Presence : Summit event in October focuses on Living on Purpose


presence-wideThe second annual Presence : Summit, will be held on October 4 at the Minneapolis Marriott Nothwest in Brooklyn Center. Featuring the theme, “Living on Purpose,” this event provides a full day of nine dynamic speakers with their own inspiration on creating a life you love, finding your purpose, and accessing your own inner “presence.”

Keynote speaker Rhonda Britten, an Emmy award winner and bestselling author of Fearless Living, was one of the first life coaches featured on television, on the show “Help Me Rhonda” and the hit NBC reality show “Starting Over.”

Other speakers at Presence : Summit are Jennifer Grant, Jasmine Brett Stringer, Dajon Ferrell, Jennifer Kern Collins, Nea DallaValle, Lori Andrus, Amy Quale and Liv Lane. The event also features a curated marketplace of artists, wellness providers, coaches and teachers.

“We really created this event as a unique space where people can gain a bigger sense of themselves personally, connect with other people on a similar journey of consciousness and wholeness, and have a really fantastic, memorable experience of growth,” said founder Jennifer Salness.

Tickets are $169 by pre-registration before September 23. No ticket sales at the event, but the marketplace is open to the public from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. at the site, 7025 Northland Dr. N., Brooklyn Park. Complete details are at

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