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moore-wideA number of years ago I read somewhere that certain Ascended Masters were on the planet helping us hold and increase our vibrations and waiting for the right time to reveal themselves. In particular, the name of Ascended Master Lord Maitreya caught my attention. There is much written and much attributed to him throughout the world today, and many, like me, are awaiting his arrival.

My personal adventures began with the first Maitreya Project visit to Minnesota years ago. The ability to view ancient Buddhic relics intrigued me and riveted my attention. I know that I have had many satisfying and challenging past lives as a Buddhist monk. In addition, the name Maitreya was one with which I have a deep kindred feeling. Just the name evokes an incredible energetic pulse in me.

The worldwide Maitreya Tour was created as a place to display the relics while a new temple was being built. My understanding is that Buddha relics have never been outside of India before, and the likelihood of it happening again is slim. However, the tour has become so popular and exposed so many people to high frequencies that it seems it will now continue indefinitely.

The Maitreya Project returns to Minnesota on September 18-20 and will be on display at Intelligent Nutrients. The venue is free and offers you an opportunity to view the “pearls,” which are actually the remains after cremation. Usually bodies are incinerated to ash but in some rare cases, small pearls are left and these are felt to be from a very spiritual master or student. It is believed that the “pearls” embody some of the wisdom, teachings and essence of the disincarnated beings so that we may tune into them and gain from their experiences.

You will be able to view the relics and, if you choose, also receive a blessing from one of the monks with a chalice containing relics placed over your head.

During my first viewing of the relics, I watched with interest as those before me knelt for their blessing and were sent on their way. When my turn came, I did the same — and to my amazement, I was offered the opportunity to hold the vessel containing the relics. My hands shook and the tears flowed as I accepted the added blessing, and I left my body for a brief time. I watched carefully and did not see anyone else offered the same opportunity.

The second time I viewed the relics, I was again offered the opportunity to hold them and was as emotionally overcome as the first time. Again, no one else during my visit was offered the opportunity to hold the chalice.

“When is Maitreya going to reveal himself?” I began asking the question publicly and privately in the early months of 2013. I felt it was time.

And then, a trip to Banff in June 2013 turned into one of the most magnificent adventures. While walking down the main street of Banff, I could feel someone staring deeply into me. As I walked closer to the person, I looked up and was startled to see him able to gaze clear into my soul and I could begin to see all my lives start to flow out towards him. This alarmed me, so I immediately drew in my energy field and quickly walked past him. I did not share this with anyone. The next evening, I again walked down the same street and experienced the same person staring at me. This time I was determined to face up to this challenge. I looked at him and could tell he was again seeing right into my soul and through all my lifetimes. What was amazing to me was that I could do the same with him. There were no barriers between us. We were one.

That night in my meditation, I asked who he was — and he came to me. He said I knew who he was and I had asked for him to reveal himself to me. After some sparring back and forth, with me denying that I ever asked for anything like that, I had my “aha” moment. With my realization that this was Maitreya energy, he said “I am.”

Lord Maitreya has been with me ever since, mostly for my private growth and development, but sometimes he gives me a message to put out for others. I was prompted to tell this story in hopes that it will compel you to support the Maitreya Project while it is in Minnesota. Many continued blessings.

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