Imagination — from a Kundalini perspective


“Oh, it’s just your imagination!”

How many times have we heard this admonition? All through our lives we have received the denigration of the “imagination” as a storehouse of false experience. Because the imagination is also a focus for the fantastic and the fantasies of wish and wonder and the threshold of the dream world, a great attempt has been made to ground a person in the everyday five-sense physical world by parents all around the world. They are correct to do so.

Being in the physical world requires attentiveness and the ability to move through the dense physical environment with confidence and intelligence. However, the imaginative world isn’t quite what our parents may have considered it to be, from a Kundalini perspective.

Yes, we can fantasize and daydream, but we can also create and we can also open to areas beyond the fantasies and beyond the creating into venues that allow us access to remote viewing and experiencing visions, etc. Imagination is the first step into visualization, which has a better reputation.

I suggest that as Kundalini people we can cultivate the imagination and release the doubts that we have been programmed with regarding its use.

I participated in a healing the other day and asked someone what they were seeing. Every time I asked this question, the person answered, “I don’t see anything.” Over and over this occurred until the person finally said, “Well, I imagine I see…” — all because they didn’t have any confidence or belief that what they were seeing in the mind’s eye was anything close to being accurate. This is the fruit of the invalidation by society of the creative and imaginative senses.

It is necessary to use this faculty for the discernment of the metaphysical. This doesn’t mean you go out and create an experience. Nor does it mean you are making anything up. It does mean that you are using the senses that God gave you to develop and discern that which isn’t available to the physical eye. Anyone inside of the Kundalini can attest that not everything they experience is able to be viewed by anyone other than themselves. Floating lights are one example, among many.

The imaginative qualities are the basis for activities other than visualization. Empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychokinesis and healing all have components that begin to be realized in the same areas where the imagination exists. When one doubts the imagination, all other qualities in the same locale are also denigrated.

This is why so much second guessing of personally experienced phenomena takes place by people inside of the Kundalini. They simply cannot believe that this fantastic experience is happening, due to the invalidation of a belief or experience that incorporates the existence of the fantastic. The fantastic is right next door to the imagination.

Kundalini often communicates to the activated person through the dream life. Dreams are another area of mistrust, due to the fantastic nature of the expression. The Sennoi are a tribe of indigenous people who live by the interpretation of their dreams. Their children are taught to understand, respect and honor their dreams. Every morning the tribe gathers to discuss the night’s dreams, and these dreams are taken seriously. Read Patricia Garfield’s book on dreams and you will read more about the Sennoi.

Pay attention to your imagination — not as a tool of creation, even though it can be used that way, but also as a threshold into the areas of the divine communication that don’t manipulate the body here or there, as often happens with the Kundalini. Imagination is far more subtle than direct physicality. Use the imagination as a platform for healing and visualization and end the separation from truth and the invalidation of experiences attributed to it.

Allow the imagination to open you to the very clear and resonant areas of the Kundalini. Kundalini is the bridge between the two worlds, according to Shamanic lore — and in the other world, what you think or imagine is as real there as a city bus is here.

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