A Pleiadian Message: Begin living Consciously Now


day-wideBeloved ones, we greet you. We place a call out to all of you at this time for you to begin to live with a new level of consciousness in your day-to-day lives. Now is your time to move into living with a new sense of integrity and right action in your life — to fulfill the promise that you made at this time for a new aspect of light to not only anchor on the planet, but to anchor through all humanity. You play an important role at this juncture by anchoring Truth through you, enabling others to follow the path you forge.

There is a new light frequency carrying the Christed energy that in the last few weeks has begun flowing through your earth plane. This Christed energy is the Christ energy in action and is here to support you in moving into a new level of understanding how to consciously begin to create through your conscious thoughts and intention. You can now begin to harness your own pure source energy to consciously choose to create that which brings you joy and self-fulfillment.

Through this new sacred flow of Christed energy you will begin to directly experience that it is possible for you now to access and harness your own power to generate and anchor your own heart’s desired creation in your life.

Know that this is the time for you to claim and activate your multi-dimensional purpose. It is the time for a self-revelation to occur within you, through a step-by-step process of self-introspection. This process is designed to move you out of a separated state of 3rd dimensional illusion, which has been created by lifetimes of living within this illusion and align you naturally back to the sacred aspect of truth within. Now is your time for change, to begin to extract your self from this state of separation to move back to your true Self.

Through the further opening of the Dimensional Split there has been a new element of the Christed energy being anchored on your planet Earth. This Christed energy is here at this time to support you in your next transitional steps towards your own self-resurrection process. This Christed energy carries the elements to support you in being able to have an understanding of your journey here on this planet in this incarnation and also to support you in accessing and activating your self-realization process.

This self-realization process is activated by self-examination of all that you have achieved through the many series of experiences that you have lived as a human being within this 3rd dimensional illusion in this lifetime. This self introspection is achieved through a step-by-step process that begins to naturally unravel the density that has been built up within you.

As a human being you have judged your self throughout your journey. You have condemned yourself for all that you have done, or not done. Through this self-judgment process, you have locked yourself into a prison by creating a separated state within. You have locked a door to your creative, spiritual aspect and closed off your own ability to receive love fully, to give love fully and to experience the abundance of joy.

Through this newly anchored frequency of the Christed energy on your planet there is a new birthing light that carries a powerful self-resurrection element supporting you in liberating yourself from this self-imposed prison. This leads you forward to be able to move past the ego mind’s hold on you, and it enables you to begin a new journey and relationship with your self. This Christed energy carries a birthing frequency that allows you to open up to a new integrity and discipline within you that supports you in aligning you back to self-acceptance.

Your first step towards this self-resurrection process is to own what you have created now in your life, your creation. To own these powerful creative choices that you have made in your life, choices that have brought you to exactly where you are at this moment of time. To honor what has opened up to you through these series of experiences that you have chosen. Wherever you find yourself right now you need to know that these learning experiences are exactly what you needed for your next step.

An essential step is to move into a place of acceptance of where you find your self at this time. However difficult a place you are in, or however extreme the situation you find yourself in right now, you need to simply accept that which you have created.

Acceptance brings you into a powerful moment of Truth. A state of acceptance opens a doorway of opportunity for you to create a change. The truth is you are the co-creator of your life and it is essential to move back into your ability to create, to realign into being the conscious creator of your own heart’s desire.

As you own all that you have created around you in your life now, it is important to understand the need to open into the emotion of what the specific design of your creation brings up inside of you. It is important to experience the feelings, the emotions inside your self and to understand the dynamic of your human vulnerabilities.

The next step in this process is to take the time to explore the opportunities of what you need to learn and feel what is coming up right now in front of you. Then, determine the learning gifts from this individual experience. Don’t be afraid to open up the container that carries the emotions within you that are connected to these varied life challenges.

It takes courage to move into the deep emotion that may exist within you — maybe deep rage, hate or sadness, guilt, shame. Know that these emotions are only feelings, they do not define you!

You have been holding these burdens inside you. Now is the time for you to let them go and liberate your self from this weight. It’s as though you have put yourself on a cross. You are the only one who can take yourself off that cross. You will find that as you access the Christed energy there will be a strong “letting go” energy to support you in transforming and resurrecting your self.

An aspect of your self-realization process is to be able to come into the wisdom of understanding the importance of each step that your journey has given to you, and to learn through your experience. No matter how painful or how difficult your experience may be, it is important to fully feel the emotion that the experience brings up inside of you.

As you feel the emotion, use your Conscious Breath. You breathe in the mouth deeply and then breathe out of the mouth, just letting go. There may be a sound that comes with the out breath. This is good. This Conscious Breath process supports the emotion to be felt and then to be cycled out of the body.

Your next step is letting go of any attachment to the details of what actually took place within the experience. Once you have gained the learning around your creation, there is no need to hold onto any aspect around your story, such as guilt, shame or anger.

An essential part of “letting go” of your experience is to understand that you are not responsible for anyone else’s process. Know that each person involved within your story has their own lessons to learn, their own responsibility within their own unique experience. You have done the best you could within your own perception at the time of having the experience.

The frequency of love carried by the Christed energy will extend naturally out to your own human aspect supporting your self-resurrection process by creating a powerful ‘letting go’ energy within you. This will enable you to let go of all that you are holding onto from the past, supporting you in honoring those people involved in your lessons along the way. Allowing you to come into a state of self-reconciliation. Simultaneously, this light frequency will extend love outwards and it will transform and accelerate your awakening process of self-acceptance within your human part. A natural outcome of your own self-acceptance is that you gain an acceptance of others, moving into a place of non-judgment.

There is a powerful destiny for each one of you at this time to begin to utilize this Christed energy that holds the resurrection energy as well as the energy of receivership. This state of receivership opens up a multi-dimensional love frequency of pure light that aligns through your heart giving you access to many sacred aspects of Truth. These dimensional aspects of Truth are waiting to be revealed to you at this time from the higher realms. As you receive and align into these self-revelations, there will be new understandings and a deep clarity received.

As each one of you reaches outwards to receive this blessing of the Christed energy, you will begin to forge a new pathway for all humanity. You enable others to actively begin to follow their own self-resurrection process. This is another step for you, to play your role as the way-shower, a part of your mission that was always going to begin to be fulfilled now.

Each one of you is destined to carry an aspect of the Christed energy as a natural part of your heritage. As you awaken and carry an aspect of this frequency of the Christed energy within you, there will be a quickening within each cell of your body, anchoring an imprint of the Christ energy within your cells. This awakening holds an important aspect of your enlightenment transformation.

Let’s look at how you can align to this self-resurrection and receivership energy from the Christed energy. We have shared about the light being carried within the sun’s rays before. With the further opening of the Dimensional split there is now this new element of the Christed energy being woven within the sun’s rays for you to utilize, birthing this new component for your transformation at this time.

The Christed energy is to be found within the reflected light rays of the sun, at the moment of sunrise. The very first ray of reflected light to physically touch you carries the purist frequency, the most sacred of the Christed energy.

Remember that the reflected light of the sun is also found everywhere, on the water, on the leaves of the trees, coming into your own home through the window! Follow these steps:

  • Hold your hand to your heart space and breathe.
  • Bring your full awareness into the ray of reflected light of the sun, use your Conscious breath, and let go.
  • Bring your awareness deeper into the light and use the sound, VAHM.
  • Use the sound, VAHM, as many times as you need, until there is a feeling of completion for that moment.

Know that the sun rises every morning carrying this newly birthed frequency for you to align. Each moment of every day you will have an opportunity to align deeper into this Christed energy. Each time you consciously choose to open into this reflected light, you birth yourself more deeply within this Christed aspect. Each time you choose this process, an accumulation of this sacred energy is birthing through you.

This is your time to choose you. This is a moment-by-moment process of releasing lifetimes of separation through the powerful Christed energy anchoring through your cells. Know that as you align to this energy you are naturally moved out of a separated state because the Christed energy is beyond the 3rd dimensional illusion.

Know that we, the Pleiadians, play our role in this birthing experience. We hold the Dimensional split anchor steady to enable the Christed energy to flow freely throughout your planet. We witness you in the powerful free-will choice you take within each multi-dimensional moment. Blessings, The Pleiadians

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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