The New Frontier: Leaving Cancer Behind


hiltibran-wideFour years ago this month, I started a journey that began with, “You have breast cancer.” More than 20 years earlier I had been told by an intuitive, “You like a challenge. It helps you to focus.”

That challenge came when I chose not to follow the allopathic / medical approach to treatment. Instead, I started on an uncharted path using alternative methods to heal. This gave me a keen sense of focus and life purpose, to raise my own consciousness about the internal process of healing.

My full attention was needed at every step and every turn. In the midst of what appeared to be darkness, there was light. It was not a light from outside shining onto my path, but an inner light that revealed what step or action to take. It was not always easy for me to discern each of the steps. However, it became a true test of my ability to listen, act, receive feedback, gather understanding and continue the process in faith. The success indicators I used to measure my results were the returning feelings of vitality, increment by increment.

The Journey Into Cancer
Honestly, I must say, prior to my cancer diagnosis I was not living from my best and highest self. My need and desire to be loved and valued by others was so great that I would adjust myself to fit what others wanted for me and from me. I did not realize that through these “adjustments” for others, an inner conflict was waged. Inner resentments and self-hatred took residence.

Ultimately, the disease invaded the very symbol of nurturance, my left breast.

The body’s left side represents femininity. I was doing a poor job of nurturing myself. I had betrayed myself. I ate well, exercised, and worked in a career that felt meaningful and was connected to my purpose — to raise consciousness — yet my inner struggle eventually lead the deterioration of my health.

Instead of using a fighting stance toward my cancer, I befriended it. My friend let me know I needed to take corrective action and reset my life’s course. The journey through healing without any medical interventions — lumpectomy, radiation, chemotherapy or hormone therapy — required me “to thy own self be true.”

Navigating Life’s Challenges: A Step-by-Step Intuitive Process
I turned in and listened from within. Let me explain that “listening” means seeing and feeling for understanding, as well as hearing. The following are the steps I used to dissolve the cancer, and anyone can use them to complete a major life transition, heal from a trauma, or reconnect to your life’s purpose:

  • Commit to getting though the challenge. Doubt is a detriment; leave it out completely.
  • Trust, develop, and use your intuitive abilities. My definition of intuition is that it is the communication and relationship with the Divine presence of God, which all of us can have.
  • Hold an intentional receptivity to getting clarity of your very next step. I phrase it as a question, “What is the very next thing I am to do — (to heal from cancer, to make the decision about…, etc.)?
  • Go silent, rise out of the fear, the anger, and the sadness.
  • Allow information to come to you, as if it is floating into you. When describing my intuitive abilities to others, I say, “It’s out there. All I do is pull it out of the air.”
  • Let the communication settle into you so that it makes sense what action is necessary to take. One clear example is when I received the message, “Go to an indigenous healer.” That set me on the path of finding one. I wrote about that experience in (Healing With Spirit, The Edge magazine, July 2012). I had three very powerful sessions. All of which felt right, good, and divinely guided.
  • Take the actions (this is an imperative) and notice what becomes different. Witness the changes, results and how they have improved or altered the current circumstances. Only you can determine their benefit.
  • Get confirmation and affirmation that you are still on the path by returning to silence and reconnecting with the universal wisdom of God
  • Give thanks and appreciation for each positive change that occurs. And take reparative action when it is evident that you made mistakes, errors or caused injury to yourself and others. These “side steps” help you discern between what is working and what is not. Learn from them, make peace with them and stay the course.
  • Repeat the process for each step until your are clearly on the other side of the challenge.
  • Bring closure. Celebrate your successful completion and your ability to have grown through the experience. Celebrate in an authentic, meaningful, and reverent way. Last December, friends joined me in a celebration, and my friend, Jeff Grundtner facilitated the Celebration. It was a wonderful way for me to claim that I was now re-entering life with a deepened intuitive ability for serving others as an intuitive energy healer and teacher.

The New Frontier
Looking back, it’s obvious that to each side of the path fear lurked. By staying on the path, I came out of the darkness guided by the “light from within.” The light of Divinity shines through us to light the path in front of us. By developing your intuitive abilities, you will be able to navigate the treacherous territories in the precise manner needed. Intuition is a powerful way to engage The Divine Spirit and have your Divinely given gifts be received and valued.

I remain in the world to help others connect to their own intuition and to help others be on their rightful path. I once again commit to my life purpose — to raise consciousness.

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