Finding Healing through the Akasha


After surviving a life-threatening illness at a young age, author Maggie Chula turned to alternative medicine and healing to find a deeper power within herself. Twenty-six years later, Chula’s new book, Open the Doorway to your Soul, provides readers with the tools and resources to find their own connection to the soul and to harness their own divine strength.

“My health was always weak when I was young, and at one point in my life I was so sick and too ill to survive the surgery I needed to live,” Chula said. “I took that time in my life, when I nearly died, and turned my health around using alternative methods of healing.”

Focusing on the spiritual concept of the Akasha, Chula discusses the inner-connected energy between all living beings and the energy of God.

“We need to put down our differences and embrace our similarities,” Chula said. “Your actions, thoughts and behaviors do have an effect on everyone else — just as their thoughts, actions and behaviors have an effect on you.”

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