A Pleiadian Message: Energy Shifts for Evolution


Beloved ones we greet you. The winds of change are bringing strong transformational experiences to your earth plane. In the last week of September, there was a further opening within the dimensional split and at that moment another monumental energetic shift took place on your planet. This shift creates a huge potential for mankind to take a giant step in your evolution. This energetic shift offers a new way of being for all those of you that seek Truth beyond the 3rd dimensional drama.

Many new dimensional dynamics are anchoring on your earth plane to support you in your transitional journey to the higher aspects of Self. The “Christed energy” that birthed here on the earth plane mid-August is strongly impacting many of you, enabling you to begin to move away from many of the 3rd dimensional illusions that have kept you in a separated state from yourselves.

‘The Christed Energy’
Our term, the “Christed energy,” is the Christ energy in action, which brings a frequency beyond the 3rd dimensional illusion. This sacred energy carries the self-resurrection and receivership energy, and as it has anchored on your planet, it is breaking down all the old armoring that you have carried for lifetimes, allowing them to simply fall away and liberating you from old sabotaging patterns in your life. The receivership energies assist you in being able to fully receive through your heart all the love the “Christed energy” brings forth.

Through the anchoring of this element of “Christed energy,” other significant energetic changes are taking place now on the earth plane like never before. A shift has taken place in the series of dimensional flow patterns that have been anchored here on your planet for lifetimes. These old light flow patterns have held the 3rd dimensional illusion steady and anchored on the planet. This has kept humanity in a separated state of illusion; but now, through this shift of the “Christed energy,” a dramatic change comes as these old patterns finally begin to disintegrate.

A series of new dimensional flow patterns have begun to birth. These expanded dimensional flow patterns that are emerging through the dimensional doorways are carrying a pure consciousness of light that holds the Truth of this time. This energy comes in the form of an imprint that can be received by you through your heart center. These imprints carry a form of awakening energy that supports you to move into a new state of awareness. Each one of these flow patterns is creating a series of multi-dimensional pathways for you to access and then align. These pathways are designed to enable you to directly access Truth and an expanded vision of who you are within the collective God Consciousness state. These moments of Truth can now be experienced within your consciousness.

Light pathways
Each one of you has the potential within the space of your heart to connect to these light pathways. You have the ability to reach forward with your consciousness within your heart to align through to this new essential aspect of your self as you connect to these light pathways.

These connections will open you to new perceptions of your self, almost moving your vision so that you begin to see things from a very different perspective within your life. Through this shift you will begin to grow into a new understanding of your connections to the full Universal Principles, and begin to directly experience your place within the universal consciousness.

These individual pathways of light flow are designed to allow you to begin to experience your self on an unlimited level, where you can begin to access and channel into your life your own sacred light flow. This is part of the grand plan.

So wherever you are, whatever you are doing, as you consciously open up through your heart space you will feel a new expression of vibration, which is your light flow unfolding within you. A dimensional shift will open within you as you simply align to your heart, one moment of just being within an ordinary moment of your life, the next to moving into an extraordinary experience within a multi-dimensional moment of unlimited potential.

By opening up consciously and anchoring your awareness through your heart space, you can begin to align into the moment. That means that you are just breathing into your physical connection to your heart, placing your hand on your heart, bringing your full awareness to your heart, placing your breath “like a soft wind” into your heart space. As you take this conscious step, the light patterns will begin to naturally realign through you, bringing you into this expanded experience and aligning you to the “Christed energy.”

These new dimensional light patterns are creating a further mirror of the “Christed energy.” This mirroring brings support for you to open into your natural potential. As you align to your heart space, there is an acceleration of the recognition and understanding of your own innate power and creation energy. This is accessed through your conscious choice action of opening into a state of self-acceptance.

The conscious choice action of self-acceptance naturally aligns you to the moment, moving yourself beyond the state of separation within you. As you begin to align to an acceptance of all that you are in this moment, there is a natural process of reuniting to your higher being. In that one moment the cells of your body register the conscious act of the energy of self-acceptance that holds the frequency of pure love. All the cells of your body anchor this frequency of truth in that moment. In this sacred moment of time, a pathway of light is birthed on the planet through your action of Truth.

Natural birthing of love
The action of moving beyond separation allows this natural birthing of love to be anchored within each cell of your body. Love brings healing to the physical body. This whole transformation process is the power of the action of self-acceptance being realized within you. We call this process sacred, because it ultimately brings you into a state of reunion.

Let us give you a picture — a giant mandala. This mandala is held at the very center of the universe, where the Collective God Consciousness exists within the universe. Each one of you has a unique place within this mandala. Your very being is a precious jewel within the mandala. You are regarded as sacred by the entire collective consciousness. As you move into those moments of self-acceptance, your place within the mandala automatically begins to pulsate with your unique frequency. Your cells then can begin to realign. Like a “heart beat of light,” they begin to pulse towards your place within the mandala. Your place lights up and acts as a beacon of light, reflecting and drawing you forward to align to the sacred communion elements held within the Collective God consciousness.

As you begin to align to your place within the collective framework of the Universal Consciousness, a quickening takes place within the whole framework of the mandala. Each jeweled place becomes uniquely more expanded by your self-realized process of self-acceptance. Your individual action, of one moment of self-acceptance, impacts the entire universe.

Dimensional shifts
The universal community is changing in a dynamic way at this time like never before in the history of the Universe. This change is because of the huge transformational dimensional shifts that are opening up on your earth plane. Your planet’s transformation is impacting all of the universal structures. This is a good thing. We, and all of the universe, have been waiting for you to join the collective process. You are needed here. Your presence, your divine frequency, is necessary to complete the whole within the mandala.

Because so many unique dynamics are taking place within your Earth plane, multi-dimensional energetic templates are being created now to help realign these energetic changes. These templates are manifesting stability within the energetic system of the earth plane as these shifts are taking place. This stability is enabling your earth plane to continue to complete its cycles of ongoing transformation. These cycles include the energetic transformation of the earth plane and the anchoring of dimensional grids to support the unfolding transition of consciousness within your humanity.

You may not perceive that humanity’s consciousness is transforming, however it is. There are many groups of you that are transitioning quickly into the higher reams of your consciousness. Each one of you, individually, is making the difference. You are an essential component of this transition and it is through the work that you are individually doing within your self that is impacting strongly the changing consciousness of humanity.

Divine Frequency of Light
It is important for you to understand that each one of you are an individual divine frequency of light that impacts and creates this huge shift within the Universe through your place within the collective mandala. As you further transition away from the 3rd dimensional illusion and move into your place within the universal consciousness through conscious choice, you reunite with your pure source higher self.

Your process of self-acceptance deepens your heart connection and opens the doorway to letting go of so much suffering. Releasing the energy of suffering from your heart that has been there for lifetimes reopens a doorway of renewal for your spiritual life. This shift in your heart will allow you to breathe and flow into new experience, bringing you into a direct alignment to the moment, just you and your heart with your breath. Simple.

Another aspect of linking into these changing dimensional light flow pathways is that you can move outside the boundaries of your limited perception of time. Know that time is one of the greatest 3rd dimensional limitations on this earth plane. This illusion of time has kept you in a separated state, kept you from the truth of being in the moment and taking your place fully within each experience.

A multi-dimensional time line has now been opened up by these expanded dimensional light flow pathways. This time line extends to the present moment and moves forward and backward in time.

A Truth: all experiences exist simultaneously. Every experience is simply separated by different multi-dimensional states.

We call you forward at this time to come and join us in the new experience with the light paths that are available for each one of you at this time. It is the time to move forward utilizing all the opportunities that have been designed for you to begin a different path within your self.

The energies are here like never before on your planet. The “Christed energy” is here to support your movement of self-resurrection and moving you into a place of receivership within your heart center.

The light paths are waiting to connect through your open heart as you choose to align with your conscious breath. We are here to witness you in your transformational steps. All is ready.

This is your sacred time to move forward to meet your self in integrity and love. Self-acceptance is your journey of Truth with your self — a meeting place within your own heart where you can fully exist!

You can call forth the “Christed energy” into your heart center. This is a simple process of transformation through conscious choice:

  • Bring your hands to your heart.
  • Bring your Conscious breath into your heart.
  • Bring your awareness into your heart.
  • There is a sacred sound that draws forward the “Christed energy” into your heart. Sound: AE SHUN TAH. Bring this sound into your heart after using steps 1- 3. Fill your heart with this sound and breathe, let go.
  • Align to the Light Paths through your heart. Sound: EE SUN TAH. Bring this sound into your heart after using steps 1-4. Fill your heart with this sound and let go and become the sound.

We are with you witnessing your transformation. We hold the gateways open for you to enter. Blessings, The Pleiadians

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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