Finding Peace and Presence by connecting with the Earth

As nature becomes more rare, and cities and human gatherings grow, many of us lose our connection with nature — and thus with ourselves, with the stillness and peace within that is the core of our being.

In this article I will first share a Sacred Spirit Journey with insights from my spirit guide about connecting with the Earth as a way to connect with your soul, and then I will share a short “meditation in nature.”

A Sacred Spirit Journey
As I begin the journey, I find myself walking in a forest with my spirit guide.

I notice the trees, the green leaves, the sunlight, the insects, birds singing, the smell of nature — and a stillness founded in the deep peace of nature.

My spirit guide says:

“Returning to nature is returning to you, for you are not separate from nature. In this fast-moving and in many ways disconnected world, more and more people are looking to reconnect with nature and with the stillness within. Ironically, the world is interconnected as never before, especially through internet and technology, but many humans have lost themselves on the way.

“One of the best ways to return to presence, stillness and peace, and to reconnect with your soul, is by letting nature — Earth — be your guide.

“How often do you take time to simply be?

“Spend time in nature and allow yourself to become fully present — without doing — simply being.

“Notice the deep peace and stillness — and beingness — that every being in nature has.

“As you allow nature to become your teacher, you will have access to much wisdom and guidance on your path through life.

“Every being in nature has something unique to teach you.

“Connecting with a tree is a great way to become more grounded and centered.

“The various forms of water bring you healing, energy and many other teachings. Eagle takes you high up in the sky and gives you perspective and overview of your life, and bear reminds you that self care is important.

“As you open up to seeing nature and its beings as teachers, you also open up to the interconnectedness of all beings; and a greater awareness and an open heart will be a more natural part of your daily life.

“If you don’t have access to nature, there are other ways of making an Earth connection: Listen to the sounds of the Earth; do a guided nature meditation; connect with the spirit and animals and other Earth beings in a shamanic journey — or if you have a pet, an animal companion, let your animal friend show you the way. Most animals will easily show you how to open your heart, be present and experience joy.”

I thank my spirit guide and end the journey.

Meditation in nature
I will end this article by sharing a short meditation for your inspiration:

Sit on a chair or lie on a blanket and first feel your body; become fully present in your body and take a few deep breaths. Stay aware of your breathing for a while as you let your breathing take care of itself. Go on to listening to all the sounds around you in all directions. Practice just listening without labeling or judging — listen to all the sounds, so that it all becomes a kind of music — which you are listening to from the place of stillness. No sound is “better” than another.

After a little while, open your eyes and look at what is around you. Don’t label anything, but just take everything in. Notice the stillness that surrounds a tree or a flower.

When you take time to connect with that stillness and beingness of nature, you will begin to let go of the stress and imbalance within yourself and reconnect with your own inner stillness and beingness.

Being in nature with an open mind and heart can be a way of returning home to you.

Action Step
What are you inspired to do today to connect with the Earth and its beings?



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