Higher Realms Initiations: An interview with Christine Day


daytalk-wideLeading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author Christine Day returns this October with new initiations from the Pleiadians during “Higher Realm Reconnections,” a three-day Pleiadian Seminar taking place October 30 to November 1 at Ramada Mall of America in Bloomington, MN.

“The Pleiadians are bringing initiations from the higher realms for the first time,” Day says. “We as a human race are ready for this amazing life-changing opportunity. These higher realm initiations will take you on your unique awakening journey that will open your vision, moving you beyond the limited reality of life. Experience yourself from a new perspective through a series of direct experiences that will enable you to begin living and utilizing an aspect of your energy that was previously untapped within you before.”

She says an aspect of the higher realm initiation is the opening of four new energetic centers that will transform your energetic system within your physical and energetic body. “There will be a re-positioning of your DNA strands, creating a realignment to aspects of your higher self, opening a clarity and understanding of your life now, empowering you to take your next step,” she says. “The systems of your body will go through a cellular rejuvenation as you anchor new aspects of light within your cells; simultaneously, there will be a release of old dense sabotaging patterns leaving your body. Work with the Pleiadians, Lemurians and the pure loving energies of Mother Mary and the Christ energy.”

The Seminar takes place from 1-6 p.m. on October 30-31, and from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on November 1 at the Ramada Mall of America, 2300 American Blvd. E., Bloomington. Admission is $425 ($375 before Sept.30).

The evening before the start of the Pleiadian Seminar, at 7 p.m. on October 29, a Transmission of Light event with Christine Day will take place at the site of the seminar. The public is invited to receive an awakening of your Heart through this pure, powerful Transmission of Light. In a Transmission, Christine channels a message from the Pleiadians, which is guided and relevant in the moment. The cost for the Transmission of Light is $28.

For more information and to register, go to www.christinedayonline.com. Email Joanne Wakefield at [email protected] or call 651.452.2895.

Christine Day spoke with The Edge about the upcoming seminar and on how the Pleiadians view what is taking place on Earth at this time.

How will this 2015 event differ from your past three-day Pleiadian seminars?
Christine Day: It’s probably the first introduction of some new higher frequency energies and initiations that the Pleiadians are able to bring forward at this time. The dimensional split that took place at the time of the Summer Solstice in June has really brought in the potential for human beings to go through a much more accelerated awakening.

The Pleiadians liken it to a “light womb” that would birth on our planet, making it possible for each one of us to self-birth more consciously. This new energy on the planet allows us to start shrugging off some of the density of that third-dimensional illusion that we’ve been carrying around. The Pleiadians liken this light womb to a vehicle that allows us to create a very strong metamorphic change within our physical and energetic bodies.

The Pleiadians are bringing in these new four energetic openings in the body that we have not worked with or utilized or connected to in this lifetime. We’re going to be opening those up, and that will create an incredible shift in consciousness. They call this level of work “Higher Realm Initiations,” and they allow a self-liberation process to take place, allowing people to align to another level of their co-creating abilities.

These higher realm initiations are being offered for the very first time here by the Pleiadians on the Earth plane. I know it is going to be a very powerful and important process for a great many people.

What can you share about those centers in the body that are going to be opened up for the first time?
CD: We’ll be opening these centers and then we’ll be activating them. There is a difference. In the four energetic centers, we’ll be accessing new areas of the brain we haven’t yet utilized, and then we’ll be activating those by working with tools that assist people in their co-creation. These energy centers will be activated through a direct experience:

  • The pineal gland, which will bring in the natural gifts of the co-creating element, self-healing.
  • The spinal area. At its base, in the bone of the sacrum, is a container for the godhead consciousness. This godhead energy is a natural part of all of us, and when activated, it will allow people to naturally re-experience an aspect of awareness within them. It’s a rejuvenation process that takes place through the cells of the body, and it is a feeling of lightness and self-liberation. It allows us to emerge from the density, from the heaviness of the third-dimensional illusion.
  • The heart space. That’s always been the entry back home, the entry back to connection to self, to that higher self. We will be opening a multidimensional doorway energetic center there that will bring people back into a state of receivership and self-resurrection, a feeling of understanding and remembering of why we’re here, why we’ve come to have a human experience. It’s part of self-manifestation and the ability to co-create what we want for ourselves in this lifetime.
  • The solar plexus, traditionally, is incredibly dense. When I worked with opening this center myself — because I always work with these initiations before I bring them to people — it was about our own personal power. The solar plexus carries a tremendous amount of density in it from this lifetime and other lifetimes, misperceptions, old belief systems about not deserving, of really being lost from our power, separated from our personal power.

What I noticed when this energetic center was opened was a tremendous amount of density of lifetimes leaving, and that density had been clouding an aspect of a part of my power, of me connecting and really knowing who I was — and experiencing that. Once it was broken down, there was a tremendous clearing, not only in the solar plexus, but all along the rib cage. It was as if a cage that had been imbedded there over lifetimes was lifted off, leaving me with an amazing, profound experience of transformation that has stayed with me and has propelled me forward completely.

I see the four energetic centers creating incredible life-changing turning points for people in the seminar itself. I really feel like it’s really going to be one of the most important seminars that I’ve done up to this point in time, because of the potential here for people to be able to be in a state of self-liberation.

The dimensional split that took place in June has opened an incredible potential for this to really accelerate people. A lot of our karma has shifted through the dimensional split opening on that June Solstice. I feel like the seminar is going to be incredibly potent and incredibly important not only for the people who come, because we will be forging pathways for others to follow, and that will have a huge impact on the planet.

You mention not only the opening, but also the activating of these energy centers. I sense that this activation process will last not only for the three-day seminar, but it will carry through and begin a process that will continue to evolve in each person who does it. Correct?
CD: Absolutely, and each person will take away some materials to support them with their unfolding process. That’s a very important part of the seminar. It’s an ongoing process that allows people to continue to be self-empowered to do their own work, which is always the aim of the Pleiadians.

Some people who may not have attended your other three-day seminars may wonder if there is a prerequisite or if they are prepared for this transformation. What do you say to them?
CD: This is a natural unfoldment that is right for everybody at this time. Everybody who receives it will work with it in their own way. This is our time as a human race to start these very important unfoldings within ourselves, and through conscious choice we step forward to receive that. It’s a natural step, like breathing.

When I worked with the four energetic centers, I sensed incredible liberation and freedom that was not harsh, not too intense, but a continual building of light that just fed me with peace. It was a new feeling and something that I hadn’t previously been able to touch with my awareness.

It’s like a flower opening to the sun. It’s like a natural feeding, a nutritional feeding that we have all been waiting for and looking for. There is a sense of peace and joy and love and relief in it, like we’ve been tied down, but we didn’t know we’ve been tied down — and then when a center opens, there is this deep sense of just relief, that you can finally breathe. Somehow we haven’t been able to take a full breath, and now we can. It’s really a process that gets brighter and brighter, but it’s very gentle in how it’s unfolding.

It’s a simple, easy process, and then you experience even more of you, but not too much. It’s very beautiful the way the Pleiadians have created this initiation.

You mention the flower opening up to the sun. In the last couple of columns you’ve written for The Edge, you’ve referred to sunlight. Please elaborate on its value for us at this time.
CD: With what has taken place now with this dimensional split, there is nearly unprecedented transformational change within the light rays of the sun. It carries a new light frequency, and the light rays are reflectors. They carry the reflections of our own higher self energy, our own higher self light. They act as a mirror. The beauty of this is that if the sunlight comes in through your window, just bring your awareness to it and take a breath — and it’s like you are receiving an aspect of your own reflection of your higher self light. It has never been that way before.

Last week, there was a further dimensional split that opened up the Christ Consciousness energy, so the light also is carrying the resurrection energy of the Christ in it now. The sun’s light also is designed to bring in an added nutrition to us so that we can evolve with that energy, so that we can carry more of our higher self light in the cells of our bodies. That is part of what we have been given at this time. A huge grace of energy is constantly with us — and it’s not going to go away. It’s just going to evolve to different levels so that we can consciously take it in at a very accelerated rate for our awakening.

The Pleiadians were talking to me this morning about the nutritional aspect of the rays of the sun, of what it’s carrying right now and what it’s designing to do right now is to support our systems nutritionally, because there’s a real crisis around food on the planet right now. It’s like there’s almost a poisoning going on with all the chemicals in the food. So the added nutrition from the sun is designed to strengthen us as a community, health-wise, until there’s another shift around the food. The reflected rays of the sun will support us so that nothing stands in the way of this transitional phase, so that we will be ultimately successful in this transition.

So, despite the attempt to poison our food system, this additional nutrition that we get from the light of the sun will help us so that even if we eat some of this poison food, it will not stop us from our evolution?
CD: That’s correct. They don’t want anything in the way. Part of the design right now is the release, the lifting of the karma. With the energy from the sun coming in, the dimensional split is opening the way for us to easily align back to aspects of ourselves, these higher realm initiations. All sorts of new frequencies and opportunities are coming in at this time, on many levels, to support us collectively with all humanity at this time.

Of course, the third-dimensional illusion, the drama, is becoming more intense and more magnified. The key is to stay centered, connected to our hearts, to focus on the light, to focus on our hearts and really allow ourselves to witness what’s going on around us — all the corruption, all of the upheaval that is coming and will probably continue to come for some time until there is another shift in the balance on the planet.

What’s the best mindset for somebody who may look at the drama going on in our world right now and feel like they need to speak out more or act out more? Is the correct mindset maybe just to go into the heart and just see it as natural change going on and that it is not necessarily something we have to take part in?
CD: Yeah, that is the mindset. The important thing for everyone to remember is this: wherever you are in your life, we’re all being called to make the focus about ourselves. It’s about introspection and putting our attention inward, not to fix what’s going on outside.

It’s a time to be committed to our inside, to our human part, and a time to learn about our vulnerabilities, our idiosyncrasies, and come back into a state of love and compassion for ourselves. Just be aware how quickly the human ego/mind wants to go out and fix someone else and not bring the attention to ourselves. It’s a time for self-reflection and for forgiveness. The drama that is around us in our lives is just mirroring what’s already inside of us. The important thing is to go within and meet that feeling; don’t be afraid of the feeling. Don’t get caught up in the drama outside. Bring the feeling in and find out where that is inside of you, and then just touch it and meet it and just feel yourself in that vulnerable place.

That is really the biggest calling right now, and it’s so simple. We make it hard, because the human ego loves to look outside and say, “We’ll save the planet, we’ll save this, we’ll save that.” Actually, it’s our inside that needs saving, the part that needs us to be there.

Let’s talk for a second about the Transmission of Light event before your three-day seminar. What takes place at this event?
CD: I do know that the transmission of light is going to carry a very strong energy at that time, and it’s designed to help people align back into the heart space, to help to bring people relief, lifting a lot of the density that they’re carrying, a lot of the pain. There’s going to be a lot of strong self-healing energy and the new letting-go energy. This revolution right now has us emerging from a heavy time, a dense time, into feeling more liberated and carrying less of our heavy burdens, and the burdens are just ready to be lifted off.

It will be a preparation time for anyone who is coming to the seminar, but anyone can come and have an experience and allow that self-liberation, that lifting off of a lot of the density, because it just doesn’t have to be there anymore.

Do the Pleiadians give us a general overview of where the evolution of human consciousness is at this moment and what’s in store for us over the next year?
CD: What they say is that we’re moving really quickly. There’s going to be a lot more drama and upheaval on the planet. They’re saying that we are in no danger. We just need to stay connected to the heart space and witness it.

Understand that the illusion is going to grow and seem to intensify, but we need to stay very centered in the truth of what we know to be true while that’s taking place. We are moving very quickly into accomplishing what we’ve come here to accomplish with this awakening process, and they are talking about two different phases.

The first phase are those of us who are awake and conscious — and we will go through an awakening process very quickly. They’re saying that some of us will start our full awakening within the next two years. A lot more people will follow in five, and then the general population on the planet will take about ten to fifteen years before they have completed their transitional phases.

The Pleiadians are very happy with what’s taking place and how we’re all responding with this dimensional split that’s taken place. It’s like a major turning point, I feel at this time. We will look back at 2015, the time of the summer Solstice, and say it was a major time when the wheel turned, when we turned a corner in our evolution process. It feels like it is a very positive time, a very sacred time, and a very exciting time.

There’s a lot of optimism in people who are on the path. People are feeling incredible, like a load has been taken off, that they’re on a downhill path now. Even though things may be challenging in their lives, there is less worry and struggle and they are able to stay stable in their own heart. Part of the reason for the dimensional split was to support those who are on the path and allow them to come back into being able to anchor and stabilize that place of optimism. That has transformed so many people that I’m seeing.

To me, it’s a really powerful time, an intense time. Expect the unexpected and just witness it rather than react to it, because there will be a lot that’s going to be taking place.

One phrase that keeps coming to me as we have been talking is that nothing is stopping us now. It’s like we’re moving forward and nothing really can stop the process.
CD: That’s absolutely true. We’re on the rise and the outcome is assured. That is exactly true, and that is what the Pleiadians are saying. We don’t have to struggle anymore. No matter how things appear, the struggle is over, it’s behind us, and we need to step more and more into that truth and to choose what brings us joy. Choose what brings us joy in the moment, and then everything else will naturally unfold as it’s supposed to, but we’re not supposed to do things we don’t like. We’re not supposed to make things difficult. It’s about choosing that which feels right to you in your heart, and just be in the moment.

Anything you think you know, you don’t, so don’t even try and work things out. Just breathe, be, and just take one step at a time — and slow down, tremendously. We’re being asked to really slow down and just witness ourselves and witness what’s around us and take in the beauty. Take in the light of the sun. Take in the wind on our faces. Take in the simple beautiful moments. That’s really very, very important right now, because that is what has truth in it.

For more information on Christine Day and her work as the Pleiadian Ambassador, visit www.christinedayonline.com.

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