From the Heart: How Many Miracles do You Get?

A coaching client reported that years ago when she became pregnant, her doctors told her that the baby would not survive. She and her husband prayed fervently for the child’s well-being, and the baby was born healthy and went on to live a happy life. Since that time she had a few miscarriages, and now the couple very much wants another child.

“Do you think we each get a certain allotment of miracles, and when we use it up, we get no more?” she asked.

“That’s not how it works,” I told her firmly. “Miracles and well-being are our natural state, given freely forever. Only the human mind lays limits over the good available to us. It is not God’s grace we need to beg for. It is our own. And we don’t need to beg. We just need to claim it.”

We were all born in utter freedom. Every limit you perceive has been learned, a tight and restricting cloak laid over the magnificence that you are. One of the most exhilarating explorations in life — really your only purpose — is to discover the illusory limits you have adopted, shine the light on them to reveal their untruth, and grow beyond them.

Guilt — also learned but not true — tells us that we are selfish to want good things for ourself. It warns us that if we become happy we will somehow remove the happiness of others. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your happiness contributes to the happiness of others. Because you are a spiritual being, the energy you exude influences others more than your actions. Thus, your genuine joy is your greatest contribution to humanity. Accepting your blessings does not diminish the quality of life for anyone else. The nature of blessings is to expand.

A woman named Sara attended my Life Mastery Training in Hawaii. “I worry about money, I yearn for a relationship, and I don’t feel good,” she told the group. During the training Sara examined, questioned, challenged and moved beyond her sense of smallness and non-deservingness. She experienced “aha” moments and opened to greater prosperity.

The day before the program concluded, Sara told me, “I just did something I have never done before. I phoned the airline and ordered an upgrade to first class for my flight home. It cost me $875 — but I’m worth it!”

“Congratulations,” I told her. “You just graduated from the training.”

A few weeks later I phoned Sara to find out how she was doing. “Fabulous!” she told me. “I loved my first-class flight, and when I arrived home I had a miracle. I was going through some financial papers and I found some unknown funds that exactly equaled the cost of the training plus travel, including my upgrade.”

Sara’s experience provides a shining model of expanding prosperity. The more you claim your right to well-being, the more the universe provides. Life gives all to all, but we each receive what we are willing to let in.

After a man departed from the world, God was showing him around heaven. When the two passed a locked room, the fellow asked, “What’s in there?”

“It would make you very sad to see what is in that room,” answered God.

“I want to see it anyway,” the man insisted.

God opened the door to reveal a vast chamber of treasures. There were exotic jewels, sophisticated electronic entertainment devices and luxury cars. “Wow, what a collection!” the man exclaimed. “Why would these riches make me sad?”

“These are the gifts I offer people,” God explained, “but if they are not willing to accept them, I must keep them here.”

“That’s incredible!” the man replied. “Look at that Rolls Royce over there!” He went to sit in the Rolls and was astounded to find a tag with his name on it. “This was the car I always wanted!” he said. “Every night I prayed to you for a car…. How come I never got this one?”

“Yes, you did pray every night for a car, and I heard your prayer,” God answered. “But you prayed for a Ford.”

Instead of asking for what he really wanted, the man asked for what he thought he could get, so he manifested not according to his possibilities, but his expectation. The universe is happy to fulfill our grandest visions, but we must have the confidence to ask for them. Do not be shy when asking God or people for what you want. Bring a small cup to the ocean, and you will come away with a small volume. Bring a larger cup, and it will be filled.

Somerset Maugham said, “It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.” You cannot ask for too many miracles. There is no limit on what you can receive. All is given. When you accept, the transmission of love is complete.



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