

Many people think the just-mentioned phrase requires them to do things “out in the world,” or perhaps to go somewhere and visit exotic locations, taste certain foods, see various things and whatnot; but, to me, this idea has not one thing whatsoever to do with “where” you place your body or “what” you allow for your senses to enjoy. Rather, living life to the fullest is simply to create the feeling of fullness on a continual, daily and moment to moment basis. One’s tendencies of unwanted sabotage will follow them to the edges of the earth and beyond, so the pursuit of fulfillment “outside” of the self is to chase a phantom with no chance whatsoever of attainment.

If you wish to experience life “to the fullest,” then look no further than to the path of true decency; that is, embrace the feeling of fullness in all moments of time. And, in doing so, you will be amongst those to whom you formerly “looked up,” since mostly the disciplined are deserving of such admiration.


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